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"Emotional Whirlwind" - Personal Log, SD 201801.29

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by Lieutenant Commander Relok
[Stardate ]

"Emotional Whirlwind" - Personal Log, SD 201801.29
Lt. Cmdr. Relok
. It seems the Darmok will be quite the busy place. I was met in the Hangar Bay by a Marine (whom I later discovered was the Reconn Intercept Officer) and was immediately rushed to Main Engineering (of all places) being briefed along the way. Fortunately, some non-commissioned Petty Officer took my things to my quarters (wherever they may be) so that I did not have to carry my bag with me.
. I was not even introduced (properly, anyway) to any of the other staff, whether senior or junior officers. It seems this "mystery" they have on their hands is dominating their every thought at the moment. I believe they all could benefit from at least a few lessons from the Kolinahr in calming oneself and seeking logic.
. I had not even set foot into Main Engineering (after the rush to get there, escorted by the big Marine - he's at least 10 centimeters taller than I am and likely outweighs me by a good 20 kilograms) before I was turned around to accompany Dr. Thibodeaux to Sickbay.
. The doctor was carrying one of those spheres they seem so concerned with and apparently we will be using *medical* instruments to analyze the thing (though I'm not sure why we would not be using proper *scientific* sensors to do so). I would have been sent off to Sickbay in any event (at some point) for what they deem a "traditional" intake physical (though it hasn't been that long since I had my standard check-up, not more than four or five years).
. The Admiral that commands the Darmok, Vice Admiral Ahrele Johannsen, was ordering me off with the doctor before even welcoming me aboard. I would have expected the commanding officer to want to meet their senior personnel, especially a Chief of Department, upon arrival and before duty assignment, but not in this case. In fact, not only was I sent off immediately to do analysis, I noticed later I had been assigned as Second Officer of the ship when the previous Second Officer transferred out.
. I think as Second Officer, perhaps I can persuade the Executive Officer to institute a bit more structure aboard ship and less of what might could be called "emotional impulse" that seems to be the order of the day.
. Then again, perhaps I, myself, might be reacting with a bit more emotion than I should be. I have been a bit apprehensive at the thought of serving aboard a starship rather than a stable planet-based assignment. I know I am feeling the need to secure a quiet space in my new quarters for some well-earned meditation, but ... alas, that may be some time away at this point.
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