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  Captain Zachary Taylor, SD
Casualty Report, SD 201812.28

Casualty Report
Away Team, SD 201812.28

Petty Officer Third Class Sherif Nottingham, Starfleet Security Officer: Killed in Action, sacrificed himself to a Kyrathian Gatherer in order to buy time for his team to download data from a Kyrathian Plant Node and escape. Body unrecovered.

Warrant Officer Gary Mouser, Marine Infantry Weapons Specialist assigned to Marine Security Alpha Team: Killed in Action, sacrificed himself to a Kyrathian Soldier in order to ensure the escape of his team. Body unrecoverable due to multiple grenade explosions in close proximity.

Corporal Lord Longshanks, Marine Security Alpha Team: Severely Injured - Medical Discharge, double amputation of legs at the knee due to emergency closure of shuttle bay doors, also serious injuries from shrapnel from grenades and blast charges on the airlock doors to the backs of thighs and buttocks. Corporal Longshanks is in a medically-induced coma to facilitate healing. Adam Android has put in a request for prosthetic legs developed by the Tralerian Colony Cybernetics Institute (the galaxy's leading manufacturer of prosthetics, and incidentally the creators of Adam Android himself).

Gunnery Sergeant George Price, Leader of Marine Security Alpha Team: several serious injuries from shrapnel to the back and legs, concussion from the blast wave and impact with walls, multiple bruises, some internal bleeding. Some symptoms of PTSD already presenting.

Lt. Colonel Travis Patterson, Executive Officer, Recon Intercept Officer: a few serious injuries from shrapnel to back and legs, and many deep bruises, all of which are already rapidly healing due to ***CLASSIFIED INFO REDACTED***. Some symptoms of PTSD presenting.

Ambassador Adam Android: several serious lacerations to epidermis, a few damaged servomotors, audio input failure in left ear, some of his artificial hair has been singed away. Some assistance from Engineering personnel will be required to repair lacerations and servomotors but other damages will be corrected by internal nanites.

Lieutenant Aaron Riedinger, Assistant Chief Engineer: a few minor lacerations from shrapnel, several worrisome bruises. Recommended counseling sessions to avoid PTSD.

Lieutenant Doctor Shadow K'Trevala, Assistant Chief Medical Officer: a few minor lacerations from shrapnel, several bruises, mild mental strain from extended telepathic contact and psychic battle.

Ensign T'Lin, Assistant Science Officer: a few minor lacerations from shrapnel, concussion from impact with Station Wall after being thrown by the Gatherer, several worrisome bruises.

Lieutenant Dean Spearhorse, several worrisome bruises from impact with walls after blast blew airlock doors. Some signs of possible PTSD, counseling recommended.

Lieutenant Jason Carter, some muscle and joint strain caused from sudden jolts against the seat restraints as he piloted the shuttle at warp speed through an asteroid field to manage the escape of the Away Team. Recommended counseling to avoid PTSD.

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