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  Lieutenant Commander Desiree Thibodeaux, SD
JDL: “Angels and Ministrations of Grace”

USS Darmok NCC 9764

SD 2018.02.01

Nurse Grace Drew

Nurse Ben Franklin

JDL: “Angels and Ministrations of Grace”

(This occurs an hour or so after “Seeing a Sandy Bottom” & before the last sim)

Grace had showered to remove the sand and then reported back to sickbay for duty. Thankfully, other than Price and Longshanks, both of whom were stable, the most serious case was an ensign with a sunburn. She didn't even need to bother a doctor, Grace just replicated a cooling and healing gel and counseled the young man on the dangers of solar radiation. The Ensign had just left when Ben came into sickbay. He was back in uniform but had a jacket tied around his waist in an odd manner.

Hello.” She said greeting him with her biggest and brightest smile. They mostly had a good time down on the beach. “What's with the jacket?” She indicated the non-regulation item that covered the lower body.

Ben didn't return her smile and instead leaned close to Grace and whispered. “I have a …….uh...problem down there...” His head gestured toward his crotch.

Grace giggled and leaned in more closely. “Oh yeah?

Yeah, and if it keeps getting larger I won't be able to keep my uniform on.”

Ben....uh...” her eyes grew wide and she looked around and turned back his way. “Do you want to slip into one of the rooms so that I can....uh examine it?”

Yes.” he said in a low rasp, relieved she finally seemed to understand the problem.

She led him to the last room at the back of sickbay and he followed. Once inside he pulled the curtain and before he could get to the biobed, he saw Grace jump up on it and then reach playfully in his direction. She noticed his face was contorted and he was sweating.

Awe Ben, look, we're both adults, no one will catch us so there's no needed to sweat it.” She said reassuringly.

Ben undid the jacket and let it drop. The uniform couldn't hide the bulge.

Grace's eyes boggled. “Wow Ben, you definitely have a problem!” She intoned in her most sultry voice.

Then Ben dropped his pants and gave her a really good look.

His left testicle was swollen to the size of a baseball and it was an angry red. She hopped off the bed and he slowly crawled up onto it, obviously in great pain.

Oh no! That bad little crab! I'd ask how you feel but now that I've seen the situation you must be in absolute agony?...” She asked while inspecting the damage. She picked up the tricorder and began scanning. “You poor thing, it looks like that crab left a bit of himself behind.”

What?” Ben sat up, suddenly more concerned. “Ouch!” He shouted sinking back down.

There appear to be a few uh...stingers in the wound...and little connected venom sacs...no doubt that's why you've got swelling and inflammation. They'll have to be removed, let me find Dr. T.”

His arm shot out and he grasped her elbow. “No, please, it's bad enough, I know you can take care of it yourself, you are studying medicine.”

Grace sighed. “I can do it, I'll need to get some instruments and a little bit of something to dull the pain.”

I could use an ice pack.” Ben said through his teeth.

I'll get one of those too...and some tubes to draw blood, we're going to want to check to be sure that venom is just affecting you locally. I'll be right back...” Grace told him before leaning down and giving him a soft kiss on his lips.

There's more where that came from, when you're feeling better of course.”

Thanks...can you get that ice pack now please? He begged.

Grace nodded and left to obtain the needed items.

Ben sank back into the bed, even though he was still hurting pretty bad, her kiss had made him feel a lot better.


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