USS Darmok Briefings and Logs
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The duty logs, weekly status reports and sim logs of the USS Darmok.

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Darmok Mission Status Update, SD 201811.30
icon Duty_Log  Shuttle Perimeter Defense
Mission Status Update, SD 201811.16
Mission Status Update, SD 201811.09
Mission Status Update, SD 201811.02
icon Duty_Log  JL: "Another Day, Another Warp Core"
icon Duty_Log  "The Netinin Report", SD 201810.26
Mission Status Update, SD 201810.26
icon Duty_Log  The Misadventures of Al Thums, "Corsaire Attack", SD 201810.19
icon Duty_Log  USS Darmok 201810.23
icon Duty_Log  Limping Along in Pirate Waters
Mission Status Update SD 201810.19
Mission Status Update SD 201810.12
icon Duty_Log  In For A Penny, In For Pound -- JDL: Lt Cmdr Desiree Thibodeaux, Lt. Dean Spearhorse
icon Duty_Log  Misadventures of Al Thums, SD 201810.05
icon Duty_Log  Lt. MacArdry & Lt. JG Riedinger | JL: "Engineering, Hurricanes and Zephyrs"
Mission Status Update SD 201810.05
Kyrathian Swarm Datafile, Updated SD 201810.01
icon Duty_Log  "Ambassador's Briefing", Captain's Log, SD 201810.02
icon Duty_Log  PL - A wrong turn?
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