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[201807.09: MISSION STATEMENT] Regular Programming (I)

Free-Form Role-Playing (FFRP):  Wednesdays - 2200EST/1900PST - USS Ares Webchat

Play-by-Post (PBP): USS Ares Simulation Board



STARDATE 201807.09

R E G U L A R | P R O G R A M M I N G [I]

P-B-P  | S T A T U S

The Quiet Planet is now closed. A new thread will be started following the completion of this upcoming plotline.  

F-F-R-P  | M I S S I O N

Time Between Sims:  23 days

Days/Hours to Next Jump:  2 days 2 hours

The crew of the Ares have jumped from universe to universe all in hopes of finding their home.  There has been no such luck and hope has nearly diminished for most, if not all the crew.  Arrival into the new universe has garnered similar results as previous jumps - no where close to home and certainly in a foreign timeline.

This last jump, however, has garnered some hopeful results.  There are Federation subspace signatures, but they are faint.  Attempts at communication have gone silent.  The Ares has been on route to the closest signature.  Planets along the way appear in the astrometric charts.  Quick visitations to the surface have given many hope.  The history seems right.  The only way it can be confirmed is if contact can be made with Starfleet.

M E S S A G E  | F R O M | C O M M A N D

  1. I return from my Leave of Absence. I hope everyone is doing well and we will continue with our regular scheduled programming. I look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday. - Captain Miaka Anderson

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