USS Darmok Mission Brief
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Mission Status Update, SD 201902.08


The Darmok is in a geosynchronous orbit above a tropical island that sits in the middle of a vast ocean on a planet only sparsely inhabited by a pre-industrial civilization. We had come here for some much-needed Rest & Relaxation after our recent battles with Kyrathians at their Shipyard Facility.

The first round of beach-goers had their fun on the beach and the second wave had gone for their chance when Lt. Riedinger called the Captain on his commbadge, “Captain ... I think we have good reasons to believe that there is a group of natives in these lands. And it is very likely that they have seen us use our transporters and our technology.”

The Captain called a Staff Meeting to dicuss the implications of a possible violation of the Prime Directive. At that meeting it was decided to send two Away Teams, one as a Diplomatic Team, and one as a Covert Reconnaissance Team, as defined below.

Lt. Spearhorse and Lt. Cmdr. Relok have returned from their survey of the planet's three small moons, having found nothing out of the ordinary.

In Sickbay remain Gunny Price and Corporal Longshanks. Price has recovered physically but remains emotionally strained. Longshanks is adapting to his prosthetic legs and seems to have accepted his fate.

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STATUS: Condition Green (ordinary operations)

._ The Darmok is in geosynchronous orbit over an island in a vast ocean. All systems are at normal operating conditions.

AWAY TEAMS: (2) = Diplomatic Team & Covert Reconn Team

._ Diplomatic Team: Our new Counselor, Lt. Cmdr. Ariti, will lead a team consisting of Lt. MacArdry, Dr. K'Trevala, & Ens. T'Lin to attempt to make contact with the aliens and determine any impact our presence might have made. Each of these four have some telepathic or empathic abilities and most are well adapted to primitive survival skills with minimal equipment. Cslr. Ariti is familiar with many of the insectoid species of the Gamma Quadrant.

._ Lt. Col. Patterson and Mst. Sgt. Hines will be a covert reconnaissance team to observe without being detected and provide any necessary support to the Diplomatic Team. This team carries one item of advanced technology, a single WAR Rifle, in addition to heavy batons and combat knives. They have been ordered to dismantle the rifle if necessary to avoid it falling into any unauthorized hands. The Captain said it should be little more than “a tube and a stick.”


.Command: We appear to have accidentally violated the Prime Directive! We need to determine how much damage might have been done and figure out a way to correct it, if possible, without causing even more damage.

.Reconnaissance: A covert operations team is being sent to the planet to observe the natives on the planet without being detected.

.Security/Tactical: Maintain a discreet transporter lock on all Away Team members. We don't want to suddenly beam them out where they might be noticed, but we need to keep them safe in case of dire circumstances.

.Medical: Longshanks is adapting to his prosthetics but is still struggling with walking. His emotional state seems to have stabilized. Price is stable and eager to be released, but remains moody and volatile. Franklin is suffering from a poisonous bite from some native sea creature and is indisposed.

.Science: T'Lin is accompanying the Diplomatic Team. Relok continues her work on deciphering the data from the Plant Node using the new paradigm of pheromones to guide the investigation.

.Operations/Engineering: The Darmok is under normal operations, and is in geosynchronous orbit around a Class-M.


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