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  Lieutenant Dean Spearhorse & Nurse Grace Drew, SD
darmok logs Dec 2018

USS Darmok NCC-9764

SD 201812.17

Lt Dean Martin Spearhorse

DL- Aboard the base with the Ambasador

Dean was the last off the shuttle and he sealed the hatch. He had asked the Ambassador to watch the away teams rear with him. He hoped the Gorn was a good shot but being unsure he wanted to be close if he had to save him. The Ambassador was a priority target in his mind and therefore like a presidential “secret service” agent needed a “special detail”. He had to have faith in the marines to keep the rest of he away team safe.

USS Darmok NCC-9764

SD 201812.17

GySgt George Hastings Price

DL - Into The Breach at the Point

George had the breaching charges in a satchel, his type two rifle set to heavy stun and the meds for the space sickness were kicking in as his pulse began to race. He stepped off the shuttle. “Everyone remember where we parked.” he croaked as he headed for the exterior wall of the complex. He could feel the pulsing of whatever this facility use as a power source through the deck.

USS Darmok NCC-9764

SD 201812.17

Nurse Grace Drew

Ens Ben E Franklin

PL - A Complicated Woman

     Grace kicked off her heels in the break room and leaned back in her chair with a sigh. Sometimes, even a slow day in sickbay could be tiring. Today had been monthly inventory. Usually the only danger was of being bored to tears because Dr. K’Trevala was a stickler for organization.    

Today, an unexpected mis-marking of supplies had led to an unwanted surprise and as a result each and every box, package and bag had to be checked for the correct contents.    

I’m not sure which hurts more, my feet or my back. She thought as she lifted her foot to massage her arch.

Franklin sat down across from her and opened his lunch. The pungent odors of limberge and liverwurst wafted in her direction.

“Geeze Ben, is that food or a science experiment gone bad?” She asked pinching her nose with two fingers. “That sandwich reeks.”

Ben glared at her unshod feet. “Don’t you have any odor-eaters for those things. You may be a lovely gal but my sandwich may be odiferous but all I smell is your feet!”

The blonde nurse blushed and she hastily shoved her sore feet back into her pumps. “I didn’t ask you to sit there and insult me. You coulda sat over at the other table.”

“I sat here because I wanted to be in the presence of your beauty. I didn’t expect you to have an attitude with me. What the heck has been going on with you lately?”

Grace started to batt her eyes coquettishly but stopped herself quickly. “I didn’t have ‘an attitude’ with you, just your choice of lunch. And I have no idea what you’re talking about. Nothing’s going on.”

Ensign Franklin scoffed. “Since last week when you and the doc had that little chat, it’s like you flipped a switch and went from friendly to icy. You may be doing your job, but you seem to have an attitude when you’re around me, and it’s even worse when Dean’s around, I mean Lt. Spearhorse. Who do you see more often, him or me? That snob has got his nose so high up the Captain’s butt, he can’t be bothered to come down here. He’s worried about one thing and one thing only, promotion. He can’t be THAT interested in you.”

“Wow Ben, who’s got the attitude now? I was half-joking about your toxic lunch when suddenly we’re talking about whether or not Dean….wait a minute.” She paused. Ben felt her eyes regarding him with purpose. “Oh! I’m a dumbazz! I….never realized that you felt that way. I flirt with EVERYONE…. Suppose it was dumb of me not to….uh...make an impression on you.” She put her hand over his. “I’m sorry.”

Grace could easily detect his ire. He was frustrated, he felt inferior to Dean, primarily because of rank. He thought he knew Drew better than Spearhorse ever would, after all he worked with her on a day to day basis. Ben knew she was a flit, but he felt like she was “little sis” in some ways and he was protective of her almost to the point of being fatherly and protecting her from any man he felt didn’t deserve her, but there was more, something deeper. She could sense that too. Dreams, even fantasies. But sweet and gentle, like a guy’s first crush. He was...still a virgin...he was old school, believing in no sex before marriage. She pulled herself back, having taken too deep a look at Ben’s psyche.

“Look Ben...I…I’m sorry that I led you on. It’s not that I don’t like you...but...well, I flirt so much because I’m...trying to keep my distance. I enjoy a man’s company and even a woman now and then but I don’t have the time to be in a relationship, so I flirt with everyone in part to be a mystery and also to ensure no one gets too close. I feel terrible that you might have gotten the wrong idea, but we’ve never even had a date.”

Ben shoved the last of his sandwich in his mouth and shook his head back and forth slowly. It never fails, he thought, I put my heart on the line and the woman turns me down. It’s been a half dozen times now. He wondered if he’d ever find the right woman.

     Grace could see tears starting to well up in his eyes as he turned back to her.

     “Hey, this is where you ask me for a date. I mean, how will I ever get to know the real Ben if we don’t at least try?”

     Ben couldn’t find the words. He looked helpless and confused. He managed to mumble. “You do know me.” He thought, You can read a man’s soul. “I’ll be in the lab...if you want to talk.”

     “Okay, I’ll do it. Ben, would you like to meet me in the lounge after shift? I’d like to get to know you better.”

     Wordlessly, Ben leaned down and kissed her cheek.

     “So that’s a yes?” She asked.

     He nodded again unable to speak.

     After he left, Grace put her head on the table. “Men.” she moaned.

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