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JL - Anderson & T'Vait - The Counselor

USS Ares Personnel Transcripts

by Captain Miaka Anderson & Ensign T'Vait
[Stardate ]


THE COUNSELOR Captain Anderson & Ensign T'Vait Stardate: 201802.08
T'Vait entered the bridge and looked around.  It was as if the noise and smell of the wounded in the transporter bay and hallway was simply shut off, and she could feel her muscles relax.  The urgency she sensed here was of a different kind; here she wouldn't have to depend on her reflexes to quickly catch a stumbling transportee.  She deliberately paused and took a breath.

She had not seen this part of the ship before, since her initial tour had been of the Athena, not the Ares, and she noted the differences between them.

"Reporting for duty, Captain," she said, nodding at the crew on the bridge who stared at her.

The Betazoid woman pushed to her feet and pulled at her uniform jacket.  She motioned towards her ready room as she walked towards the door to her office.  "Ensign T'Vait," she greeted, a detached and cool tone giving no hint to emotion.  She entered the sparsely decorated space and moved around the desk to sit at the chair.  She motioned towards one of the seats.  "We have much to discuss."

T'Vait walked over and sat down in the seat indicated.  "Of course, Captain.  Let me know what information you would like me to give you."

"Have you gotten to know your crew on the Athena yet?"

"Not in any depth.  I had only time to meet with twelve individuals for initial assessments before our departure.  They seemed as stable as humans generally are."  She examined the captain's face perceptively.  "I would need special instructions to release any confidential information about them, but I doubt it is they who interest you."

Anderson took a moment to nod and she straightened in her seat.  She rested her forearms on the desk and met the Vulcan's eye without hesitation.  "Your skills will be of extreme importance.  If our readings are correct, which I believe they are, then the crew will suffer a great deal.  The universe is not our own anymore.  Families.  Friends.  They don't exist, and I cannot properly predict their current emotional state."  Her head turned to one side and she reached for one of the unassigned PADDs on her desk.  Fingers danced over the glassy screen.

"I have no doubt that we will be able to make this at least a endurable experience for all involved."  T'Vait hesitated.  "I will of course need to counsel the crew extensively and help them see the errors of thinking too emotionally during this difficult time.  Nevertheless, any reasonable being must acknowledge that some habits are luxuries that we must discard during difficulties."

After pulling up the crew roster of both the Athena and the Ares, the captain slid the device towards the counselor.  "You will hear no complaints from me, ensign," she nodded in agreement.  "But, I fear they will not see the logic in our situation."  Anderson nodded once towards the tablet.  "While medical is managing our injuries, I will need you to assist our physicians in cataloging our staff.  Start speaking to everyone.  I need to know who has a background in science.  It appears that we are in need of scientists at the moment."  Her lips formed a thin line.  "Specifically anyone with an interest in theoretical physics."

T'Vait smiled briefly.  "Of course; the situation itself is not logical but chaotic.  We need to bring logic to those things in which we cannot find order.  I would be glad to assist in this attempt to assess our resources in these areas.  I will send you a report directly.  Is there anything else I should keep in mind?"

"No.  You're dismissed, Ensign."  The captain turned her attention to her computer and let her fingers dance over the surface, pulling up the last number of scans from operations.  "We have a designated psychologist office on Deck 6.  The Counseling Suite," she spoke without looking up from the reports that flashed on her screen.  "I will be speaking to the quartermaster soon.  You'll have your quarters assigned within twenty-four hours."

T'Vait stood up and nodded.  "Thank you, Captain."

She left the room and noticed the eyes of the crew follow her as she walked toward the turbolift.  This was good; she was helping to organize the disarray following the attack on her ship.  It would not be long until the Ares was harmonized and the two crews merged peacefully into one.

She sighed.  Despite the fact that she knew enough to detach herself from such desires, she felt a temptation to wish they were already back to normality.

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