USS Darmok Mission Brief
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Mission Status Update, SD 201901.04


. The Darmok has escaped from the Kyrathian facility and the asteroid field that surrounded it and is now parked a safe distance away in order to process whatever intelligence gained from the risky Away Mission. We have reinstated [ Condition Grey ] (reduced power signatures and stealth operations) in order to minimize the chances of being detected.

.   The Recon Craft of Delta Flight have been recalled for the time being and no auxiliary craft are in service at this time. The Kyrathians did launch one of their ships in an attempt to pursue the Darmok but had no hope of matching our speed and were quickly left far behind. There are no ships of any kind anywhere on long-range sensors.

.   We lost a total of six members of our crew on the recent mission, and one member has been critically injured and remains in a medically-induced coma. Many other members are recovering from their injuries but have been released to Light Duty. Several have been recommended for counseling sessions. Since the Darmok does not have a currently serving Counselor, Dr. K'Trevala and Lt. Cmdr. Relok will be serving as Counselors as needed.

.   The augmented biosuits developed by MacArdry and Riedinger have been proven effective against the Kyrathian Plant's corrosive Spores and have entered mass production. We should have plenty to outfit any future teams needing such protection.

.    The Captain is calling for a meeting of Senior Staff and other selected crew members in the Observation Lounge to discuss our findings and determine our course moving forward.

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STATUS: [ Condition Grey ] (stealth operations)

. The Darmok is at Condition Grey. Non-critical systems are offline and other systems are in reduced-power mode. The Darmok doesn't exactly have “cloaking” capability, but it does have sensor-blinding and holographic camouflage capability.


. All personnel are aboard the Darmok and no expected Away Teams are planned.


.Command: A Staff Meeting has been called to discuss findings and determine the path forward. Several key members of the crew are showing signs of PTSD and are in need of counseling.

.Reconnaissance/Security/Tactical: We continue scanning for any Kyrathian activity nearby but everything seems quiet.

.Medical: Corporal Longshanks is in a medically-induced coma to allow healing of his double amputation and other serious injuries. Many other members of the Away Team are recovering from their injuries and are on Light Duty. Most have been recommended for Counseling. Dr. K'Trevala and Lt. Cmdr. Relok have been identified as our de facto Counselors.

.Science: We are still struggling to interpret the download made by T'Lin and Riedinger from the Kyrathian's Plant Node. We are also analyzing the Plant Tendrils collected from the station.

.Operations/Engineering: The Darmok is back under Condition Grey in order to minimize the chance of detection by any Kyrathians that might be out looking for us. Power levels should be kept to a minimal signature. The Recon Craft used in Delta Flight need some repairs and refurbishing, along with the Zephyr and the Cerberus.


.   There are a few items that we'd like to address this week and so the Captain humbly requests that, if possible, everyone arrive 15 minutes early for the sim (that would be at 8:45pm Eastern Time) so we can take care of these without cutting into our sim time.

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