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icon Duty_Log  Finding the Physicists - Duty Log - Stardate 201802.08
icon Personal_Log  A White Canvas - Personal Log - Stardate: 201801.31
icon Personal_Log  A Very Small Problem. JL by Cpt Miaka Anderson and Cdr Sayuri Matsugami
icon Personal_Log  The Luck of Confidence. A joint log by Captain Anderson and Lieutenant (jg) Falkner.
icon Personal_Log  JL - Anderson & Matsugami - The Promotion of Sayuri Matsugami
icon Personal_Log  JL - Anderson & T'Vait - The Counselor
icon Personal_Log  A Cold Woman
icon Duty_Log  "Ready For A Fight"
icon Duty_Log  "Reviving the Ares"
icon Duty_Log  Halfway There
icon Duty_Log  Legardian Ship Problems
icon Duty_Log  Acting First Officer’s Log SD 201505.13
icon Duty_Log  'A New Face' Acting Chief Tac/Sec Officer's DL SD 201510.21
icon Duty_Log  Plants have feelings too
icon Duty_Log  Plants Have Feelings Too P2
icon Duty_Log  DL- When it rains...-Ens Lochlann MacArdry
icon Duty_Log  DL- When it rains... Part 2
icon Personal_Log  PL-Cooking Lessons- Ens Loch MacArdry
icon Personal_Log  PL- the Search- Ens Lochlann MacArdry
icon Personal_Log  “The Case of the Overcooked DNA” Part I
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