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PL: Seeing a Sandy Bottom

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by Lieutenant Commander Desiree Thibodeaux, Lieutenant Dean Spearhorse, Nurse Grace Drew
[Stardate ]


USS Darmok


Nurse Grace Drew

Nurse Benjamin Franklin

JPL:  Seeing a Sandy Bottom

Grace had stocked her gigantic beach tote with a couple of everything she thought she would need.  When she and Ben got down to the planet, she laid out the towels before playfully running into the water and splashing it back onto Ben who was still on the beach.

“Come on in, the water's fine!”  She urged him while dipping her hands into the surf and spraying it out in his direction.  He sure looked good in the black speedo swimsuit she'd gotten him to wear

Ben deflected most of the incoming spray but a few droplets managed to get into his eyes, making then sting.  He rubbed at them thinking that he had no idea what might be in this water. Parasites?  Predators? Just how thorough a scan did they run on the ocean out there? He worried.

Grace splashed her way back to shore and took him by the arm, physically dragging him out until they both were standing waist deep.  

“Now that's better.  She said dipping her upper torso into the water drenching her hair and then flipping it back over her shoulders.  “Oh crud, I forgot to grab my sunscreen when I went back to get you.” She kissed him teasingly on his nose and noisily splashed back to the beach to retrieve it.

He looked down into the water.  It was clear and he could see a sandy bottom with no plant or animal life evident.  Well, that's a good thing.  He thought.  Maybe I was worried about nothing.

Grace had returned with a tube of sunblock.  “Please put some of this on my shoulders and back.”  She asked.

He took the tube and started to massage some of the lotion onto her skin when he felt something in the water brush his foot.  He looked down. Just more clear water and more sandy bottom.

“Why'd ya stop?” Grace asked.

“Oh sorry, it's nothing, I thought I felt something touch my foot.”  He replied

Grace giggled.  “I don't see any sea monsters...maybe it was me?” She teased rubbing her foot against his calf and arching her back into his massaging hands.

Ben spun her around and kissed her on the lips.  Grace eagerly returned the gesture. After a few seconds Grace broke the kiss.

Now it was his turn.  “Why'd ya stop?” He asked.

“I thought I felt something brush my leg. I'm sure it's nothing, the water's so clean we'd see anything right? Nothing but warm water and a sandy bottom”  

She glanced over at some of the other swimmers and no one seemed to have any problems so she pulled Ben close and went in for another kiss as she gently gave his tush a squeeze.

“OUCH! DA^^^##!”  He shouted just as her lips grazed his.  He pushed away and stared back down into the water.

“What did I do?”  Grace asked concerned.

“You didn't do anything, something pinched me right in the family jewels!! DA^^## it hurts!”  He replied.

She scanned the water again still not seeing anything but was concerned about Ben.

“I'm getting OUT of this water now and I want you to come with me. I don't know what bit me and I don't intend to dangle any bait to find out.”  He stomped-splashed back to the beach.

“Come on.”  He called to her over his shoulder.

Grace searched the sandy bottom for the culprit and jumped slightly when two tiny eyes peered out of the sand.  She stood still and the outline of a tiny crab like crustacean scurried toward her foot.

“No way mister critter.”   She backed up and it skittered faster.   Grace reached down and grabbed it. The tiny one inch creature was sand colored with two beady eyes and two impressive claws that were four times  the size of the critter itself.

“Hey Ben!” She called holding up the creature.  “I found your sea monster. Look like you have crabs!”

“Humph!”  Ben groused.  “Two dozen more and we'll have lunch.”


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