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Eros Denaar

USS Ares LCARS Database


USS Ares NCC - 7552 - D

SD 201812.18

Eros Denaar

DL- Orders to Report

Denaar had been working with the Bajorans since the Cardassians left for the final time. Though he was a starfleet officer at the time of the federation withdraw he choose to take a leave of absence to continue to help the Bajorans rebuild their society and help them come to terms with everything that had befallen their people and the planets.

As a Betazoid he used his gift of telepathy to also help people whom had experienced the orbs understand the sometimes confusing imagery. He found that no two orb experiences were exactly alike.

After 25 years with these people he reported his findings and experiences. He asked if there were any ships whom could use his expertise. He would be willing to come back at the reduced rank of ensign if they would have him at age 45. He didn’t have long to wait. The fleet ordered him to the Ares.

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