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Arak Ba Cir began life in the standard Terran year 2302 on the Edosian colony of Triex. His family is distantly related to another Starfleet Triexian, Arax Na Eth, and it is this relation that has driven Arak to excel in Starfleet. Arak left Triex in 2347 after signing onto a merchant ship that made regular stops on Triex. Arak started out as a payload specialist, moving to the Operations section. He gradually won a chance to become the ship's navigator. Once in that position, Arak was able to plot the most efficient routes that his ship had ever run, thanks to the extra dexterity given to him by his additional arm. Arak served, faithfully, on that ship until 2356 (outliving several captains and turning down several offers to captain a ship himself) when he left the Merchant Fleet and enlisted in Starfleet.
During his Academy days, Arak discovered his two greatest joys: drums and flying small craft.
It was a classmate that turned Arak onto drums; the classmate was an aficionado of pre-World War III music and Arak overheard a recording of a group called Rush. Triexians lend themselves well to the arts as a species and Arak was no exception. He and his classmate developed a custom drum kit for Arak's physiognomy and soon Arak was mastering greats like Rush's "YYZ", Led Zepplin's "Moby Dick", The Beatles' "The End" and even older bodies of work from greats like Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich.
It was, however, an instructor that turned Arak onto flying small craft with an orientation ride in a shuttlecraft one day. About midway through the flight, the instructor turned over the controls to Arak and he never looked back. Arak worked harder than any other cadet to get check rides in as many small craft as possible. He has amassed an impressive "ticket" since those days. His flight aptitude was considered so good that he was offered a position on the much-coveted Nova Squadron team. He naturally took the offer and performed admirably.
After graduating, Arak was commissioned as an Ensign and assigned to the Academy's Flight Instruction program. At first he was merely teaching cadets to fly shuttles. But eventually projects like the Argo shuttle, the Danube class runabout and the Peregrine class shuttles came down the "pipe". Naturally, Arak had some input into each program but he sacrificed promotion after promotion in order to stay in the Flight Program. Arak watched with great interest when the Nova class Scout and the Intrepid class Explorer were designed and produced. He lobbied for a posting on either type, hoping that the ship flew like a small vessel.

The USS Ares is his first Fleet posting.

Duty Assignments
Starfleet Academy, San Fransisco, Earth
• Major Course of Study: Aerospace Engineering
• Minor Course of Study: Advanced Navigation and Stellar Cartography
• Member of Nova Squadron
Graduated in the top half of his class at Academy
Commissioned as Ensign
• Duty aboard Starfleet Academy in the Flight Instruction programs
• Attached Duty on the Academy Flight Range

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