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Matter of the Infatuated Nurse

USS Darmok Lounge

by Lieutenant Dean Spearhorse
[Stardate ]


USS Darmok 201810.06

Lt Dean Martin Spearhorse, ACoSec/Tac

PL - Matters of Infatuated Nurse

Dean was worried when Ben approached his bed to treat the fractured nose. The look he gave Nurse Drew a few moments ago said he didn't like her flirting with the officer. She had apparently not seen it.

The doctor scanned the nose again to look at the fracture. “Dumb luck. If the impact would have been a little faster that bone would have gone into your brain and I wouldn't have to treat you at all.”

The Lieutenant held up a hand. “Hold on now…… if you think I slept with her, you are out of your gourd.”

“Is that an invitation?” the nurse mocked “What the H*** was that about?”

The Chief Security Officer looked at the nurse, “Look, I was just throwing it back to her that her words could be misconstrued as a come on but I was trying to do it with some tact.” He paused. “What does your medical record say. Take a look at the whole picture and especially under  my sex?”

The nurse looked confused. “Hermaphrodite?”

“Why the heck would she want me?” To emphasise this he removed his right arm and laid it on the bed beside him. “The leg is artificial too.” he pounded on the hollow sounding right thigh.

Ben took a step back and stared.

“Oh and this comes with the package too.” the security officer continued as he plucked the ocular implant out of the right eye socket. “Do you think a girl like her would want to wake up to this every morning? Am I making myself clear?” he growled at the insubordinate doctor. “I am not a treat…… treat the dang nose so I can get down to business with Dr. T.”

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