USF Personal Log
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Still can't meet tonight

USS Darmok Lounge

by Vice Admiral Ahrele Johannson
[Stardate ]

I am very sorry to say that I am still unable to meet tonight.  I feel terrible letting all of you down, but I at least wanted to get online and keep you informed of my absence and not just leave you hanging as to whether or not I was going to show.  If you want to sim, then play out your depts as we follow the ion trail.  

The Darmok is approaching Orion space, we are at yellow alert as we are keeping an eye out for any Orion vessels.  A report was sent to Starfleet about the weapon that we found and we have been advised to protect the spheres.  We are to try to learn as much as we can about this new weapon including ways to defend against it.  

(Do not engage any Orions tonight.  If you detect a vessel, use the Darmok's capabilities to stay hidden from it.)

Have fun!

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