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  Lieutenant Commander Desiree Thibodeaux, Lieutenant Dean Spearhorse, Lt Shadow K'Trevala, Nurse Grace Drew, SD
DL - The Price Ain’t Right

USS Darmok

SD 201910.04

Lt Comdr Dr Desiree Eruzlie Thibodeaux CMO, MD, FACS

Lt  Dr.Shadow Wind K'Trevala AMO, MD, FACS

Ens Nurse Grace Avelina Drew Head Nurse RN, MNS

Ens Nurse Ben Edwin Franklin, Physician Assistant, LPN (by Spearhorse)

DL - The Price Ain't Right

(These events take place right after the end of the last sim.)

Ben gasped as GySgt Price's grip strengthened when was hit with the shot of Anesthazine. His face began to turn  blue as his vision began to grey as he struggled for air. His patient's grip was vice-like almost even akin to an anaconda squeezing harder the more he choked.

Shadow dropped the hypo and began doing his dangest to pry the sergeant's hand away from the nurse's neck. Using his knowledge of pressure points he began to numb the responses in the patient's hand while at the same time he searched for whatever was causing the response the sergeant was giving.

He noted the GySgt's brainwave pattern showed him to be in full REM amazingly only seconds after the hypo had been administered. Under normal conditions it took most humans an average of 15 to 30 minutes to reach that phase of sleep.

Shadow began using his abilities to explore Price's unconscious brain to discover why he reacted so intensely. He could feel the life and death struggle that was still present in George's mind. The horror of seeing his men fall in combat before his eyes and knowing he couldn't help. He wanted to run to them and pull the mangled bodies to safety but someone was urging him to the shuttle. The conflict within was his duty to the fallen men or to self preservation. He was a marine. The tradition was never leave a man behind. How could he honor his oath if he left now? He wanted to slug the person pulling him to the shuttle.

Shadow could feel the pressure building in the sargent's skull. He tried verbally to get through though to the patient and realized he was still asleep and telepathically reached out to his mind with the order. “Gunny, Stand Down.”

Gunny knew the voice was a superior officer and his body reacted accordingly but not before tossing the now limp Nurse Franklin to the far side of the med bay. Shadow could hear ribs break as Ben hit another table squarely on the corner. His body dropped to the floor with a thud in a heap. There was blood coming from his mouth and nose.

Nurse Drew scurried to Ben as Shadow called to her. “Probable broken ribs, possible punctured or collapsed lung and other internal injuries.” He glanced at the new patient and noted the blood percolating at the mouth. “Looks like he bit his tongue on the way down…… check for fractures to the lower jaw and broken teeth. He may also need 20 CC of Tri-Ox to help his breathing.”  

“What happened here?”  Dr T. asked as she rushed into sickbay and then immediately to Nurse Franklin's side.  She felt a brief wave of vertigo as she bent down but steadied herself. Nurse Drew offered her a hypo.

“Tri-ox” She said as she handed the device over to the CMO.  

The doctor accepted the hypospray and deftly administered it.  She motioned to a couple of med-techs. “We need to get him on a backboard carefully and up onto the nearest biobed.”

Grace Drew's eyes glittered with tears but she choked back her emotions like a professional.  “Gunny Price went batsh*t and tried to strangle him and somehow managed to throw him across sickbay.”  She answered the doctor who was focused on assisting with securing the other nurse to the backboard.

As they slowly lifted the injured man over to the bed, the CMO retrieved a tricorder.  “He's got a large contusion on the back of his skull but no sign of increased intracranial pressure.  We'll still need to monitor him for a while due to the potential of swelling of the brain and a secondary brain bleed.  Fractured jaw, lacerated tongue and three broken ribs...no sign of a punctured lung, thank the Gods. Grace, use the osteo regenerator on his jaw and ribs, we'll use hyperbaric therapy to stabilize his head injury.”  

Desiree joined Shadow near GnySgt Price.  “Can you tell what caused him to have such an extreme reaction?”  She asked. Price's bio-signs showed that he was in a deep sleep.

Shadow looked over at his boss. “I'm going to need the neuro-calipers, it seems he has an extremely deep hematoma close to the Hippocampus and Amygdala and fairly close to the juncture between them and the Medulla. If the Neuro-calipers don't work, we have our work cut out for us if we go in surgically or I can try to use my abilities to deal with the tear and the resultant pressure.” Shadow sighed tiredly. Right now, he seemed to be running only on caffeine and  sugar to keep him going. The nap before the meeting had helped but not that much and they HAD to do something to relieve the pressure in the Gunny's head.

Desiree listened to Shadow's medical assessment of Price's problem. We seem to have more head injuries in sickbay than I can count. She thought as she lightly bit her lip.  “Small brain-bleeds like that can still sneak up on us that way. Let me get the calipers and see if you can telekinetically do any repairs. If we have to go in deeper I'm going to defer to you, Shadow.  I'm still not at my best and certainly not steady enough for tricky brain surgery.”

Shadow nodded. ”I'm not at my best either after working with the Engineers on the tendril that was brought back,” he admitted. “But maybe between the neuro-calipers and my abilities, we can get him patched up. He's also got a lot of unresolved feelings about losing his men, as any good Marine might, but we need to get the physical damage taken care of first.” He sighed again, closing eyes that suddenly felt like they were filled with a desert's worth of sand and waited till she got the calipers positioned to follow and do what might be needed to ensure their effective working. “Doc,I'm going to need a hefty dose of stimulants to keep going after this and I volunteered to help with the delta recovery.” He rubbed his eyes, trying to get the gritty feeling to subside till at least he was outbound on the mission trip.

“Let me get you something that might help.”  Desiree answered. She returned shortly with both a hypospray and the neuro calipers.   She offered the hypo to Shadow. “My own combination, tailored to your species of course.  Those data crystals that you gifted me with a while back have come in handy. She began calibrating the calipers as Shadow gave himself the injection.  “Whenever you're ready, we'll begin.”

Shadow sighed with a smile as he used the hypospray for a quick mental and physical pick-me-up, relaxing in the momentary euphoria of mental clarity. He knew that it was only temporary, but temporary was better than nothing, especially with Price's life on the line. A second sigh as he centered himself to again find the slow bleed in the Gunny's  brain and nod to Dr T his readiness to proceed. The red tinted CSF that showed up on the screen on the biobed's monitor gave mute testimony to the severity of the bleed and that it had a second outlet into the spinal column as well which was probably a reason that the pressure had only been gradual in the build-up. “Doc, I'm ready for the calipers now and I'll keep monitoring him while we see how they work. I'm ready to help them out if I have to.”

Desiree expertly placed the calipers on Price's head and gently locked them in place. Once she checked the placement, the doctor activated them.  “You should be sensing their effects shortly.” She told her colleague.

He nodded as they began their job of sealing the leakages in the Gunny's head. The smile on his face, even through his  concentration told her that he wasn't needing to strain his abilities further to augment the work the device was doing. ”I think this is the deepest it's ever done in an emergency situation, Dr T. another five minutes or so and he should be alright, although I think we  probably need to find some stronger restraints for these Marine types.”

The CMO nodded before responding.  “We'll keep the calipers in place for a couple of hours after you're finished.  He'll have the best chance of a full recovery if we keep him under for a while. Oh, before you're done, can you please try to reassure him that he doesn't need to worry, his men will be recovered and returned to the Darmok.”

Shadow nodded his understanding to his boss as he left the reassurance in the gunny's mind that he was going to do everything possible to retrieve Mouser and Nottingham as well as the Delta team. If he couldn't do that for them and  their families, then at least, the Away Team would see to sending them on in a pyre grand enough to make a Viking Chieftain jealous and also see that they would have a suitable escort of their enemies to Valhalla. He relayed the message he left in the Gunny's head to Dr T and Grace, so they could reinforce it if Gunny Price asked them when he woke up. He knew that he could trust them for that and it seemed that the Gunny smiled in his sleep and settled down to continue healing. “Doc, think you can handle it now? The Colonel's gonna  be POed if I don't show up when I promised to be there……” Without waiting for an answer, he headed out for the Dome with the others, taking the hypo of stimulant with him in case he needed the temporary boost to mental clarity.

Desiree shooed her fellow physician out knowing that if he delayed she would try to talk him out of going.  At least she knew that this time around everyone had suits to keep them safe if they ran into the Kyrathians.


Ben groaned as he came to. ”What the blazes did he hit me with?” Coughing, he realized that he was bringing up blood. “Geez, that ain't good…… Let me the heck up, we've got too many wounded in here for me to be here, …˜he  moaned. Little did he know that about a third of his tongue was still on the floor. The surge of adrenaline through his veins was coursing so fast that he didn't perceive the pain in his mouth or lower jaw. He reached for an Osteo-regenerator and quipped ”Doctor, heal thyself.”

Grace hovered over him and gently moved his hand away from the medical device. “No, no.  You get to sit ...or I should say lay this one out. Stay still, you've got fractured ribs and don't want to puncture your lung.”  She expertly used the osteo regenerator to begin knitting Ben's jaw and then his ribs back together. “Don't get anymore big ideas.” She chided him. “You had some skull trauma too and Dr. T. wants you under observation.  Plus you'll need a few more treatments on

your ribs.  Now, let me see your tongue.”

“Ahhhhhh.” He tried to extend his tongue but there didn't seem to be as much to extend as he was used to.

Grace flinched at his efforts.  She glanced over at the floor where he had landed and spotted the missing chunk of tissue.  “Ouch!” she said. “Let me get the dermal and a patch for that.”

“Whaah?” he slurred. “Whaassa matta wit ma tong?” A bit of blood trickled down his throat and he coughed again.

It was only when he heard her reply that the pain started to sink in.

“Well, uh…….you seem to have chomped on it pretty badly.  Nothing that will be a problem to regrow, but it's going to sting like the dickens for a few days.  And you'll be on a liquid diet until you're as good as new. You're going to have a problem detecting sweet and salty flavors until then too.”

“Oh, I weally owe him a bit of ma mind” he stuttered through the pain.

“You might want to settle for a piece of your tongue.” Grace teased. “I'll make sure you get the best in nursing care.”  She smiled at him.

Ben rolled his eyes at the joke. “Serwiously?”

Grace gently kissed him on his forehead.  “I couldn't resist.” She quickly retrieved the instrument and the bio-memetic patch.  “Say “Ah” again…….This is going to feel strange but after a number of treatments the patch will bind to your cells and work with the dermal regenerator to regrow your tongue.” She giggled.  “I'm sure you know at least as much about how it works as I do, so if you promise to stay put, I'll leave it here and you can do your sessions yourself.”

Ben thought,Thank you. The patient's eyes showed signs of hope as she handed him the device. His body posture and the gleam returning to his eyes showed he was grateful to be part of the treatment team rather than be treated like an invalid.


&&Spearhorse, ShadowWind, Gracie &&

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