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Personal Log: A Quick Walk

USS Darmok Lounge

by Lieutenant Kelly Xiva
[Stardate ]


Personal Log

Stardate 71854.5

Her hazel flecked violet gaze shifted from the console display to the chronometer and she noted that only twenty minutes had passed since she made her Gamma Shift report.  Kelly groaned quietly and dipped her chin. She rested her elbow on the edge of the display and lightly rubbed the smooth and subtle protrusions on her forehead. The pattern was distinctly Klingon, though there were extra ridges that traced her eyebrows and ran along the outside of her orbital sockets, widened to touch her ears, continued down the sides of her neck, and faded over her shoulders.  They were present due to the Xercian DNA in her blood.

She roughly dragged her palm over her face and pinched the bridge of her nose in an effort to wake herself up.  The Klingon mix pushed up from her chair and informed the officer on the conn that she was taking five minutes to stretch her legs.  Kelly nodded in acknowledgement to the approval of her request and she made her way to the turbolift. “Deck Six.”

There had been some thought to stopping by her quarters, but there was nothing she needed.  Her best idea was to pop into the Lounge and grab another iced raktajino. Once the turbolift doors opened, Kelly stepped out and made her way down the corridor.  She turned into the Lounge and made her way to the replicator. The iced drink was retrieved from the tray and she glanced around the small gathering space. The hybrid smiled and waved to a medical officer that was on Gamma Shift and enjoying her time off.

Crewman Arika Mendilari had also recently transferred onto the Darmok.  The two women had become acquaintances after meeting several times in Six Forward Lounge.  “I was wondering if you were going to join me,” the blonde nurse called as she waved Kelly over.

The operations officers gave her an apologetic look and meandered closer just so she wouldn't have to raise her voice to Arika.  “Yeah, I wish I could,” she began. Kelly raised her insulated mug of Klingon coffee and took a long sip. She sighed quietly and shook her head when the caffeinated beverage failed to jolt her awake.  “New captain wants me on Alpha Shift, effectively immediately. I'm trying to stay awake.” Her light laugh wasn't forced, but it certainly lacked a genuine quality. “Just like new leadership to shake things up.”  She shook her head and lifted her mug to the nurse. “I'll see you around, Arika.”

She smiled and turned to retreat from the Lounge.  Her strides carried her back toward the turbolift so she could return to the bridge.  The iced raktajino was quickly downed so she could dispose of the mug before taking her station back.  The walk seemed to have helped - for now.

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