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Medical Leave-JL-Shadow and Xiva

USS Darmok Lounge

by LtJG Shadow K'Trevala & Lieutenant Kelly Xiva
[Stardate ]


She counted down the seconds until the end of her shift. Diagnostics had been started, reports written, and tasks delegated. Kelly was home free in thirty seconds. The half-Klingon had never been more excited for the completion of her duties. Sure, she’d pulled all nighters a couple times during her Academy days, but that was years ago. There wasn’t enough iced raktajino in the quadrant to keep her awake. Ten seconds. She tapped at the console to log out, but paused when she received an alert. The operations officer blinked at the message and whined silently. ~No, no no! I just want to sleep!~ She balled her fists and then quickly tapped a message in response.

‘Duty shift just ended, pulled a double. Need sleep. Reschedule tomorrow?’

Kelly sent the message, silently hoping that Doctor K’Trevala would understand and allow her to stop by the medical bay after at least twelve hours of recuperative slumber.

Shadow wasn’t feeling in the world’s top form either, but duty, disease and injuries showed NO respect for how anyone that was in the healing business felt. But, if she had pulled a double, he could compromise some on timing. He responded to her message. ‘Your quarters are next to mine, so how about I stop by on my way with the tricorder before you hit the bunk? I can log anything needed into the records from there.’ Hitting “Send,” he got the medkit and got ready to turn things over to Dr. Tuttle to handle till Dr. Thibodeaux got back, once he got the reply.

Her sigh was heavy as she read the physician’s response. ~I suppose,~ she grumbled to herself. A note of acceptance was sent. Kelly tapped on the console to log out and offered a tired smile to the officer that had come to relieve her. “Have a good one,” the half-Klingon murmured as she made her way to the turbolift. Once inside and only after the doors closed did she succumb to her exhaustion and release the longest and most unsatisfying yawn she’d ever experienced. Kelly fell back against the wall. “Deck Six.”

While she wasn’t distrustful of the doctor, she wasn’t accustomed to having visitors in her small quarters. Kelly pushed off the back wall and lifted her hand to cover another yawn as she stepped out of the turbolift. Long but slow strides carried her through the corridor and she stopped at her door. “Computer, which are Doctor K’Trevala’s quarters?” She stepped back and glanced from side to side.

The computer answered in its cheerful voice. “Doctor K’Trevala’s quarters are 6-132 and watch out for his pets. He left that to be a warning for any that inquired.”

A moment later, Shadow got off the next turbolift to stop on that deck, looking like he had been through as bad a shift as she and then some. He smiled tiredly as he saw her. “Greetings, Lieutenant. I think you look the way I feel,” he told her ruefully. Peering closer at her, he scrawled something on the PADD under his arm. “I’m already putting you in for a 72 hour medical leave, because just by looking at you, even in my state, I can tell you need it. We’ll deal with the rest afterward.” He punched the “Enter” button on the PADD to make sure that the leave made its way into her records as well as the scheduling files.

She’d been about to ask what pets they were, but Shadow’s voice behind her caused her to spin. Her lips were parted in her preparation to speak, but the words never formed. A slow blink brought her back to the present and she cleared her throat quietly. It took several moments for her brain to catch up. “The soul- in the sphere. You look okay?” Kelly’s brows furrowed. “What did you want to see me about?” The half-Klingon really wanted to ask about the medical officer’s pets but her mind was working at half speed.

“I had the feeling you had been pulling several doubles in a row with little chance to rest, so I’m trying to help you get that rest you need. The exam was a partial excuse to make sure you got it,” he told her as he reached out to steady her against the bulkhead. ”You need me to help you inside?”

“Oh, no!” Kelly blinked at the enthusiasm in her voice. It was misplaced for the amount of exhaustion she felt and she hadn’t intended to sound so - adamant. “I mean, thanks. No, I’m fine. Seventy-two hours, huh? Great.” The operations officer smiled wearily and nodded with her appreciation. “But before I crash, quick question? What pets do you have?”

He smiled with fond remembrances of the cuddles he got from Leareth. “Well one is a really big black cat named Leareth, almost the size of a small ocelot. Her name means ‘Darkness’ in my native language. The other one, Gwahirra, is a kestrel that I take to the holodeck or Cargo Bay to fly. It’s not as good as being out in the fields and woods but it works. You’re more than welcome to meet them after you get a good, long nap. And they both like to nibble,” he warned her as her door opened and she almost fell inside. ”You sure you don’t need some help?” Not waiting for her to answer, he helped her inside and onto the bed before heading for his own quarters.

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