USS Darmok Mission Brief
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Mission Status Update, SD 201903.15


[CONDITION BLUE] (Umbilical Connection to Station)

._ The Darmok continues to undergo repairs at an Aslan Shipyard station. The nacelle that had been jettisoned has been reattached and most of the major infrastructure repairs have been completed. What remains are all the various consoles, terminals, and conduits that need to be assessed and repaired or replaced.

._ There is also the issue with the Security Department and Marine Division that is being handled by Spearhorse and Patterson. The results of that meeting are still largely unknown.

._ And while most of the crew have not yet heard the official announcement, the old saying of “Rumors travel at Warp Speed” is holding true. Word of a new ship already on its way is spreading throughout the ship. With this is also the whispered rumor that some people will be going back with the Darmok while many will remain with the new ship. The Captain will need to set things straight on these rumors before they begin to grow totally out of proportion.

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STATUS: [CONDITION BLUE] (Umbilical Connection)

._ The Darmok's own power systems are beginning to come online, but most of our main power is still being provided by the Aslan Station.

._ Engineering teams (and those they have conscripted into service) continue making repairs throughout the ship. There are also dozens of Aslan engineers and technicians assisting us with the repairs.

AWAY TEAMS: None (officially)

._ All personnel are present and accounted for. The Administrator of the Aslan Station, with the approval of Captain Taylor, has opened the Aslan Station for visitors from the Darmok, though they are advised to seek a guide from the Aslan crew to assist them in finding what they need and keep them from getting lost. Please clear any planned visit to the Station with your Department Head and our Executive Officer (just so we know where everyone is).


.Command: The Captain is preparing to officially announce the upcoming arrival of the USS Penumbra and the transfer of personnel and equipment to the new ship when it arrives. The rumor mill is already running on this news and things are getting a little exaggerated.

.Reconnaissance: MAX is offline. A backup of his programming is currently stored in a secure pocket on the Executive Officer's chair on the Bridge. The Recon Dome is officially closed and locked down. Most of the Pathfinders (and other Marines) are in a meeting with Patterson and Spearhorse.

.Security/Tactical: There are no threats in our area and the Aslans are providing all of our security needs at the moment. Lt. Spearhorse and Lt. Col. Patterson are having a meeting in Main Security regarding some “issues”. The results of that meeting have not yet been officially announced.

.Medical/Sciences: We need to discover a safe method of eliminating the Kyrathian Nobles' ability to “smell” our telepaths and empaths. In our last meeting, though we were under Condition Grey and hiding in the magnetic field of a Gas Giant, the Kyrathians were able to detect us and home in on the Darmok anyway. The drug known as Mirasha is effective, but the effects of long-term use are not well known, and the side-effects it may cause on the various species of the Darmok crew may not be acceptable. More information is required.

.Operations/Engineering: Our teams are attempting to repair the Darmok so we don't send her into retirement “injured”. While she doesn't need to be 100% ship-shape and battle ready, she should be “presentable” and in working order. We are capable of producing power but many of our power distribution conduits are damaged or out-right destroyed and often enough when we try to power-up an area we blow even more circuits. Non-essential systems remain offline to prevent such overloads.


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