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  Lieutenant Aaron Riedinger & Lieutenant Bevin MacArdry, SD
JDL: "Orchestrated Kabooms"

Lt. MacArdry, Bevin Sile.

Lt. Riedinger, Aaron.

SD 201901.05

Based upon the events that occurred on the sim of the SD: 201901.04:

After the meeting, all the officers who were present went to the various tasks entrusted to them. In it, in addition to revealing the recent work of each of the Departments with the various elements that the Away Team had managed to bring from the Kyrathian Station, the true intention of Colonel Patterson was shown: to organize a mission to recover or destroy the remains of the craft of Delta Flight and the bodies of the two dead men in the Station. And in that mission Lieutenant MacArdry, Head of the Department of Engineering, was involved; and in some way that he still did not understand, Aaron had also been involved.

Aaron initially thought that the mission was for an impulsive decision of the Colonel to recover the bodies of the men who had died under his command; "All for a matter of pride?", he asked to himself. But the truth was that if the Kyrathians could 'absorb' the information from the corpses, and also study the remains of the ship they brought down, the mission had a fairly strong justification in his opinion. For that reason, he decided not to decline the mission when the Captain offered it.

Nevertheless, Aaron and Bevin left together from the Observation Lounge, heading for Main Engineering. When they were close to the turbolift, he pulled his hair back with one hand and commented to her in a tone of excitement: "I just remembered! When I was at the Academy, I took a couple of classes on subspace communication A and B. With a small group of colleagues, we made a module for a project derived from the discoveries of Dr. Paul Manheim to see the different interactions suffered by the Bio-neural gel packs with the subspace waves.”, He paused to take a sip of the banana shake left over from the meeting. “We discovered that, with a large concentrated beam of gravitons, it would theoretically be possible to affect the fibers of the gel packs! Jefa, are you thinking what I'm thinking?”

Bevin grinned wickedly as she nodded. “Och, Haill yaih!! Gae fer ait, Aaron an we'll say iffin we kin ailsae aidaipt ait tae daisript thair tailipaithic cammewnikashuns ais weel!” She chuckled nastily. ”Iffin ait werks, thay'll nae  ken wha hait thaim an we mait be aibil tae gi thaim a baiggir haidaiche thain Shaddaw ivvir thaut tae.”

Aaron smiled and after thinking for a few seconds he said: “Well …… that's pretty pretentious! But I always liked that attitude of thinking big! What I really thought was that we could access the self-destruct function of the ship with the beam of gravitons. And I also wondered what flavor this smoothie would have if chopped chocolate was thrown on top. I mean, the taste of classic banana smoothie is very good, and I was wondering if chocolate would improve it or ... sorry, that does not matter now. But, I think ... the maximum range of the phasers is 750,000 km, and photons 300,000 km approximately. With a ray of gravitons, we could activate the self-destruction of the Delta Flyer from a distance of 2,500,000 km!” He stroked his mustache. “And that's not to mention that we would go much more unnoticed than destroying our ship with shots ... and from a more secure distance! We only need to have approximate coordinates of where the ship is located ... but anyway the beam is quite large, so they should not be soooo exact, just a little. Aah, and we would also have to send the Colonel's authorization for the self-destruction through the subspace along with the beam, but I do not think that's a problem.” He signaled to her with his hand to let her enter turbolift first. “What do you think? Do you want to prepare some quick simulations on the holodeck while I run to look for the prototype of the module in my quarters?”

“Aye I kin gait ait sait  ip aisily ainou, BIT, I ailsae waes hapin tae  see aiboot gaittin tha Dailta baick iffin pawsibbil. I ken tha tha faimilies waeld lak tae hae  thair paipul baick iffin pawsibbil and I ken tha ait's nae ailways pawsibbil tae dae tha, bit ait mait mak tha  faimilies fail baittir iffin we caeld ait laist try tae raicivir thaim.” She told him simply. “Ain bainina an chawklite dae gae guid taegaithir, alang wi strawbairry an painaippil, ailmist lak a bainina splait……”

"Oh, that's great!", Aaron responded enthusiastically. “I mean, about the banana split, not about the Delta, that's a bit creepy. I never tried one, I always focused on classic smoothies ... but there's always an opportunity for everything.” He went into the turbolift after her. “I was also wondering if there would be a way to save the bodies of the four Delta crew members, but ... we can only intervene bio-gel packs for limited functions, at least to my knowledge. That is ... I do not want to sound cryptic, but the best we can offer is a kaboom. Unless we were to program the self-destruction function remotely with a delay of ... let's say 10 minutes. We would have all that time to pass close to the ship and transport the bodies before it explodes.” He threw his hair back with both hands. “But the final decision is of the Colonel, is not it? But it's already getting a little late. We have less than half an hour to test the prototype! I'd better find it. Computer: Deck 6, Junior Officer's quarters.”, he said and the turbolift started to go down.

She nodded. ”Aye, I knaw, Aaron. I'd lave tae be raitairning thaim tae thair faimilies, ailaive ain weel, bit…… we canna, sae mebbe iffin hay aipprawvs, we kin dae tha naixt baist thaing fer thaim. Iffin hay says “Nay”, thair's ailways tha kaibawm, thaugh I'd praifair ait tae  be ithirwaise. Sae, lait's say aiboot tha wandir gaidjit o yers an haw we kin augmint ait with tha Baig Baird's waings.”

“Yeah.”, he replied in a calmer tone. “It's sad, but it's true. And it is not up to us to make the decisions ... but we can always offer options!”. At that time, the turbolift sliding door opened in Deck 6. “Well, I'll go find the module to my quarters. I'll get to the Holodeck 1 in a flash!” After saying goodbye, he went running down the hall to his room. Time was not something abundant, and the Colonel had clarified that they should 'be punctual'. Upon arriving at the same, he began to take out things from a box that contained many things in which he had worked in his time at the Academy. His room was a little messy. It was not exactly a disaster, but the lack of cleanliness for several days was beginning to be noticed. After searching for a minute, he found the prototype in a smaller metal box and shouted "Ajá! Here you are.", and he ran out the same way he entered the room. Seeing Bevin outside, he said: "Jefa, I found it! It was a little hidden, but it could not escape. Ready to try it?"

“Aye, lait's gait ait tae tha Halawdaik tae taist ait aut thain gae tae mait wi Paittirsin.” She was waiting outside his quarters so that she wouldn't be in the dark on the theory as  they got to the Holodeck.

He nodded and said: “Yeah, It is better that we hurry.” After entering and leaving the turbolift and entering the holodeck, Aaron checked the different models of starships to charge. As he expected, the Cerberus was not one of those that were available. "Well ... it seems that obviously we can not simulate anything with Cerberus as a model. Which ship do you like the most? Any ship with warp nacelles will do.”

She giggled.”Daesnae maittir, Aaron, I lak thaim aill, Bit ye've sain tha Kairbiris, sae ye  paik tha ane tha cames tha clawsist tae hair.”

Aaron smiled. "Yeah, sorry. Well ... if this works in the next ship, there will be no doubt that it will work in the Cerberus." He started typing on the console of the holodeck until he and Bevin found themselves in a small control room inside the warp nacelles of a Prometheus-class ship. He opened a panel that was on a wall while commenting: "I will install the module now. Can you restart meanwhile the pattern buffer relays to make sure this little one does not affect the critical systems? Also ... I was thinking ……”. He disconnected a pair of isolinear chips and continued: "Now that you and I are going on vacation, who do you think should be in charge of Engineering? I know we're not leaving for long -God willing-, but someone will have to take the reins of the horse while we're gone.”

“I waes  thainkin tha we'd laive Ainsaign Connolly ain chairge, she's guid an kin handil innythaing that aur faivrite trawbilmaikir caeld thraw ait hair.” Bevin told him as she restarted the buffer. “She's mair thain campaitint awn aill tha saystims an haes a cuil haid awn hair whain traubil ais aiboot.”

“She sounds perfect for the work, I hope our favorite troublemaker has mercy on her, but ……”, he answered as he finished putting the module. “... what do you think about giving our amigo Thums a little more responsibility? We could leave him as the 'second in command' behind Ensing Connolly while we're gone. I know he tends to commit ... a few mistakes, but he really is a great engineer! The guy knows a lot in his fields, but he thinks he's bewitched and that he has an infernal bad luck and all that chintz …… but maybe, if we gave him a little bigger responsibility, he could lose that ... fear? I am not a psychoanalyst by any means, but ... what do you think, Jefa?” He closed the hatch on the wall after putting the module in place, and after typing some commands into the now mini-console of the holodeck, the both engineers appeared in the ship's bridge.

“Aye, I lak tha aydeea an mebbe I kin find samethin tae kaip hais maind  mair fawkist an hais werk,” she grinned mischievously as she pulled out an old swatch of faded tartan cloth. “Iffin he thainks tha hae'in same o Scotty's plaid waill haelp, thain ait's aill tae tha  baittir.”

"Of course, you know what they says: the needs of the many...", he said as he finished typing in the Tactical console. A Delta Flyer appeared on the screen of the Bridge. “All right ... we have a Delta at 2.4 Mm and a little more. Almost at the maximum range of the gravitons beam. When we tested the module in Subspace Communications B, the goal of the project was to turn on the music of another ship. I already inserted the same algorithm that we use, we can try putting a song in the Delta to start and then jump directly to the kabooms. La Jefa has a favorite song?”, he said while stroking his mustache.

“Iffin ye waint tha Kawbawms,  ye mait tray Chaikivsky's “Aighttain Twailv Ivvirchure”, Tha haes plainty o Kawbawms ait tha aind o tha piec An ait waes wraittin wi tha aydeea o yawsin cannans ain ait.”She grinned to him. “Bit tha Ainvil Kawris fra “Ail Travatauri” ais ailsae a guid ane.”

“I've never been much in classical music, so let's try the Anvil Chorus.", Aaron said as he now typed on the Engineering console. “Well …… the program is loaded with instructions to order the Delta computer to put your song at máximo volúmen." He moved back to the Tactical console and started pressing several buttons. After some seconds, the interior of the Delta Flyer was seen on the Bridge screen.“This is our Delta from the inside. We are receiving audio, and you hear that everything is hyper silent ... so far so good. Now, I will proceed to send the beam of gravitons with the instructions of the program and ... “, he pressed a button from the same Tactical console and the ship moved a little while the beam left her. After about four seconds, the bridge where the two engineers were located began to resonate with the sound of the Anvil Chorus received from the Delta Flyer. Aaron looked at Bevin smiling and nodding. He said something, but the volume was so loud that he did not even hear his own words. After a few more seconds he muted the audio and said: "It works! It still works! Now I will send another beam of gravitons with instructions to turn off the music in the Delta and ...", the ship moved again when the other beam came out of it. After a few seconds, he typed a few commands on the console and the ambient remained calm as it did a moments ago. "I just activated the audio. The music is gone now, the module is still working! Fantástico! But now comes the interesting part …… “, he looked at Bevin and said: “... it's time to do kabooms. As I said, for the project we only made a program to turn off and turn on the music of a ship. We expected more people to continue with the idea and give it more practical uses, but to my knowledge, that never happened. Now we have to edit that same program to order the Delta's computer to start self-destruction. I have no idea where to start and we do not have much time, so I'll need your help to program it, Jefa! We will need to see those miraculous fingers of yours in all their splendor to finish on time!”

Bevin grinned at his words as she got busy on one of the PADDs and started programming in the Self-destruct for the Delta craft. She hated to lose it since it possibly could be used for spare parts  for the others if needed, but better it go “Kaboom”, as Aaron put it, than it fall into the hands of the Bugs, She got a VERY wicked grin on her face as she thought of a possible scenario.”Aaron wha iffin we sait tha sailf-daistrict tae gae awff iffin tha Bugs git ahauld o tha Dailta? We aissaintchilly airm tha maikinism tae gae awff iftir we gait  tha paipul awff tae gae baick tae thair faimilies, thain, whain tha Bugs pawll tha craift ain, ait blaws ip ain thair faicis an hapefilly thair shaip ait tha saim time. Tha fairst taich o thair traiktir railaisis a tain mainit timer tail 'KAWBAWM.'”

“Wow, it never occurred to me.”, he said while stroking his mustache. “It is a good idea. A very, very good idea. If you can program it, go ahead. But keep in mind that ... ", he spoke to the Computer of the holodeck: “Computer, how long until the meeting with the Colonel?” The Computer answered "13 minutes.", with its classic voice. “You already heard the lady.”, Aaron said.

Bevin nodded, “I've ailraidy haed  prawgraimmed ait aintae tha PAIDD, I waes daein ait whaille I waes werkin an tha raist. Naw, iffin tha Baig Baird aigrays tae gi aur guys ain aiskairt tae Vailhailla, thain tais aill tae tha  baittir……”

“Oh, that's great, I have not seen you working on PADDs. So, you want to try it?", Aaron said. “We do not have any Kyrathian reference in the holodeck database, but we can throw a Jem'Hadar ship to take hold of our Delta.”, he started again typing in the holodeck mini-console

She nodded. “I sait ait fer INNY whaispir o a traiktir ithir thain aurs tae gait ait tae gae …˜KAWBAWM', sae way shaeldnae hae  inny traubbils thair.”

“Oka, perfecto, Jefa. So ……”, he said and a Jem'Hadar fighter appeared on the screen of the Bridge near the Delta Flyer. “The sequence is set to wait for the gravitons beam to impact our Delta. Once it does, the bad guys will try to pick it up using a tractor beam and then ... we expect to see fireworks?" He went to the tactical console and looked at Bevin." Do you want to do the honors, Jefa? "

She shook her head, tears glittering in her eyes.” Nay, ye wair tha ane tha thaut ait ip, ye gae ahaid.”

“Ok, well ... but is everything fine?", Aaron said when he saw her face. “This is just one option that we are offering. The last word on whether it will be used or not, including how it will be used, will have to be from the Colonel.”

She nodded. “I waes jist thainkin aiboot tha saix we lawst an thais maisshun.I ken tha ait pribibly  caeldnae be awvawaydid, bit staill……”

“Yeah, but it was still necessary. The lesser of the evils. It sucks, is not it? ", he said as he put a hand on her shoulder. "I do not know if it was because of some mistake that happened what happened, or if something different had been done everything would be different now, but ... now we have to face the consequences. I do not want the following to look like advertising but ... I really recommend Dr. Shadow to talk about it! He helped me a lot to face the facts when we came back from the Station with his counseling sessions.”

“Shaddaw ais a guid main, Aaron, an I lak haim a lawt. I'll pribibly tailk tae haim iftir aill thais ais ivvir. Hay's pribibly staill praitty tired fra aill we haed haim gae thraw wi tha taindril.”

Aaron laughed a little. “I still feel a little bad for making him go through the experience of the tendril, but ... Relok and T'lin were quite excited about those discoveries, so I hope it's worth it.“

“I hape sae, tae, Aaron. Hay daes a LAWT mair fer thais shaip thain paipul gi haim craidit  fer.” She smiled softly. “I dinna ken wha thais shaip waeld dae wi'aut haim.”

Aaron nodded. “Yeah, he's a good man. I hope to have him hanging around here for much longer. But now we go to what concerns us. I will send the beam of gravitons with your new program to the Delta ... ", he pressed a button on the Tactical console and the ship where the two engineers were found, wobbled a little. After a few seconds, they saw on the screen of the Bridge how the Jem'Hadar vessel began to grab the Delta Flyer with the tractor beam.

“Cawmpewtir, spaid time by hailf an tha saimilashun……”She watched as the Jem'Hadar pulled the Delta Flyer into the shuttle bay where  it exploded in a very satisfactory burst that set off secondary explosions throughout the Jem'Hadar ship before a final cataclysmic eruption of the vessel into subatomic bits.

“Cool! That worked!”, Aaron said in an excited tone. “Amazing job, Jefa. The program works perfectly. Very, very cool!”

“Tapadh leit, thainks, Aaron, I haed tha aydeea fra ain auld  spaikewlaitive faictshun buik by Daivid Waibbir. I'll lait ye barraw ait sametime iffin ye lak……” she told him with a smile. ”Naw, dinna ye think we naid tae gait doon tae whair tha Baig Baird an tha raist o tha taim air?”

“I never heard from him either ... as I said, I'm not much in the classic stuff. But yeah, when we return safely, you can lend it to me!”, Aaron responded. “And yes, we should already be meeting with the rest of the team and the Colonel. I will go to disconnect the module and I will reach you.  Also ... I think you should be the one to give the good news to our friends Connolly and Thums.”

“Ailraight, ye git  ip tae tha Baig Baird's Spawtty an I'll lait  thaim knaw wha's gaein an.” She chuckled. “…˜Spawt' ais tha Ainglaish trainslaishun o tha Graik …˜Cerberus', iffin ye daidnae knaw tha.” She turned to head to ME to let Connolly and Thums know what was going on.

“Oh ... and now it turns out that you also speak Greek?”, he said smiling. He typed some commands on the holodeck console and the Prometheus-class vessel disappeared. "See you in the dome, do not forget to look for your biosuit.", he said as he walked to a turbolift.

“Aye, a laittil, an ye gat ait, Aaron, say ye thair an dinna fergait yer awn.” She called as she headed off for her rounds before heading to the dome.


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