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[201805.09: MISSION STATEMENT] Welcome to the Zoo (III)

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STARDATE 201805.16

W E L C O M E  | T O | T H E  | Z O O ( III )


P-B-P  | S T A T U S

An away team is exploring Planet Beta-001 and is currently exploring.  An emergency transmission was garbled at best and plants have consumed at least three of the away team members.  Lieutenant Falkner transported to the surface in hopes of boosting their signals. The ship is under extensive repairs after the premature jump through the interdimensional gate.  The Quiet Planet takes place before It's All About the Latinum.  

F-F-R-P  | M I S S I O N

Time Between Sims:  2 days 3 hours

Days/Hours to Next Jump:  1 day 1 hour

Those of Betazoid, Klingon, Vulcan, and human descent found themselves trapped in an enclosure.  There, they met a Wolfen family - one belonging from Lieutenant Commander Leonard Swift - who apparently originated from another universe, made a home in Kosmos Alpha, and just recently found himself in the same universe as that of the Ares crew.

Soon, their captors revealed themselves to be the Talosians.  One Captain Pike of their universe had dealings with the highly cerebral beings.  The crew and the Swift family learnt they were being housed in the Talosian Conservatory and that certain species were practically extinct.  In need of new illusions for their entertainment, the crew are kept in the Conservatory and are being used for their imagination, forced to live in the imagined worlds being created by the Talosians.

Crew members have been pulled from the enclosure in groups of two to four.  Some have returned with injuries and medical have been treating injuries. They have shared some of the experiences - from experiencing a first person view of classics such as A Midnight Summer's Dream to horrific experiences such as floating in shark infested waters.

Soon, the Interuniversal Universal Drive will have finished its cooling cycle and the USS Ares will have the ability to jump to the next universe in search of Kosmos Alpha.  The question remains as to whether or not the USS Ares will return for their crewmates as the ship has left orbit.  There was quite the heated debate amongst the junior officers who were left aboard.

M E S S A G E  | F R O M | C O M M A N D

  1. Be sure to check the PBP boards at least once a day, and don't hesitate to interact with one another.  Great job so far.

  2. If you haven't already, be sure to ask about the USS Ares specific Slack workspace.  It's a handy tool for those who use it.

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