USS Darmok Mission Brief
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Mission Status Update, SD 201905.10


[¬ RED ALERT ¬] (but stand down from Battle Stations)

Lt. Cmdr. Spearhorse is by himself on the planet Janidor.

._ The Penumbra has escaped from the Janidor system via Quantum Slipstream in order to have a moment to regroup and reassess the situation. However, the Penumbra's Slipstream drive is highly experimental and still quite dangerous. It only provides a 10-second burst of Slipstream, and then requires at least an hour to reset. Even a 10-second burst is fraught with dangers as the Quantum Phase Variant has to be continuously adjusted to avoid potentially causing the ship to simply dissolve into quantum fragments!

._ The Away Team that had attempted to set up a covert Observation Post lost control of the situation when a member of the Security Team lost her patience and opened fire on several Kyrathian Soldiers hauling a captive family back to the city, probably to be used as food. Unfortunately, the solution to the problem ended up sacrificing that family “for the common good”, but also revealed to the Kyrathians that Penumbrians were on the planet.

._ We used CS gas on 1000 civilians to beam them to safety, but accidentally included Lt. Cmdr. Spearhorse in that transport. He is now temporarily stranded 200 miles from the city on an island with 1000 unconscious civilians. As dusk approached, he had the foresight to light several signal fires in the “dot-dot-dot dash-dash-dash dot-dot-dot” configuration of old Morse Code “SOS”. The fires were noticed by Ens. T'Lin in RAVEN 1, and his emergency transponder signal was picked up by MAX. Unfortunately, we did not have the time (or the power) to beam him back to the ship. We'll have to go back to get him.

._ The rest of the Away Team used the transporters of the RAVEN craft to escape from the surface and the RAVENS rendezvoused with the Penumbra just before the ship jumped to Slipstream.

._ The situation on the planet is still dire. Though we saved 1000 of the native inhabitants, there are more than 200,000 still in the city subject to the whims of their Kyrathian masters. And there are a dozen more cities just like it enslaved by the Kyrathian invaders.

._ When we left, there were still six Aslan battleships and five Kyrathian Colony Ships in battle in orbit, though it looked like the Aslans were beginning to punish the Kyrathian ships with their advanced weaponry.

._ While our plan to evacuate civilians by knocking them unconscious and beaming them to safety worked, for a thousand of them anyway, it proved to be too much for our systems, draining power and knocking many critical systems offline. And it barely made a dent in the problems on the planet. This plan isn't sustainable.

._ And while a covert Observation Post seemed like a good idea at the time, it too proved unsustainable, and not very fulfilling to our people to sit and watch while “demons from hell” terrorize the populace.

._ Trying to restrain ourselves to upholding the principle of the Prime Directive keeps our hands tied, and squashing bugs a handful at a time will not reverse the infestation crawling over the planet. We need a better plan.

._ The Captain is calling for Senior Officers (and other “interested parties” …“ meaning all our various Player Characters) to the Observation Lounge to hear options.

------------------------------ =/\=  ------------------------------


._ The Penumbra is at Red Alert, but can stand down from actual Battlestations at the moment. We are safely away from the danger zone. The nearly catastrophic power loss has been corrected and most systems are back online.

AWAY TEAMS: Lt. Cmdr. Dean Spearhorse is currently stranded on Janidor

._ Our Chief of Security was accidentally beamed to the Safe Zone 200 miles from our original site. He is safe (for the moment) and camping out there awaiting rescue. The 1000 civilians transported with him will probably sleep through the night and awaken disoriented in the morning. It would be nice if there wasn't an alien Starfleet Officer among them when they awaken.


.Command: We need to decide whether we want to continue to uphold the Prime Directive in a situation where it seems obvious that the “natural evolution” of this society has been irreversibly damaged by the Kyrathian invasion. We also need some kind of sustainable plan that will get the Kyrathians off the planet, permanently. And we need to get our Chief of Security back!

.Security/Tactical/Marines: Cmdr. Spearhorse is temporarily stranded on the planet, alone and without his communicator. MGny Hines continues to man our Tactical Station on the Bridge, and while we are out of the danger zone at the moment, we'll have to return eventually to get Cmdr. Spearhorse back (and get rid of the Kyrathians).

.Medical/Sciences: We deployed a few Bug Bombs among the Kyrathians but couldn't stick around to see the result. The plan to use CS gas to knock out civilians to avoid them noticing us (trying to uphold the Prime Directive) worked, but beaming a whole city to a different location is not a sustainable plan. We need something else. It has been suggested that Counselor Ariti make contact with Krigeth's beetle people, but again, we didn't have time to do so, we don't know whether they will help, nor do we know just what they could do.

.Operations/Engineering: The failed systems have been restored, up to a point. Non-critical systems (like holodecks, gymnasiums, other recreational facilities, etc.) are still offline to conserve power. Plans for decoys (Operation Sirene) and plans for energy-siphoning pod deflection (Operation Fly Swatter) are under testing and review, but both require either materials or power that are in short supply. Also, if we want to make it back to Janidor in a reasonable time frame, we need to reset the Slipstream drive and make another jump. The whole Slipstream system is fraught with danger. Other ideas from our “Miracle Workers” are welcomed.


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