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Spanners and Sopapillas

USS Darmok Lounge

by Lieutenant Bevin MacArdry & LtJG Aaron Riedinger
[Stardate ]


SD: 201809.09
Based upon the events that occurred on the sim of the SD: 201808.31.

Pretty scared. This is how Aaron felt after hearing Major Patterson's statements about the nanites. Section 31? Classified information that not even the High Command is aware of !? Experimental technology inside his body!?!? Aaron was always quite reluctant to medicate through "unconventional" treatments, with the goal of maintaining his body and health through "natural" remedies. A friend of his from the Academy, Ocelot Sears, who is a medical officer, used to tell him how ironic it seemed to him that an engineer refused technology. But for Aaron it seemed completely logical, since from a young age he was brought up with such a philosophy about medical treatments. Particularly, his mother was always in favor of taking care of him and his brother through medicinal herbs and different natural remedies. Because of this, he always got used to carrying a "self-medication" bag to take care of his health. And his years in the SFA did not change his way of thinking in that regard. For that reason, even if Major insisted that the nanites were deactivated once they finished "hunting" the infected parasites and that they would not have any negative impact on their health and performance, the uncertainty of not knowing what specific type of technology was employed and if it could be potentially maleficent, undoubtedly worried him. And not only that, the fact that one of the senior officers of the Darmok could face a Court Martial was also worrying him. In the event that the Major faced one, he could not decide between declaring in favor and in defense of an officer he barely knew or simply doing what the Starfleet Intelligence would order him. And he also wondered what would happen to himself and his companions if Starfleet Intelligence found out they had that kind of classified technology in their bodies.

Although the comments he exchanged with Lt. MacArdry in the O.L. recomforted him, he was not completely sure what she was referring to. But anyway, after the Major dismissed them from the Briefing Room 2, Aaron met the now full Lieutenant MacArdry with the intention of telling her about the modifications he had planned on the shields, in order to repel the attempts of someone who had the intention of controlling the systems of the Darmok with the weapon of Dr. Schmitt. “Jefa! I was studying the shields, as you entrusted me, and an idea occurred to me to repel the weapon of the Doctor Loco. If we calibrate the Polarity Change Protector and the Discriminator for certain frequencies of brain waves, I think we could create a kind of filter to detect the weapon. And deriving the energy from the Residual Conduit of the Secondary Coil to the Receiver again, we could repel the waves!”, Aaron commented to her as he extended a PADD with more information with his hand.

She began looking over the PADD, her mind instantly grasping what he was talking about. ”Aye, ait luiks lak ait jist mait werk, Aaron. I’m glaid I hae ye an tha taim, ye’re a naitchiril ait thais type o priblim an I’m gaein tae hae tae fight an haird tae kaip ye fra gaittin snaitched by same Raisairch an Daivilipmint prajict mainijir fer hais awn taim.” She grinned to him, her own eyes dancing with mischief. “I’ll taik thais tae tha Caiptin fer hais aipprawvil, an, o cairse, I’ll gi ye fuill craidit fer tha aydeea.” She knew that he’d go far in Engineering and if he chose working in R&D or even surpassing her in rank to Chief, she’d not stop him but wish him the blessings of all the deities of space who watched over the Engineers.

“Muchísimas gracias, jefa”, Aaron replied while caressing his mustache. “And do not worry, I'm more than happy working in Engineering under your skilful command!” He told her while smiling and with a hand on her shoulder “Now, if you allow me the audacity, I would like to ask you for help with an "off duty" problem. I am a little dismayed about the nanites that Major says we have in the body. I understand that they were necessary to stop the epidemic, and that if it were not for them, maybe now we would not be having this conversation, but I feel the need to really know what I have inside my cuerpo. I would not like to get up someday and have some kind of Borg implants or something like that. They would ruin all the aesthetics of my figure.” He told her while combing his hair back with his hand and smiling. “I thought that, due to the fusion of your family history in medicine and your amazing knowledge in engineering, you might have some idea of how to scan the nanites and, Dios willing, remove them from my body. Without having to end up dead, if possible. And I know I'm putting you in an awkward situation, since we're talking about classified technology, so if you order me to stop and you need to make a report on this, I will not object, jefa!

Bevin smiled. “I dinna thaink tha naw waeld be a guid tayme air plaice tae tailk aiboot ait. Sae, haw aiboot ye came tae me kwairtirs airoond twainty handrid fer same Ajoblanco, Sorropotún, Paella an mebbe same Tortell fer daissairt?” she offered, figuring that some of the dishes from home might help calm him with their familiarity. And she did have fun trying out the making of new cuisines.

“Seguro! Me encanta la paella! But I would also like to try some Scottish food. I never ate, but as my father says, there's always a first time for everything.” Aaron responded to her in an emotional way. “So, see you at 2000 hours!” After greeting her with a bow, he found out about the memo that Dr. Sherikova sent to the crew, offering his counseling services to talk about the issue of nanites. As he thought it would be a good idea to make use of them, he checked on a screen where the counselor's office was located. Upon learning that the office was also in Deck 5, he went directly down a corridor to there.

After arriving at his quarters from the session with Sherikova, Aaron decided to go directly to bathe to try to relax his head and think what he spoke with the Counselor. Once he finished, he was undecided about what clothes he should wear to meet Bevin. As he was not sure if a casual outfit would be appropriate, he opted for Starfleet's classic uniform while he thought "The old reliable, this uniform looks good for most situations!" He was thinking about grabbing PADD and reevaluating his idea about the modification to the shields, to be prepared in case the Captain approves it, but after the computer answered him that there were less than ten minutes left for twenty o'clock, he went to the only replicator in his room and asked for a bottle of Batido de Maracuyá and went to Deck 2. Aaron was anxious to know what Bevin's answer would be on the subject of the nanites. And also, he was curious to see what Scottish food would look like.

Once he got to her quarters, he combed his mustache with his only free hand and rang the doorchime.

Bevin met him at the door with the scents of both Iberian and Celtic cooking wafting around them. In addition to the aforementioned Paella, Ajoblanco and Sorropotún, she had also added Colcannon, Haggis, Smoked Haddock Parcels, Scallop Salad with Asparagus, Shepherd’s Pie and a Trifle that seemed to be a blend of both their cultures for the custard part was layers of Flan with Drambuie sprinkling the sponge cake and fruits and berries from both lands making up the remainder. “Weelcame, Aaron! Mak yersailf ait hame, ivvrythaing’s raidy tae sait an tha tabil,” she told him. Around the main room were hung different styles of weapons displayed on a background of the MacArdry tartan, and ALL looked ready to be used if need be. She moved to start setting the dishes onto a sideboard near the table where they could be reached easily by either of them if seconds were desired. He could also see several microscopes and lighted magnifiers by the desk in case there was something she wanted to work on here alone.

Upon entering the room, Aaron looked at the table, surprised at how well-groomed it was. Then he looked wide-eyed at all the weapons, then looked at Bevin, and then looked at the weapons again. "Hello, jefa …. Wow, tío ... have you ever wielded any of these weapons or are they just decoration?”, he said and then looked at the table again. He left the bottle on it and said smiling: "I feel ashamed to bring only this, the food is amazing .... although of more than half, I have no idea what can be!”    

She chuckled, a rich, mellow mezzo-soprano that seemed to have the sunlight of the heathered hills caught within it. “Aye, I ken haw tae yase aill o thaim, thaugh tha Airchiry gair ais me faivirite wi tha claidheamh-mòr bayin a clase saikind faivirite. Ain Ye sayed ye waintid tae tray same o tha daishis o me hame sae I faixt thaim ip fer ye. I’ll taill ye aiboot thaim ais we ait, iffin ye sae waint.” She gestured toward the table as she heard his belly grumble for the lack of being filled.

“I think it would be really funny to see you using a sword as big as that”, Aaron replied while pointing to the Claymore with a smile “It's almost as big as you! You have to invite me some day to the Holodeck to see you use it, jefa!”. Then, he sat down at the table and commented: “I was thinking about eating the old and reliable Paella first, but I'm curious about ... ", he said as he grabbed a slice of Smoked Haddock Parcels and Scallop Salad. “Estos …. I don't really know what they are!”

“Weel tha fairst ais lak faish paisties an tha saikind hais Scallips ain tha sailid … aind o cairse ye kin came tae me praictise saishuns”, she told him with a grin that would light up the whole galaxy.

“Perfecto, I look forward to it!”, he replied while eating what he had served. “This food ... they tasted kinda weird at the beginning, but after eating a few more servings, I ended up liking them a lot!”. After eating a couple more servings, he served himself some Paella while thinking “But ... La Paella it's La Paella. It is just delicious!”. After eating a bit, he commented to Bevin with a smile: "You know, I went to talk to Sherikova this afternoon, and she encouraged me to take the blood transfusion to eliminate a large part of the nanites. So forget what we talked about outside the Briefing Room! It would be very inconsiderate of me to put you in a situation where you have to deal with classified technology, so forget that we talk about that topic!” He paused for a drink of his batido de maracuyá and continued with a smile: "But, I think I've already talked too much ... tell me about you, jefa! In your files it says that you were in the Cadecus and in the Raptor. So, how was life there? How did you end up in the Darmok?”

“Ait waes mair thain aintristin, same frainds wair pawstid tae bith shaips an me Bri’thair, Ciaran, waes ain chairje o saikbay an tha Cadecus an haed me werkin an kaipin tha biawbaids ain aill ain pairfict candaishun. He’d taise me aiboot bayin tha anly Hailir ain tha faimily tha daivawtid hairsailf tae tha nan-argainic raithir thain tha laivin, bit I’d taise haim baick o bayin tha anly ane tha caeld kaip haim werkin prawpirly an tha snawtty-nased kaids tha we sae minny times rain aintae. Tha Cadecus waes a Hawspitil shaip whaile tha Raptir waes mair a baittilcrawsir, ane tae gae aut thair ain maix thaings ip with tha buillies o tha Gailixy. Fawn, bit nairve-wraikin ait tha saim time. Iftir me tawr abaird hair waes ivvir, I waes saint hair an hae bain hair ivvir saince.” She told him in between bites of her own food. She had just nodded when he said that he had talked to someone in counseling about the classified nature of the problems that those Vulcan Vampire Bugs had created. She was all too well aware that the doctors, nurses and counselors couldn’t say anything in court about any conversation they had had with a patient, thanks to the HIPPA laws protecting a patient’s privacy, but with her being an Engineer, unless it was helping deal with a medically needed, mechanical prosthetic, either inside or outside on a person, they could grill her all they wanted on any such point they decided to go fishing on and she’d have to answer.

“Well, fence more curious story!”, he replied as he pushed his dishes away indicating that his stomach was already satisfied. “The one and only engineer in a family full of doctors … How did it feel like to have to live a whole life with all those repairers of living beings?”, he asked with a smile.

“Ait waes aintiristin, thay taut me wha thay caeld an I kin hailp aut iffin naidid wi hairbs an tha laike ivvin naw ain Saikbay, bit wi me tailints bayin wheer thay air, I’m haippy an taise thaim baick fer aill tha times thay taised me, lak whain thair faivirite laizir scailpil ais an tha fraitz an I aisk thaim iffin thay trayed tae faix ait fairst ain brawk ait fairthir…” She giggled at the memories.

He smiled after listening to her. “It's good that you have a family backup that has so many knowledge of medicine. Those knowledge can be merged with your engineering knowledge to cover a wide range of work, jefa! For my part, I never became very interested in medicine, I decided to devote myself completely to the engineering branch. I had a friend in the Academy that was a hell of a medical officer, and we formed a kind of "association" in which he was responsible for the entire medical part, so I never worried much about medicine. The plan was that when I was received from the SFA, he would come with me to the Darmok and we would continue with "the association", but due to different circumstances of life, he had to stay in San Francisco ... ", he commented while stroking his mustache thoughtfully.    

She nodded, having been in a situation that was similar. “I indirstaind, I’ve bain thair mesailf, bit sametaimes, thaings dinna werk aut tha way way’d bay aixpaictin…”

“No, sometimes things just don't work .... but it's not worth regretting things that could have happened! ¡La vida sigue!”, he responded by changing his mood suddenly as he got up. “The food was delicious, jefa! Riquísima!” He noticed the desk with the tools on top again and decided to comment: “Working on some personal projects, Bevin?”.

“Aye, jist same ipgraids tae same prawsthaitics me bri’thairs aisked me aiboot ais weel ais same fer a faw paipul abaird same o tha daiffirint shaips o tha flait”, she told him as she pulled one of the titanium and ceramisteel mechanical joints out of its box to show him how it flexed and had pathways carved into it to cradle both nerves and blood vessels as was needed and had microminiaturized motors and gears to help augment the body’s own electrical system. Hopefully, the people that got them wouldn’t be troubled any longer by the advanced arthritis they had before their surgeries.

“Hmmm, very interesting!”, he replied while flexing one of the joints. “I never dared to work with systems related to the human body. It seems that something so delicate! Any mistake could have serious direct consequences in a person.”

She smiled, pleased with the way that particular shoulder joint went together. It had been designed to be extra sturdy for one of brother Caulay’s patients, a professional sports player who needed the added strength when going after the ball. ”Aye, I ken tha aill tae weel. Tha’s why I werk an thaim siviril times ain plaistic anly afair I dae tha finil ane ain maitil, traipil chaikin tha maisyewrmints aich time.”

“Una sabia precaución!”, he commented leaving the joint on the desk. “So again, jefa, the food was delicious! Thank you very much for inviting me!”.

“Ye’re weelcame tae tak same hame wi ye fer maidnaite snaiks air wha’ivvir iffin ye waint, Aaron.” She told him, getting several containers and filling them full for him.

“Well, I think you're leaving me without phrases to thank you, so I'll just say: gracias! I have no intention of stealing more of your time, and again, great food! See you later!” he commented, grabbing the containers as he headed for the door.

She chuckled and helped him get the containers together. ”Ye’re mair thain welcame, Aaron, shaill we cantainyew thais aiboot ance a waik ainstaid o haein tha taypicil Daypairtmint maitins?”

“It would be extraordinary. But, you're the jefa, so you tell me and I'll just comply!”    

“I ken tha, bit I waes wandirin yer thauts an tha aydeea…” she told him.

“A jefa who considers the idea of her subordinates !? I never lived something like that at the Academy! Everything was just orders and orders and orders ....”, he replied while smiling and raising an eyebrow.

“ I ken tha I dinna ken ivvrythaing sae I hae tae tairn tae paipul tha mait ken mair thain me ain sairtin ayrias. Ain iffin ye hae ain aydeea tha mait werk baittir, stawp me an taill me an we’ll daiscuss ait.”

"A really smart philosophy. We could make this a weekly meeting, but with typical meals different from each country on Earth in each encounter. Now that you have awakened my curiosity with meals, it will be difficult to satisfy it!”.

“Saunds guid tae me, Aaron, I hae nae priblims wi tha.”    

“Perfecto!”, he said while saying goodbye with a kiss on her cheek.

She returned the kiss to his cheek and headed back in to put away the rest of the leftovers.

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