USS Darmok Mission Brief
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Mission Status Update, SD 201901.11


._ It has been two days since a team from the Darmok infiltrated the Kyrathian ship-building station, and the ensuing fight and escape. Our Marines have been displaying ruffled feathers at the idea of leaving men behind and finally the Captain agreed to allow a small group to return to see what they could recover.

._ Lt. Col. Patterson will take the Cerberus, his highly-modified Reconnaissance Ship (a bit larger than a shuttle but smaller than a starship) along with Lieutenants MacArdry, Spearhorse, Riedinger, and K'Trevala, and Ensign T'Lin and Master Sergeant Hines to return seeking our lost Delta Flyer and its four-man squad, and whatever remains of Petty Officer Nottingham and Warrant Officer Mouser they can recover.

._ The Captain has informed Patterson that their mission is to “retrieve or destroy the Flyer” and “see if you can find any remains” and “get the heck back here in one piece”.

._ In the meantime, the Darmok will remain where it is, holding position in empty interstellar space, and those aboard it continue to process the data downloaded from the Kyrathian Plant Node and study the Plant Tendril retrieved.

._ There are also GnySgt. Price and Ens. Franklin in sickbay, both are in serious but stable condition.

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STATUS: Condition Green (ordinary operations)

._ The Darmok is back under Condition Green and operating at normal conditions.

AWAY TEAM: The Cerberus

._ An Away Team is aboard the Cerberus. It consists of Patterson, MacArdry, Spearhorse, Riedinger, K'Trevala, T'Lin, and Hines.


.Command: Several key members of the crew are showing signs of PTSD and are in need of counseling. (This might even include the Captain!)

.Reconnaissance/Security/Tactical: We continue scanning for any Kyrathian activity nearby but everything seems quiet.

.Medical: Corporal Longshanks is in a medically-induced coma to allow healing of his double amputation and other serious injuries. Gunny Price is under sedation recovering from brain surgery and other conditions. Ens. Franklin is under observation recovering from the attack by the Gunny. Several members of the crew are in need of counseling for PTSD.

.Science: While we're beginning to make sense from the download made by T'Lin and Riedinger from the Kyrathian's Plant Node, there is still much we can't understand. We are also analyzing the Plant Tendrils collected from the station and how they connect to form what appears to be neural pathways.

.Operations/Engineering: The Darmok is back to normal operations but is holding position in interstellar space. Repairs to the Recon Craft have been made. Both of our senior Engineers will be with Patterson on the Cerberus. Lt. MacArdry has placed Ens. Conally in charge of Engineering in her absence, with Ens. Thums second in charge.


._ There has been other information sent along with this Briefing. Be sure to read it as well.

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