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"Wisdom and Boldness" (JL)

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by Commander Diell & Captain Havraha cha'AAnikh
[Stardate ]

Wisdom and Boldness

"Klingons are Assholes"

    The station's layout was standard for small space facilities in orbit around many of the planets in Federation territory. Though, this one seemed a bit more grimy than most. She had seen cleaner ones for sure.
    In her effort to find some nourishment, she had managed to wander into the less cleanly parts of the station, only to find less cleanly establishments. Maybe she should have used the replicator at the docks. But then again, she had also been curious about seeing more of the facility, considering she had at least a 2 hour layover.
    Her eyes drifted along the small shops and bars as she meandered through the corridors. She moved at a good pace, not really seeing anything of interest to her. Fortunately, there was less pedestrian traffic in these parts, too. Most people didn't seem to care about staying any longer on the station than necessary to catch their transports.
    Much like herself. She was there to board a transport to Sector001. More precisely, to Earth, Starfleet Academy.

    The swishing sound of a door to her left interrupted her her thoughts. The moment she glanced over, something large streaked by her and hit the opposite wall with a loud thud. Her vision had only recognized a blur, but she had thought it to be a humanoid shape.
    Her head snapped around. Her eyes focused on a body just as it slid down the wall and to the floor. Pointed ears. Slanted brows. Vulcan? But no. Something was different about this one.
    "Ha!  Is that all you've got?" the figure yelled, holding his shoulder as he sat on the ground.
    Her brow raised. Despite the horrible sound when he had hit the wall and his battered looking face, the man still seemed to be rather assertive. Her head swiveled the other way, looking for who he was talking to.
    Two Klingons approached from the bar's entrance, growling.  "As a matter of fact, it is not!"
    Her eyes widened. Klingons! Not necessarily unusual to see them around these parts, but she had never been in this close of proximity to any of them. Her body tensed.
    "You think you can do this and just get away with it?" One of the Klingons snarled, unsheathing a dagger.
    The man on the ground glanced around.  "Umm... yeah?"
    The two of them laughed out loud.  "Perhaps," one of them started, "Romulans do not live up to their clever reputations!" He leaned in to pick the man up again.
    Romulan? Her head cocked.

    "BREAK IT UP!!" The shout came from one of the six station security officers coming down the corridor. "Now, gentlemen!" Six phasers drew, leaving no doubt these guys meant business.
    The two Klingons looked agitated as the one backed away from the Romulan.  "Look, Federation soldiers here to rescue their Romulan dog," the one with the knife reluctantly sheathed it. "Stick around, Romulan.  We'll give you another chance to get the better of us," the two finally turned and headed back into the bar.
    The security guard in the lead looked down at the Romulan. "I'd be wise if you stay away from these sort of places." He holstered his phaser.
    "Wisdom and boldness aren't friends," the Romulan stood up, holding his shoulder.  "Mainly because wisdom was jealous that fortune favored the other," he grinned.
    "Heh." The guard grimaced. "Your witty tongue might need some bridling." He motioned his fellow officers toward the bar. "See if the owner wants to file a complaint." Then, he turned back to the Romulan. "You want to file one?"
    "I don't think 'Klingons are assholes' needs to be written down again for anyone to get the picture," he smirked, feeling for a puffy black eye he figured would be there.
    "Alright, suit it yourself." The guard gave him a sharp nod. His eyes finally moved to the woman, who had been watching in silence. He looked her up and down for a second. Her attire left her long, smooth legs exposed. He stared. She wore a short, blue dress with a wide, black collar that rose higher in the back. His gaze finally lifted. His brow rose momentarily at noticing her hairless scalp. He gulped. "Are you alright... Miss?"
    "I'm fine."
    "Alright then..." The officer pried his eyes off the woman and looked back to the Romulan, pointing his finger at him, "Stay out of trouble," before he turned and joined his fellow guardsmen.

    She regarded the Romulan man for a long moment. It just now registered with her that he was in a Cadet uniform. "Romulan, hm? I thought you didn't quite look Vulcan." She stepped closer. "You're a Starfleet Cadet?" The tone of her voice plainly carried her confusion in it.
    "So they keep telling me," he smirked at her.  "Despite my best efforts, obviously."
    "You do have a witty mouth." A smile played over her face, but only for a second, before her eyes caught on his hand rubbing his shoulder. "You're hurt. Here, let me help you." She gently laid her hand on his shoulder.
    The moment she touched him, relaxation washed over his body. The aching began to subside. He glanced at her, eying her with a raised brow as the pain went away.  "I didn't realize bald heads were fashionable," he whispered.
    "They are on my planet," she replied softly, that smile returning to her face. "Do you always find the biggest guys to start trouble with?"
    "They find me intimidating," he smirked.
    "I see." She chuckled. "So, that's why they were fighting with you?"
    "Well actually, they thought I'd slept with their sister," he smirked.
    Her head cocked. "What did you tell them?"
    "Hell yea," he smiled.
    Her brow raised. She took her hand off his shoulder. "Well, did you?"
    "What?  A Klingon!?" he recoiled. "Hell no!"
    She chuckled, wagging her head. This guy was too much. "How does it feel?"
    "Extremely satisfying," he eyed her.  She was pretty, despite her lack of hair.  "And what are you doing here?"
    "I meant your shoulder," she winked. "I'm here to catch a transport to Earth."
    "Earth?  Why would you want to go to a place like that?" He shook his arm and circled his shoulder a couple of times.
    "I've been accepted to Starfleet Academy." She held a little twinkle in her eyes.
    Hav recoiled.  "Ugh.." he paused, realizing it was something that most people probably wanted, as opposed to himself.  "Well, that means you'd be joining me!" he smiled to lighten the mood.
    "I suppose so." She stuck out her hand. "I'm Diell."
    He eyed the hand, before taking it. Again that feeling of relaxation washed over him.  "Havraha ir'Norla cha'AAnikh."


    A smile lingered on the Deltan's face as she relived the memory of their first encounter. Her aimless gaze drifted down to the PADD in her lap and found focus on the picture displayed. It was the only one she had of the both of them. Taken at his graduation from the Academy.
    "How long has it been, old friend? Almost thirteen years?" She raised the glass with the citrus concoction - her special health drink - in a toast. "I'm glad you made it back into the ranks." She gulped the rest of the mixture down.
    With a giddy chuckle, she kicked her boots off and rose. She was curious if Hav had changed any since back then. Surely, wisdom had won out over boldness by now. - Oh, who was she kidding. Nothing short of a miracle would be able to tame the Romulan's attitude. It was just part of his "charm". His wonderfully delicious spontaneity.
    She walked into her bedroom and set the PADD on her nightstand. The rest of her uniform pieces flew through the room one after the other, most of them landing on the floor, before she moved into the bathroom with a slight spring to her step. She had to admit, her last orders had been one of the few she had actually enjoyed receiving.

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