USS Darmok Mission Brief
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Mission Status Update, SD 201812.21


. The Darmok remains parked near a medium-sized asteroid in a dense asteroid field near a Kyrathian Shipyard facility under [ Condition Grey ] (reduced power signatures and stealth operations).

.  An Away Team is attempting to infiltrate the Kyrathian facility. They are currently between the two airlock doors and Ens. T'Lin is about to attempt to open the inner door.

.  Dr. K'Trevala has been using his telepathic abilities to monitor the Kyrathians on the facility. He has determined there are about a dozen Kyrathian Soldiers, a couple of Gatherers, and the remaining twenty or so are a mix of Builders and Tenders that should not pose much of a threat, except as sentries that could alert all of the other Kyrathians using their telepathic bond.

.  The three augmented biosuits developed by MacArdry and Riedinger have been proven effective against the Kyrathian Plant's corrosive Spores, but only Riedinger, K'Trevala, and T'Lin wear such protection. The others on the Away Team wear only standard Starfleet Combat Armor.

.  Four small Kyrathian craft, believed to be fighter escorts, and a larger ship, probably a cargo freighter, are approaching the Kyrathian facility. It is assumed the cargo ship plans to dock where the Zephyr is currently parked. We have only a few minutes before they'll see the Zephyr.

.  Several Reconnaissance Craft and the Cerberus are holding position along “Phase Line Alpha”. They are ready to engage the incoming craft in order to buy time for the Away Team to complete their objective and escape on the Zephyr.

.  The objective of the Away Team had originally been to determine the process by which the Kyrathians construct their ships, to discover how many ships were being built at this station, and to learn how many other stations are actively building ships. It is now highly unlikely we can accomplish all of these objectives. However, we must learn *something* from this mission, and quickly!


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STATUS: [ Condition Grey ] (stealth operations)

. The Darmok is at Condition Grey. Non-critical systems are offline and other systems are in reduced-power mode. The Darmok doesn't exactly have “cloaking” capability, but it does have sensor-blinding and holographic camouflage capability.

.  The Zephyr is docked with the Kyrathian facility, also under minimal power but with its advanced cloak engaged. All but Lt. Carter have left the Zephyr and are now aboard the Kyrathian station (although at this moment they are between the two airlock doors).

.  The Cerberus and other Recon Craft are cloaked and/or hiding at Phase Line Alpha standing by.

AWAY TEAM: Recon Operations

. A flight of Recon Craft, designated “Delta Flight” is standing by at Phase Line Alpha. They expect to be ordered to engage the incoming Kyrathian craft in order to provide a distraction to allow the Away Team to escape on the Zephyr.

. The Away Team from the Zephyr consists of four Marines with one Starfleet Security Non-comm, three Starfleet Officers, and one Android Ambassador:

  • Security Team (Four Marines & 1 Starfleet NCO):

  • Lt. Col. Patterson, commander of the Marine contingent and Reconnaissance Control Officer;

  • Gunnery Sgt. Price, team leader of Marine Security Alpha Team;

  • Warrant Officer Mouser, Marine infantry weapons specialist assigned to the Alpha Team;

  • Corporal Longshanks, also of the Alpha Team

  • Petty Officer Third Class Nottingham, Starfleet Security

  • Starfleet Support:

  • Ambassador Android

  • Lt. Riedinger, Engineer

  • Lt. K'Trevala, Medical Officer

  • Ens. T'Lin, Science Officer

  • Lt. Carter, Helmsman (waiting on the Zephyr)


.Command: Monitor circumstances carefully. A decision of whether (and when) to abort the Away Mission is becoming crucial. A decision of whether (and when) to order Delta Flight to engage the incoming Kyrathian craft must be made. A decision of whether (and when) to pull the Darmok out of the region and get clear of the Kyrathians might become critical, even to the point of saving the many aboard the Darmok at the expense of the few in Delta Flight or the Away Team! Lives are on the line!

.Reconnaissance: Delta Flight is waiting at “Phase Line Alpha” for orders whether to engage. The Away Team has not officially reported their location to the Darmok, but telepathic contact between K'Trevala and Relok assures the Darmok that the Team is currently safe and attempting to access the station. Five Kyrathian craft are fast approaching the station and will undoubtedly detect the Zephyr in just a few minutes.

.Security/Tactical: The situation is rapidly reaching a boiling point. Incoming Kyrathian ships are certain to detect the Zephyr in only a few minutes. The Captain may order Delta Flight to intervene before that happens. Here are critical Tactical statistics:

  • Expected Kyrathian Strategy:

  • Launch energy-siphoning pods …“ these appear to be derived from the Kyrathian Plant and can be driven and targeted from a remote location (by a method as yet unknown). They will attach themselves to shields or hulls and siphon energy, funneling it harmlessly out into space. Just one of these on a small craft (like our recon craft or a shuttle like the Zephyr) can completely extinguish shields in a few minutes. They usually launch dozens at a time. It is expected that small fighter craft might be able to launch a dozen each with larger craft carrying a few dozen.

  • Attack with small, one-person craft …“ The Kyrathians generally use directed plasma energy weapons. These cannot usually penetrate the shielding of a Federation ship, but if deployed after the siphoning pods have done their work they can quickly burn through outer hulls and cause significant damage. Well-placed shots can destroy a small craft (if its shields are down).

  • Land on the outer hull …“ The primary goal of the attack is to make physical landing on the outer hull of their target vessel. At this point Soldiers and Gatherers begin to literally rip open the hull to allow the attacker to gain access to the interior. Note that Gatherer Class Kyrathians can launch themselves directly from a larger ship across the vacuum of space to land on an exposed hull without using any ship or shuttle. Soldiers can probably do this as well but will usually use a small ship if available.

  • Board and pillage …“ If Soldiers or Gatherers get inside a target vessel, they immediately begin to rip apart and haul out materials of any kind they deem useful. They will capture prisoners that are brought back to their ship to become food for their Plant!

  • Remember their Telepathy and Hive-mindedness

  • The Kyrathians coordinate their efforts with a nearly instantaneous communication between all Kyrathians in the region. Anything one knows, they all know!

  • If one notices a weak spot in a shield, they will all converge on that spot, coordinating pods, attack ships, and landing at any hole they can punch through.

  • Each Kyrathian considers itself merely part of the hive. They have virtually no self-survival instinct and each will gladly sacrifice itself if it gains something for the hive.

  • They are called the Kyrathian Swarm for a reason!

.Medical/Science: Things might be about to get ugly. Medical personnel on the Darmok are to report to sickbay and stand by to receive wounded. Dr. K'Trevala is on the Away Team, but Dr. Thibodeaux and her staff remain aboard.

.Operations/Engineering: The Darmok is still running at Condition Grey. All power levels must be kept to a minimal signature. Monitor all systems to preserve that condition. We are parked near a medium-sized asteroid and are keeping station with it. We may need weapons, shields, or warp drive at a moment's notice, so be prepared. Our regular helmsman piloted the Zephyr on the Away Mission, and is standing by there for a hasty withdrawal. Ensign Filler has been assigned to monitor the helm and operations on the Bridge.

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