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Catching Up With Dion

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by Commander Devon Xiaoyen & Captain Dion Xiaoyen
[Stardate ]

Catching Up With Dion

Joint Log By Commander Devon Xiaoyen And Captain Dion Xiaoyen

Note: This log takes place immediately after the Reading Reports one. -DX

            After Counselor Lomril left his office, Devon moved his computer screen back to a comfortable reading position. He remembered that he felt secure knowing that a veteran like Commander Fairchild was working with an experienced tactics major like Commander Kato on these little orbs. By this point, he had already calmed down about his irritation towards the eccentricity of the new marine captain who had been taken in as a reconn officer. He had to admit, by the way that the Admiral had initially spoke of the worth of people in that department, he was worried to a small degree that she would defend the Marine against any act of discipline he would likely have to use from the moment he came aboard to the present. Fortunately, she gave him her full confidence, which was something he felt grateful for among other many things. Suddenly he heard a beep.
            "Bridge to Commander Xiaoyen." came the voice of Ensign Rikkta, who was standing in for Ensign Spearhorse at tactical.
            "Go ahead, Ensign." Devon said.
            "There's a communique coming in from Starbase 173 for you sir."
            He looked up, puzzled, then tilted his head to the side, "Hmm, alright. Patch it through here."
            "Aye sir."
            He looked to his computer console after the comm exchange with the ensign ended. He saved the spot where he was and minimized the screen, then opened the box that was blinking with the Starfleet logo. Then he tapped the answer function. The logo immediately changed to the image of his brother Dion. He looked like he had aged a little since the last time he saw him. His hair was also solidly combed to the side and faded very short on the sides and the back of his head. Still, overall, he was healthy and that made him feel better. Dion was sitting behind a desk. 
            Dion smiled, "Hey baby brother..." 
            "Hey." Devon replied with a slight smile as well.
            "How's things going for you on the Darmok?"
            Devon nodded, "Real good. Had to give a new crewbie a little bit of a ripping about a little over an hour ago, but things are coming along. How about you? How are things at.... Wait, where are you assigned again?"
            "Ha-ha, very funny," Dion said sarcastically, "I've been a personal attache to Vice Admiral Kim, remember?"
            "Oh yeah...."
            "For over the past year."
            "That's right, sorry. How's that going and how is the Admiral anyway? Vice Admiral you say? Sounds like he got another star added to his collar, eh?"
            Dion nodded, "Yeah, about a month into my assignment. It was nice. Huge banquet. Federation President Kellessar was the one who gave him his extra star. Party at his house in Queens. His son Jordan and I organized it. Was good. Mom, dad, and Dante came too."
            "And how's Dana and the kids? And mom and Dad and Dante even? Man I haven't gone back in ages."
            "That's right, you haven't," Dion commented, nodding to accentuate his tone as he said that, "Mom and dad said you haven't gone home in years. Dante too says he's been waiting for you to join him on that trip you said you'd go with him to Rizak Three."
            "Oh yeah, I totally forgot...." Devon said remorsefully, "I'll call him asap."
            "You better. You know how he can get. Anyway, did you know that right after the Admiral got his third star, he wanted to promote me to Fleet Captain?"
            "Why didn't you take it?"
            "You know how it is. Once you become a fleet captain you become flag status. Once you become flag status, you're considered brass. And when you're considered brass, your likeliness to keep commanding a starship open is extremely decreased, even though I know some still get to. You know, they say that Captain Picard of the Enterprise is on record for saying that staying a Captain is the wisest course of action any officer can take once they reach it. He said he learned that from James T. Kirk."
            Devon nodded, "Yeah, I know the story. Well, you turned down a commander promotion how many times? Three?"
            "Four I think. I lost count,The two shared a chuckle after that. Then they became silent, maintaining their smiles to each other. Dion decided to break the silence though, "Hey, I'm glad you had time to talk. I know you're more than just my brother. I just wanted to make sure you were alright."
            He couldn't help but feel touched by the elder version of himself's words so he responded in kind and in a soft tone, "Yeah, I'm good. Thanks, Dion."
            "Don't mention it. I've got to go. Admiral Kim has me meeting with him in ten minutes for huddle about the Gorvan Sector Dispute. Take care little brother."
            Devon smiled, "Handle it, Captain."
            Dion nodded, then terminated the communique.
            He sat there for a few moments, then exited out of that box then went back to his box of reading reports.

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