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Communion with the Great Spirit P1 -- PL: MCpt Patterson

USS Darmok Lounge

by Marine Captain Travis Patterson
[Stardate ]

"Communion with the Great Spirit" Part One
PL: Marine Captain Travis Patterson, Reconn Intercept Officer
SD: 201803.01

With the ship in transit following the ion trail Patterson had found from the Orion ship, and with several hours before arriving at the last known coordinates, he took some well-needed R&R.  Aurora-class vessels were rather small, and with only a single holodeck on-board, he didn't want to intrude on someone else's opportunity to use it, and so instead, he retired to his personal quarters in order to calm his mind.  Within his quarters were several items he'd either been given as a gift, or adapted his own style of.  Many of these items took their roots from Native American traditions...  A close friend of his, First Lieutenant Adonudo Tlanuwa, a licensed Doctor through Starfleet, and a native Medicine Man of Dorvan V... his closest companion, who served alongside him in the Dominion War, served as inspiration.  "Computer, seal the bulkhead and disable audio cues.  Activate non-disturbance pre-recorded message Patterson-1-Omega."  The computer gave an acknowledging reply, and the door to his quarters was locked.  Travis had already taken the liberty of pre-recording a message to be delivered as an automated response to anyone attempting to visit that he was "currently meditating" and "prefers not to be disturbed." ...

In the corner of his room beneath the table, he retrieved a small satchel made from bearskin, and set it upon the table, letting a deep breath out through his nose.  Opening it, it was apparent the contents resembled a medicine bundle; several items he felt had importance, and an akoonah, a modern device used instead of psychotropic herbs.  "Computer, dim lighting by 50%."  As the lights faded in his quarters, he spread the items; His father's Medal of Honor, a feathered masquerade mask, and a cast iron fleur-de-lis.  These were all items from his home of New Orleans.  "A Koo Chee Moya... I am far from home, and far from those who may help me find enlightenment... Troubled have been my thoughts of late... There are many who are trapped against their will in unnatural cages... We seek to find them the freedom they deserve..."

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