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Six-Inch Stilettos PL: Lt. j.g. Dean Spearhorse and Nurse Grace Drew

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by Nurse Grace Drew & LtJG Dean Spearhorse
[Stardate ]


Six-Inch Stilettos

PL: Lt. j.g. Dean Spearhorse and Nurse Grace Drew

Dean hustled to his quarters with a surprise gift for his neighbor, Nurse Grace Drew. Back during the holidays, her favorite pair of heels had been totally trashed when she tried to break up a mess in the mess. Dean hadn't forgotten the events -- even though everyone involved had been reprimanded and the incident noted in their records as the senior officer who responded to the incident, he had always felt he needed to say thank for her assistance that day. Now, as Acting Chief of Security, he had the resources and had come upon the perfect opportunity to do so.

He tapped the buzzer of her quarters shortly after her shift ended knowing, she seldom went outright after working.


Grace had tumbled into bed after her duty shift or actually after a triple that she had pulled.  She was trying to balance her primary job as newly appointed Head Nurse with her medical college coursework.

Never enough hours in the day...wait IS it day...or is it night?   She thought closing her eyes, certain she would drift off to sleep in seconds.

Behind her eyelids, Grace kept seeing the virtual autopsy she had performed in the holodeck and it took her longer to relax than she had anticipated. But in a few minutes the day's stresses began to fade away and dreamland beckoned.

BZZZZZZZT!!!!!!!   The door chime screamed.   

WTH?  Grace thought rubbing her eyes.

BZZZZZZZZZZZT!!!!!!!  The infernal sound was jarring and insistent.  The young woman lobbed a pillow in the direction of the sound, then sat up and opened a comm to her door panel/

Her voice was slightly gravelly with sleep.  “NuqneH!?” She demanded.

“Vay' chaq.” replied a familiar, but muffled voice.

“Spearhorse?” croaked Grace.  “Gimme a sec.” She rolled off her bunk and padded to the door in her bare feet.  Unlocking her door she held her gown at the neckline.

“Is something wrong?” She asked looking around the corridor.  

Dean couldn't help but have a mischievous look on his face. She could tell he was holding something behind his back.

Grace noticed.  “Whatcha got? Is it a puppy?”  She asked with a giggle.

He shook his head no and whipped out a pair of blue sparkly shoes with six-inch stiletto heels.

Grace gasped.  “They're PERFECT!  Where did you find them?”  She exclaimed as she grabbed the shoes.  She ran over to her bunk and slipped them onto her feet.  In the process, she forgot to keep a hand on her nightie and it slipped over one shoulder baring it nearly to the breast.  Seemingly oblivious to her wardrobe malfunction she sprang up and did a little twirl in her new heels.

“I am impressed Dean, you REMEMBERED...most guys would have just blown the situation off or made some lame attempt to pacify me.  These are exactly the right shoes!”

Even though she was now wearing the heels, Spearhorse was still a good bit taller than Grace. Somehow she managed to get up on her tippy-toes in the heels and gavehim a big kiss on his cheek.

Trying to be a gentleman, Dean lifted the fallen article of nightwear back onto her shoulder.  “You asked where I found them, I got them right here at the outpost. I'm glad they fit.” He released the nightwear and turned to leave.  It slid back off her shoulder and she tapped him on the arm.

“Hey, why don't you stay?  I would like to express my thanks more fully...”

Dean blushed when he heard her invite.  He went to turn back around and his artificial knee buckled.   Grace instinctively reached out to steady him and succeeded in keeping him from falling but not from face planting inbetween her mounds.

Lifting his head slightly she smiled at him.  “Nothing like the direct approach is there?” She asked laughingly.  “I see the new knee still needs a bit of calibration." Noting they were still standing in the doorway to her quarters she asked. "Maybe we should adjourn to my boudoir? I'm confident that you'll be pleased with my thank you.”

Dean was choking on his words as he tried to speak.  He was totally embarrassed. He opened his mouth to reply but the words refused to come out.   He glanced out into the corridor praying nobody had seen what had just happened. He managed to get his arms up to the door frame and steadied himself.  It was only then that she could see his reddened cheeks and uncomfortable look.

She put a soft hand against his cheek.  “I'm sorry. I've never been the subtle type. If you aren't interested, no harm no foul.  I'll just take my new shoes to bed instead.” She said playfully.

He paused for a moment, his shook his head, then mumbled sheepishly. “I'm the one who's sorry……..Look, it's not like I'm not...interested, I just…….” His voice trailed off. He found himself in the midst of a very intriguing and potentially sticky situation.  He now knew that there were two individuals interested in him, the engineer, Bevin and now Grace. Which one am I more interested in? Do I choose or does Bevin have dibs because she had made the first move?  He didn't know, he wasn't experienced enough with these sorts of situations...and then there was the added complication -- he would need to see both of them in an professional capacity more than once for his upcoming “upgrades”. Would getting more involved that make things with either woman somehow awkward? Then, on top of everything else he knew there was one more hurdle....the elephant in the room -- his... unique...biology…….”

Dean did what he thought was  the gentlemanly thing to do and replied with one word.  “Raincheck?” Grace looked tired anyway. He once again lifted the errant nightgown back onto her shoulder.

This time Grace put her hand on the gown's edge to hold it up.

“Anytime sailor.” She said with a big grin.  “Thanks again for the shoes.”


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