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Looking At The Reports

USS Darmok Lounge

by Commander Devon Xiaoyen
[Stardate ]

Looking At The Reports

By Commander Devon Xiaoyen

Note: This log takes place shortly after we returned from the 2nd shuttle mission to the surface..... -DX

            Devon was in his first officer’s office on deck two, looking over preliminary reports. He had just started reading them attentively because of all the things he had to go over with Commander Kato and Commander Fairchild. He suddenly heard a door chime sound. He didn’t even look up to address who it was, “Come in.”
            The Doors opened. He looked up and saw it was Counselor Lomril. Lomril was a slender Bolian female who had been with the Darmok’s crew for some time. She was a counselor aboard and she held the rank of First Lieutenant. He didn’t know much of her besides what he read in her bio and the few dealings he had with her as far as crew personnel reports and reports he had read from her regarding crew fitness evaluation reports. He had to admit it somewhat caught him off guard to see her since this was the first time he had ever remembered having a potentially direct interaction with her.
             “Ah, hello Counselor. What can I do for you today?” Devon said, sitting up straight and looking away from his computer console.
             She walked in and stood across from him in his office, “I’m sorry to bother you, Commander. Is this a bad time?”
             Devon shook his head, “Oh no, please come in. Take a seat,” he tapped a few functions on his computer screen and the screen retracted back down into his desk, then he looked back to her and folded his hands on top of his desk, giving her all of his attention, “You have my undivided attention. As we say in my home state on my home planet, whassup?”
             The Counselor gave off a slight smile, then she crossed her legs, leaned to one side and folded her hands as well, “Well, it wasn’t hugely alarming sir. It was just that, you do realize you and I have not had any extended interaction since you came aboard.
             His eyebrows furrowed, “Uh.... Is that a bad thing, Counselor?”
             She smiled again, “Well.... Not really. It’s just that... I feel like as the ship’s counselor, I have to make sure that everyone basically knows I’m there for them. That includes those at the top of the chain here, not just the junior officers.”
             Devon gave her a smile in return, “I’m very aware of that, Counselor. And if I’m this aware of it, I’m even more sure that the Admiral is aware of it as well.”
             “I appreciate that, sir,” she stated. She paused, then she waited for him to say something. Before he could, she grinned, “I’ll be more clear. Do you feel you’ve acclimated well into your new role as first officer quite well?”
              He gave out an audible exhale, then leaned back into his chair and shrugged with a nod, “Yeah, I’d say so.... I mean, it’s still a challenge every day. Everyone’s been quite respectful of my position and nothing’s been to the point where I’m pulling my hair out. There’s a reason why I keep it shot so I don’t get tempted to.” He said with a slight chuckle. It was a chuckle that the Counselor fortunately seemed to have returned as well, but she didn’t add from that. After the chuckles died, he pursed his lip, “I can assure you, if I had any issues or stresses or whatnot I couldn’t take care of, I promise you, I will give you a call. My brother who is a Starfleet Captain had gone through a lot of difficulties in his first year of being an exec and I learned a lot from his example alone. I think for now, I’ll be fine.”
              “Captain Dion Xiaoyen? Yes, the hero-“
              “Of the Zehon Incident. Yes, that’s him,” Devon interjected into her sentence, “Though I don't talk to him as much as I probably should, I do tend to turn to him for guidance if there’s anything I need, as well as the Admiral because she’s shown to be a great example both by in my face model as well as reputation and record. Still, I’m sure somewhere along the line, I will have to defer to your services.”
              She sighed, then nodded, “Ah, I see..... Well, thanks for the assurance, Commander.” Then she stood up.
              He smiled back to her, “Thanks for checking on me by the way. Maybe I’ll see you around soon. And yes, I’ll have to meet with you for my first boarding evaluation.”
              Counselor Lomril shook her head, “I believe I have all I need, Commander.”
              He couldn’t help but be perplexed by her response. Still he nodded slowly in the end before responding, “Oh.... Alright. Then dismissed.”
              She smiled then nodded, then turned around and left his office. Devon raised his eyebrow at her after she turned around and the doors shut behind her, then he exhaled and shook his head, then re-activated his computer console.

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