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  Lieutenant Dean Spearhorse, SD
GySgt George Hastings Price

GySgt G H Price
PL - When to retire the field

George was in agony as he regained consciousness in the med bay. His back and legs felt as if he had been run over by a road grader. his body was immobilized. He inferred from that that there had been damage to his spine. How serious it was he did not know.

One of the nurses hear his bed alert her to the fact he was awake and came over. "lay still, your back was hurt but we were able to minimize the damage. You still need some time to heal."

Price gulped. "how bad?"

the nurse replied you may have minor paralysis for a Frew weeks, then it is likely you will have a bad limp for the rest of you life.... you lost two inches in you left femur and another inch and a half in the right... several vertebrae had to be fused together as well..."

Price sighed. As A Marine he never wanted to leave a man behind. looking around the sickbay he counted the injured. "how many did we loose? Did they bring my brothers home?"

The nurse teared up... we lost two and could not recover them... too much risk to crew safety."

"WE have to go back - If the Captain will not I will... we don't leave men behind.:

"You need to heal first." laying a sympathetic hand on his shoulder. "maybe by the time you are healed it will already be done.

"I cannot leave the field of battle till my men are home. I was in command of that detail." he said and passed out

The nurse checked his vitals and realized the exertion had been to much for the Sargent still in recovery.

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