USF Personal Log
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Personal Log: Reflections

USS Darmok Lounge

by Lieutenant Kelly Xiva
[Stardate ]



SD 71944.5

~I feel like I've been awake for weeks.~  Her inner voice was heavy with her exhaustion.  She sighed and leaned over the Operations console, resting her elbows on the edge and dropping her face into her hands.  Her fingertips pressed into her eyelids and she rubbed gently in an effort to wake herself up. ~I'm going to sleep for days.~

Kelly was still a young woman, only twenty-three years old, but the recent double shift made her feel much older.  She had a birthday coming up in the next month and no real plans to celebrate. Since she'd come on board the Darmok, there hadn't been much time to make friends and Gamma Shift people were a special sort.  It wouldn't be the first birthday that she spent by herself. She knew she could expect a message from her mother and brother.

The half-Klingon hummed quietly to herself as she wondered how Chris was doing.  Her twin brother had spent eight years with their father and Kelly often felt some regret that she never got to spend any time with the man.  Sean of House Mogh and her mother split soon after the twins were born and Christopher had only come back to join them when the Starfleet officer went missing from the USS Stealth.  Fleet Captain Sandy Xiva had never dated again, leaving her without a father figure.  Her twin seemed to have more Klingon tendencies though there was no question as to why.

Her attention turned back to the Operations console when she heard a soft chirp.  Kelly sighed softly and refocused on her tasks, the highest priority being working with Lieutenant Spearhorse and Lieutenant C'Syounii to shut down the holodeck without harming the souls within the spheres.  She glanced toward the simulations she'd been running with MAX and looked over the results with a frown.

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