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  Captain Zachary Taylor, SD
Sim Summary, SD 201901.04

Darmok Sim Log, SD 201901.04

Staff Meeting in the Observation Lounge

._ The Captain had summoned his Senior Staff and “other selected crew members” to a Staff Meeting in the Observation Lounge off the Bridge.

._ The first to arrive was Lt. Cmdr. Relok, who stepped through the hallway door, followed by Lt. Aaron Riedinger, who seized the opportunity to approach the replicator, “A banana smoothie, please.” As it materialized, he turned, lifting it and said, “Well ... this is becoming customary.”

._ Shortly thereafter, Lt. Col. Patterson arrived, uncharacteristically dressed only in a dirty t-shirt and his combat pants, grease stains all over his hands and arms. Relok raised an eyebrow at the Colonel's appearance but said nothing, seating himself with his fingers steepled.

._ Patterson was followed by the Ambassador, Adam Android, who commented, “Colonel, you seem a bit ... disheveled.”

._ Patterson practically ignored the Ambassador as he moved over to the wall panel next to the replicator, took the panel off, and retrieved a well-hidden flask before putting the panel back. The Android shrugged and sat beside Relok at the table.

._ Meanwhile, just outside, in the corridor, Ens. T'Lin was rushing as swiftly as she could manage with her injured leg. Lt. MacArdry and Lt. Riedinger caught up to her as MacArdry was saying in her strong brogue, “Came an, Aaron, we naid ye thair, tae.” As she noticed T'Lin, she went to assist the young Vulcan, joined by Riedinger on her other side. The Vulcan thanked them and they arrived together and took their seats. T'Lin lowered her head to a hand, obviously suffering from lack of sleep.

._ Coming from the other direction was Dr. Thibodeaux, somewhat recovered from her recent illness and hurrying to report for duty. Lt. Spearhorse followed her in, having turned over the Tactical Station on the Bridge.


._ Finally, the Captain arrived from the Bridge entrance. He noticed Patterson and the flask just coming down from the Colonel's lips as the Marine said, “Gahh …€… that's …€… better.”

._ Capt. Taylor strode over to his Executive Officer, reaching for the flask, saying, "Is that to share?”

._ With a shrug Patterson handed over the flask, saying, “If you can handle Romulan Ale.”

._ Taylor smirked, “I can handle the now, it's the later part that usually puts me under.” He took a swig, choked, coughed, and wheezed out, “Yeah, that's the trick.” Relok raised his other eyebrow at the Captain's actions.

._ Riedinger muttered under his breath, glancing at his banana smoothie, “I did not know that alcohol was allowed in meetings.”

._ Having slaked his thirst, the Captain turned to face the gathered group. “Glad to see you all made it. I know many of you are still recovering, either physically or emotionally.” He sighed, “It's been a rough couple of days.” He took a breath and then said, “Let's start with Science. Relok, T'Lin, tell me we got something useful out of that download.”

._ Relok glanced at T'Lin and began with, “Well, um …€…”

._ T'Lin joined in, “We have some information, although most are merely speculations.”

._ Relok continued, “We think perhaps we'd come at our analysis with flawed presumptions, sir. It looks like the Kyrathians communicate with the plant in ways we hadn't considered. We were looking for some kind of text, words and patterns we could parse through the Universal Translator.”

._ The Captain erupted, “Please don't tell me we got nothing! Six people died!”

._ T'Lin flinched and said softly, “We are all aware of the casualties, sir.”


._ Relok answered, “No, it's not that we got nothing. We just haven't quite found the key to the translation. But ... T'Lin has proposed a few new angles for us to pursue.”

._ T'Lin nodded and said, “We came to the conclusion that the Kyrathians were telepathic because we could not see how they could communicate in any other way. First, we remembered the colors we saw on the node when the download began. To anyone else, the colors would mean nothing, but both of our cultures based colors with codes. My culture based codes within how the colors were represented with each other. So, purple and blue together would mean surprise or excitement to me. So, I thought maybe the codes are opposite. Instead of surprise and excitement, I thought it could be fear or concern.”

._ The Captain snapped back, “Hurry it up, Commander.” He then turned to Riedinger and said, “Riedinger, what about those tendrils you brought back, anything there?”

._ It was MacArdry who spoke first. “Sair, d'ye ken iffin Shaddaw gat innythaing while he waes ivvir thair?”

._ The Captain had not answered before Riedinger began his report, grabbing a PADD as he stood and connecting it to a projector to display on the larger screen in the wall. He spoke, “Thanks to Dr. Shadow, we were able to get these ... sketches.”

._ The Captain studied the display a moment then grunted, “What the hell am I looking at?”

._ Riedinger grinned. “Something ... curious! Isn't it? They are sketches of Kyrathian technology.”

._ MacArdry added, “Shaddaw gat thaim fra trayin tae raid wha he caeld fra tha taindril, sair.”

._ Patterson tapped the commbadge stuck to the front of his dirty tee shirt. “Patterson to Shadow, can you give any explanation as to these sketches of yours?”

._ Shadow's voice came back through the commlink, “Be up there in a few, sir.”

._ Patterson added, “Bring a report on Cpl. Longshanks with you. Patterson out.”


._ Relok gestured and said, “T'Lin, look at the colors in those sketches. There are pathways there! The colors run along different ... circuits?”

._ Riedinger said, “Yes, jefa, …€…” he used his Spanish word for “boss”, “…€… and it seems that their taste for aesthetics is similar to that of the outside of the station.”

._ T'Lin studied the display then said, “Could that …€Β˜image' hold frequencies?” She glanced at Relok before continuing, “We concluded that the colors emit frequencies that our scanners could not detect, that the Kyrathians used to interact with it.”

._ Relok replied, “Those sketches ... are those neural networks? Is that how the tendrils work? Not fiber-optic cables but ... synapses?”

._ MacArdry nodded, “Tha's tha clawsist we caeld faiggir, sair.”

._ Riedinger began, “That is a brilliant theory, but …€…”

._ About that time the door slid open as Dr. K'Trevala entered, carrying a PADD. “You wished to see me, sirs?”

._ Riedinger continued, “…€… surely the Doctor can tell us first-hand what his experience was like.”

._ K'Trevala said, “Which experience are you talking about? Being over on their ship or working with the tendril?”

._ T'Lin spoke to Shadow, “Shadow, could your telepathy detect frequencies that our physical scanners could not?”

._ Shadow answered, “It's possible. I had several yelling at me mentally over on the ship wondering who I was and where the rest of my people were.”

._ T'Lin asked, “When did you sketch this?”

._ K'Trevala answered, “I sketched it a short while ago when down in ME working with Bevin and Aaron.”

._ She asked again, “And that was with the tendril, correct?” He answered, “Yes.”


._ There were a few moments of silent thought and then the Captain said, “So, Relok, T'Lin, you need to coordinate your efforts with Riedinger and Bevin, and Shadow and the medical staff. These Kyrathians are so complex we can't all stay in our own comfort zones.”

._ Suddenly Patterson spoke up, glancing at K'Trevala and then Riedinger, “Shadow, Aaron, are you two in or out? Right now.” He glanced at the Captain, a slight smirk on his face. The Captain gave him back an odd look but said nothing at first.

._ Riedinger quickly answered, “In, of course, Colonel. That is, if you mean the …€… collaboration.”

._ K'Trevala had a clearer insight into the Colonel's intention, being a strong telepath. He nodded and said, “In memory of the others, in, sir.”

._ Patterson nodded. “Recon Dome as soon as we dismiss. EVA suits. I'll tell you the plan up there.”

._ Finally the Captain grunted, “Hmph. Not fair to recruit when you don't tell them the risks, Colonel. Patterson plans to go back to the station. We've got some ... unfinished business there it seems.”

._ The Android, who had been silent so far, suddenly gasped, “Go back?” His eyes were wide and coolant fluid began to pour from his tiny pores.

._ Riedinger let out a curse, “Damn! OK, I was thinking that you were referring to the collaboration with the other Departments ... but it's alright! But if I can ask …€…,” he paused, “…€…why would we want to return?”

._ Doctor Thibodeaux, who had also remained silent, said softly, “To retrieve the dead.”

._ MacArdry added, “Tae nae lait aur paipul air taichnawlagy faill aintae tha Bags' hainds, claws, air whaivvir thay hae.”

._ Patterson turned to the Android and said calmly, “I've never left one of my men behind.”

._ Taylor turned to Riedinger, “I asked the same question, Aaron. But, Patterson reminded me there's a Delta Flyer craft still out there somewhere ... and ... whatever we can recover of our lost men.”

._ Patterson smiled at Riedinger, “Do you know how to jury-rig the Warp Drive of a Delta Flyer to go …€Β˜boom' Aaron?”

._ Riedinger made a face, “Yeah, but …€… the Delta Flyer is one of my favorite designs!”


._ Suddenly T'Lin cut in. “Shadow, med bay, I sense …€… confusion. You may want to go check.”

._ K'Trevala's face had taken on an odd expression as well. He nodded and said, “I'll be there as soon as I can.” He quickly excused himself and headed out towards a turbolift.

._ T'Lin still had the look of telepathic empathy. “Fear. Anger. Get your men into med bay, Colonel, Gunny is awake, but not for much longer.”

._ Doctor Thibodeaux also stood and said, “I'd like to voice my objection, sirs. Look what happened the first time.” She cut her gaze to Patterson, “Or do you want to have yourself torn to pieces, Colonel?”

._ The Android exclaimed, “Exactly, doctor! You need better weapons, better tactics. They'll be watching for us this time!”

._ Patterson answered, a grim look on his face, “Noted, and I consider the risks irrelevant. Like I told the Captain ... I'd resign my commission and take my …€Β˜private property' to go and get my men back if he didn't sanction it.”

._ Dr. Thibodeaux turned her attention to the Captain, “I need to know what's going on in my sickbay. May I Captain?”

._ T'Lin opened her eyes and gazed at Patterson, “Colonel, just make sure everyone gets back safe.”

._ Riedinger asked, “But, wouldn't the Darmok itself have better possibilities, Colonel?”

._ Patterson shook his head, “I will not risk the entire ship to go back. We have a primary mission for Recon. Bringing the Darmok is out of discussion.”

._ The Captain summarized, “Retrieve or destroy the Flyer. See if you can find any ... remains ... to satisfy your ... attachment. And get the heck back here in one piece! Who's going with him? Volunteers only, nobody is being ordered to go.”


._ MacArdry quickly answered, “I'll gae.”

._ Riedinger said, “I think I was already in.”

._ Spearhorse, who had sat quietly listening, chimed in, “They are my men, sir.”

._ T'Lin muttered, “Relok, Shadow is trying to say something.”

._ Relok concentrated then stated, “Shadow says he's still …€Β˜in'.” He then commented, “The Ambassador is right, though, sirs. The Kyrathians will be watching for us. And they've likely ... absorbed ... any men still alive when they were captured. They download memories somehow.” The Android visibly shuddered.

._ MacArdry noticed the Android's reaction and said, “Aimbaissidir, ye dinna hae tae gae.”

._ Riedinger responded to Relok's comment, “That means that they know our characteristic performance patterns, Commander? Also ... what ship would we go to?”

._ Patterson nodded and stood, surreptitiously leaving the flask near the Captain. “Recon Dome, 30 minutes, don't be late!” He gave the Captain a nod, “Excuse me, sir.”

._ Dr. Thibodeaux, still standing, her hands on the table, said, “Since I won't convince you otherwise, stay in one piece.” She turned to head to Sickbay.

._ Spearhorse addressed the Doctor, “Your concern is noted. If we go in cloaked we may be able to recover the men without being seen ... a simple transport …€…,” he trailed off and she stepped through the door with a curt nod.

._ Capt. Taylor said, “Anyone willing to go on Patterson's little errand report to the Recon Dome, he's opened access for you. Anyone not going can stay here with me and work on some of these clues we have to pull together. Patterson is taking the Cerberus. It's fast, strong, and stealthy. He can handle a dozen or so people, so keep the Away Team small.”

._ Ambassador Android spoke then. “I'll take the Asimov and return to Aslan space. Maybe I can drum up some reinforcements from their fleet.”

._ Taylor nodded and stood, “OK, that'll do folks. Let's get to work, the mission isn't over yet, it seems.”

._ Riedinger said, “OK, Captain …€… I think!” He turned to MacArdry and patted her shoulder, “I think it's time to pack, Jefa.”

._ MacArdry smiled back at him, “Ailraight, Aaron, lait's bay aiboot ait.”


In Sickbay

._ Nurse Ben Franklin wiped sweat from his brow, “We've been through the ringer down here! We could use some help!”

._ Dr. K'Trevala checked on Longshanks, hoping that his powerful empathic abilities might be able to help his healing. Franklin saw the look on the doctor's face and said, “We did all we could. If he would have kept the legs he would be dead now.”

._ K'Trevala sighed, “I know, Ben, and I know what we need to do to get him ready for the next part of his recovery. At least I've managed to help some of the nerves start regenerating somewhat so he'll have better control over the prosthetics when he gets them

._ Franklin gestured at one of their other patients. “I am still worried about Price being in and out of consciousness like that.”

._ K'Trevala stepped over to that biobed as he said, “I'm doing all I can to keep him stabilized during the times he tries to fight his way back to consciousness.”

._ Franklin glanced back at Longshanks, “It is ironic, him losing his legs …€…,” he trailed off.

._ K'Trevala answered, “I know, but we can do our best to get them back to him.”

._ Suddenly, Patterson's voice came over the commlink, “Patterson to Shadow. Can you give any explanation as to these sketches of yours?”

._ K'Trevala tapped his commbadge and answered, “Be up there in a few, sir.”

._ Patterson continued, “Bring a report on Cpl. Longshanks with you. Patterson out.”

._ K'Trevala responded, “Aye, sir, be up there in a few moments.” He gestured at Franklin, “Ben, keep watch on them for me.”

._ Franklin nodded and returned to the sleeping Gunnery Sergeant, checking his cranial pressure. He said out loud to no-one in particular, “They're climbing …€…” He thought a moment then again muttered, “The Sergeant may have a slight subdermal hematoma causing the moodiness when awake ... but then again, he is a Marine!” He ran a check on the medical computer, just in case the readings were wrong.


._ Sometime later, Franklin was checking up on Price again when the Sergeant suddenly awakened, delirious, and grabbed the nurse by the neck! Franklin tapped his commbadge and choked out, “Security!” and began to lose consciousness.

._ Fortunately, T'Lin had detected the rising emotional state and had already sent K'Trevala towards Sickbay. The Doctor entered just in time to see Franklin struggling with the delirious Marine. “Gunny! You're safe on the Darmok now!” He grabbed a nearby hypospray of fast-acting Anesthazine and used it to knock the Marine back out.

._ As he checked over the Gunnery Sergeant, he heard in his mind the ongoing discussion in the Observation Lounge, and sent the telepathic projection to his Shayana, “Relok, tell them I'm still …€Β˜in'.”

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