USS Darmok Mission Brief
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Mission Status Update, SD 201812.14


. The Darmok is parked near a medium-sized asteroid in a dense asteroid field near a Kyrathian Shipyard facility under [ Condition Grey ] (reduced power signatures and stealth operations).

. The Kyrathian Shipyard is an oddly-shaped facility composed of various materials seemingly stuck together randomly and held in place by a biological agent resembling both webbing and cement, presumably the secretions of the Kyrathian Builder Class. It is not known whether this material is dangerous to humanoid lifeforms. The interior layout of the facility is extremely irregular, we have not determined deck levels or functions at this time.

.  Several Reconaissance Craft and the Cerberus have been deployed and the team is designated “Delta Flight”. They have established a line deemed “Phase Line Alpha” as their defense perimeter. All are cloaked and/or hidden along that line and are standing by.

.  The Cerberus has reported four small crafts with Kyrathian lifesigns that Mst. Sgt. Hines thinks might be fighter craft. They are on long-range sensors and seem to be making course for the facility.

.  An Away Team aboard the Zephyr has just docked with the Kyrathian facility (with a muted “bump”) and are about to try to open the outer door of the Kyrathian facility. Dr. K'Trevala has telepathically detected at least a dozen Kyrathian Soldiers, rather than the half-dozen we had expected! We know there are 33 individual lifesigns, with 2 identified as “much larger” than human-sized, likely the Gatherer class.

. Kyrathian Soldiers are extremely dangerous, well-armed and armored and each one could easily take on 3 or 4 skilled combatants. Gatherers are extremely powerful, heavily armored but usually not armed but just one of these could probably pose a challenge for 5 or 6 skilled combatants with powerful weaponry and armor. The other Kyrathians are likely Builders and Tenders and should not pose a danger, other than to alert the other Kyrathians.

. The various Classes of Kyrathian insectoids all have some kind of telepathic link with one another, which we do not yet fully understand. It can be assumed that the Kyrathians have a sort of hive mind such that anything one perceives they all will be aware of within a few seconds. Stealth is therefore paramount!

. We have not been able to determine the location or extent of the Kyrathian Plant or where there may be buds or spore pods. Plant spores are extremely dangerous and very deadly to any exposed organic matter. Unprotected organic tissue (or even materials composed of organic chemistry) will be dissolved in seconds. Standard combat armor will be consumed in less than a minute. Our new biosuits should be able to withstand the spores for a few minutes, according to our simulations, at least.

.  We know the Kyrathians utilize the Plant's tendrils and nodes as a sort of fiber-optic network and electrical transmission system. We believe large nodes of the Plant might work like data storage devices, if we only understood how to access it. We also have no idea whether the Kyrathians even have a language, much less a written one.

. Our mission at this time is to determine the process by which Kyrathians “grow” their ships, and disrupt this process if we can. We should discover how many ships are being built at this facility, and how many other facilities are producing ships. If we could be so lucky as to actually get our hands on one of those ships we could gain immense knowledge on Kyrathians and their capabilities.

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STATUS: [ Condition Grey ] (stealth operations)

. The Darmok is at Condition Grey. Non-critical systems are offline and other systems are in reduced-power mode. The Darmok doesn't exactly have “cloaking” capability, but it does have sensor-blinding and holographic camouflage capability.

.  The Zephyr is docked with the Kyrathian facility, also under minimal power but with its advanced cloak engaged.

.  The Cerberus and other Recon Craft are cloaked and/or hiding at Phase Line Alpha standing by.

AWAY TEAM: Recon Operations

. A flight of Recon Craft, designated “Delta Flight” has been deployed and is collecting data on the Kyrathian Shipyard. They are standing by at Phase Line Alpha to provide assistance to the Zephyr if and as needed.

. An Away Team consisting of four Marines:

  • Four Marines:

  • Lt. Col. Patterson, commander of the Marine contingent and Reconnaissance Control Officer;

  • Gunnery Sgt. Price, team leader of Marine Security Alpha Team;

  • Warrant Officer Mouser, Marine infantry weapons specialist assigned to the Alpha Team;

  • and Corporal Longshanks, also of the Alpha Team

  • Starfleet Security:

  • Ambassador Android

  • Petty Officer Third Class Nottingham

  • Starfleet Support:

  • Lt. Riedinger, an Engineer; LtJG K'Trevala, a Medical Officer

  • Ens. T'Lin, a Science Officer

  • Lt. Carter, Helmsman to fly the shuttle (will wait with it to provide their return trip if all goes well)


.Command: Review the incoming reconnaissance and make necessary decisions regarding actions to take. These “command decisions” might include which personnel to sacrifice for the mission or the good of the team!

.Reconnaissance: Delta Flight has established “Phase Line Alpha” as their defense perimeter. They will hold this position and be ready to assist the Zephyr if and as needed. They continue to collect and transmit reconnaissance data to be interpreted by MAX and Lt. Cmdr. Relok. The Away Team is attempting to breach the airlock of the Kyrathian facility to gather intelligence. Long-range sensors show four Kyrathian craft headed towards the facility.

.Security/Tactical: Monitor the system carefully. We know the Kyrathians have telepathic communications that is nearly instantaneous. If any one Kyrathian detects any of our operations, we can assume they ALL will know about us within seconds. If we lose our element of stealth we may have mere moments before a concerted Kyrathian attack is launched on our Away Team, Recon Craft, or the Darmok itself. Be ready for anything. Long-range sensors show four Kyrathian craft headed towards the facility.

.Medical/Science: Incoming data from Recon and sensors will continue to need processing and analysis. We need to know as much about the Kyrathians, their ships, and their Plant, as we can get, and we need to know how to fight them. Dr. K'Trevala is with the Away Team but Dr. Thibodeaux remains on the ship (though she is not fully well) and Nurse Drew and Nurse Franklin remain on duty. If our Away Team has to fight their way back, or if Delta Flight or the Darmok itself are engaged in any fighting, there may be injuries. Be ready.

.Operations/Engineering: We are running at Condition Grey. All power levels must be kept to a minimal signature. Monitor all systems to preserve that condition. We are parked near a medium-sized asteroid and are keeping station with it. We may need weapons, shields, or warp drive at a moment's notice, so be prepared. Our regular helmsman piloted the Zephyr on the Away Mission, and is standing by there for a hasty withdrawal. Ensign Filler has been assigned to monitor the helm and operations on the Bridge.


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