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Communion with the Great Spirit P2 -- PL: MCpt Patterson

USS Darmok Lounge

by Marine Captain Travis Patterson
[Stardate ]

"Communion with the Great Spirit" Part Two
PL: Marine Captain Travis Patterson, Reconn Intercept Officer
SD: 201803.23

The trail they'd followed led them into Orion space, and silent operations with a minimal power output masked their signature as they found two Orion freighters moving on their sensors. Masking themselves to follow, they discovered a known trade post where they presumed they would find more information about this weapon that harvested or used life essence. Seems the Great Spirit had, once again, guided Travis in the right direction. He'd have to make a note to remind himself to thank Dr. Tlanuwa for the teachings... it had been a long time since he spoke to his old friend. A plan was put into action that Patterson would accompany the XO to the station, and the new Vulcan Science Chief would lead a few of the others in a separate shuttle to begin the search for clues.

The trip took about an hour via shuttlecraft, and it was made apparent there was still an atmosphere of unease coming from the XO towards Travis... the conversation that took place was a strict, stern warning... Patterson could only remind his superior officer of his level of expertise, and the likelihood that such expertise went beyond that of his senior officer's experience, when it came to covert affairs. However... as they arrived, it was made clear that Travis understood his role, and would consult with his 'partner' on this mission before taking any action... thus began what could be his biggest upset... or his finest hours. Frankly... Travis was hopeful, especially after the first few minutes after their arrival. It seems he was gaining some trust, finally.

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