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  Captain Zachary Taylor, SD
Sim Summary by Location, SD 201812.07

Darmok Sim Log, SD 201812.07

On the Bridge

.   On the Bridge of the Darmok was Capt. Taylor in the Command Chair, Lt. Cmdr. Relok at the main Science Station, Ens. Trappey at the Tactical Station, and Ens. Filler at the Operations Console. Capt. Taylor was valiantly attempting to convey a feeling of relaxed comfort but failing, while the Vulcan Science Officer seemed the epitome of calm efficiency, on the outside at least, and the young Ensign a tense spring ready to jump at the slightest need.

.   The voice of Master Sgt. Hines, flying the Cerberus and coordinating the Delta Flight of reconnaissance craft, came over the open comm, “Delta Flight to Darmok. Relaying data for three potential boarding zones located. Sending coordinates …€… now.”

.   Relok spoke without turning around, “Captain, all sensors seem to indicate the Kyrathians have not noticed our presence nor that of Delta Flight. We should be good to go on the mission.”

.   The Captain stood, nodding at Relok, and tapped his commbadge. “Colonel, you look clear to proceed with launch. Good luck, and hurry back!”

.   Patterson's voice replied, “Acknowledged. We're going to Radio Silence after launch. If you don't hear back from us in 5 minutes... might be a good idea to run. Patterson out.”

.   The Captain turned to Trappy, “Ens., if you see our people in clear danger, don't wait for my approval to get them to safety. Only ... we must gain intelligence, so give them a little leeway to complete the mission.” He paused, then lowered his voice a fraction, “And Ens., that means there must be some level of ... acceptable casualties. Understood?”

.   The stoic Vulcan turned to gaze at the Captain, obviously struggling to conceal his shock at the Captain's order.

.   Trappy blinked a moment, then steeled herself and replied, “Finding the ballance between acceptable risk and loss of life to gain information may not be my strong point sir, I'll do what I can.”

.   The Captain smiled weakly at the Ensign, “I'll take that as an …€Â˜Understood, sir.'” He returned to the Command Chair and sat stiffly.

.   At that moment the Zephyr utilized a combination of a powerful catapult and a burst of its impulse engines to hurl itself away from the Darmok. In a brief second it had engaged its cloaking system and disappeared.

.   Hines' voice came over the comm system, “Delta Flight to Darmok. Confirm Zephyr launch. We've lost her signature on sensors 100 meters after. Carter must be a master at hide and seek.”


.   After a moment's tension, Relok reported, “Captain, I've been processing the passive scans made by Delta Flight. As the Kyrathian facility slowly rotates, I've been searching for an access point ...”

.   The Captain turned towards Relok. “The Zephyr's gone radio silence, we have no way to transmit anything you discover, Relok.”

.   Relok agreed, “True, sir, but I'm hoping anything I detect they'll detect too.”

.   Taylor mused, “Is there a way maybe that Delta Flight can …€Â˜paint' a signal on a door, should you find one?”

.   Relok answered, “Interesting idea, Captain. They might could point towards one with an tight tetreon beam ....” He turned to his station and began pressing buttons while continuing to studiously watch the sensor feeds. A moment later he could be heard muttering, “There must be a way in!”

.   Another tense moment of silence passed before Hines cut in again, “Delta Flight to Darmok. Just caught ... no, disregard. Thought I saw the Zephyr for a second. Turns out it was just a bit of debris.” He paused, “I guess it's good that if we can't see him, that means they certainly don't!”

.   Another second or so and Relok exclaimed, “That!” The Captain turned his head sharply towards the Vulcan before Relok added, “No, just a shadow.”

.   Several more tense moments passed before Relok said, “Sir! I think I have an airlock! Sensors show a cylindrical void in the structure between two thin walls!”

.   The Captain turned again, seeing the confident stance on the Vulcan's face. “Send the location to Hines. See if he can paint a marker. But don't be seen!”

.   Relok nodded, accessing the comm system and linking it to his station, “Delta Flight, see if you can paint a marker at these coordinates. It looks like the docking port.”

.   Hines responded, “Cerberus to the Darmok. I've got your data. I checked that location on my first orbit. Didn't seem wide enough for soft dock, but ... it's gonna have to do, I guess. Preparing a micro-probe ... Standby. “ A second later he added, “Probe deployed.”

.   Relok confirmed, “I can see it on our sensors, a tiny blip. Hopefully Carter will see it.”


.   More tense moments passed and then Taylor stood and announced, “They ought to be there about now. Dean, Relok, watch carefully, if the Bugs detect the Zephyr, we should know about it in just a few more seconds.”

.   Hines' voice came in, a touch of urgency in his tone. “Cerberus to Darmok, priority message! I just saw the Zephyr. Only one engine was active, and they were in a flat spin heading straight for the station before I lost them ... and I've got an unidentified sensor reading entering long-range sensors ... Recommend mission abort!”

.   Taylor scowled then responded, “Delta Flight, acknowledged transmission but do not abort ... yet. Maintain vigilence.” He turned to Relok, “Get us a real good look, Commander.”

.   Relok frantically searched all his advanced sensor feeds. “I don't see them anymore. If they lost cloak it was only for a brief moment.” He paused. “But sir, if they'd crashed .... well, cloak wouldn't have reactivated.”

.   The Captain's lips were in a thin line as he said merely, “Yeah.”

.   Then Relok got an odd look on his face before saying, “Sir, I ... think ... I just heard Shadow ...”

.   Taylor turned to look at the Vulcan, “You, think?”

.   Relok responded, “I ... well, he said there are more soldiers there than we'd estimated. Maybe twice as many!”

.   The Captain scowled at the Vulcan, “You said six!”

.   Relok raised his chin almost defiantly, “I *estimated* 6, sir, based on apparent sizes.”

.   Suddenly Hines' voice cut in again, “Delta Flight to Darmok. Confirm 3 ... make that 4 …€… Kyrathian signatures entering long-range sensors. They look like ... fighter-craft?!”



On the Zephyr

.   An Away Team was gathering in the Reconaissance Dome, preparing to board the heavily modified reconnaissance shuttle named the USS Zephyr. The team consisted of Lt. Col. Patterson, Ambassador Android, Lt. Carter, Lt. Riedinger, LtJG K'Trevala, Ens. T'Lin, Warrant Officer Mouser, Gunnery Sgt. Price, PO3 Nottingham, and Corporal Longshanks.

.   Riedinger, K'Trevala, and T'Lin were wearing the newly designed biosuit, which was *thought* to be resistant to Kyrathian Plant Spores, or at least they were in the simulations run using assumed variables. The Marines and Starfleet Security were wearing standard Combat Armor. Lt. Carter was not wearing either a biosuit or armor, but was expected to remain with the shuttle and should not need either. Ambassador Android was also wearing neither suit nor armor, since as an artificial human he was immune to the Spores and it was hoped his reflexes would prevent the need for armor.

.   They had gathered in the Dome prior to boarding the Zephyr. The tension was palpable. An audible hiss came from the hermetic seal of Patterson's combat armor, then he called, “Gear checks. Everyone sound off once you're sealed in.”

.   Price and the other Marines sealed and reported, “Suited and booted, sir!”

.   Riedinger had arrived from the Turbolift with his suit on. He gave a thumbs-up as he glanced around a moment at the super-secret Reconnaissance Dome, then said, “Wow, nice place you have, Colonel!”

.   As she fastened her own helmet, Ens. T'Lin, in an effort to relieve her own tension, no doubt, asked, “Does this suit make me look fat?” She giggled nervously, “I did say that correctly, yes? I've heard it said like that.”

.   K'Trevala sealed his suit, then smiled at her through the transparent aluminum faceshield, “No, it does not make you look fat, you're too skinny for that.”

.   Riedinger laughed, “Ahhh ... if you only saw yourself in a mirror, my dear friend Vulcana!”

.   The Android seemed conspicuous as the only person in the Dome not wearing either a biosuit or combat armor. He glanced at Patterson, “Colonel, you said you'd have a spare weapon for me?”

.   Patterson reached to grab a spare rifle and handed it towards the Android, “Ambassador, you remember what I showed you with this?”

.   The Android took the weapon and studied it. “Is this one of those warp-accelerated-rifles I've heard about? You've gotten it down to a manageable size I see.” He turned it in his fingers then announced, “I believe I have its operation committed to memory now.”

.   Patterson chuckled once as he watched the Android, “This one's not as good at long range as mine is. I just think you'd handle the recoil better than anyone else here, considering the lack of training. Remember ... squeeze, don't jerk ... and if you gotta shoot ... shoot twice!” He turned to the rest of the team, “Mount up!”


.   Carter had been on the Zephyr already, performing the necessary pre-flight checks. With them completed he let out his breath as the team began to board.

.   Price entered first, stepping to one side and guarding the entrance. The Android followed, stepping to the other side of the door, accepting his role as a Security Officer for this mission. Spearhorse followed then, securing the rest of the shuttle as the remainder of the team boarded.

.   As Riedinger entered he spoke to Carter, “Everything is fine with the Zephyr, Carter? At least it's still clean ...”

.   When the last one entered Carter said, “Alright. Computer, override all safety protocols and switch piloting to manual only. Display HUD configuration and controls based on Red Squadron data files.” Carter moved his hands over the familiar layout, taking another deep breath and blowing it out as he closed his eyes.

.   Suddenly, Patterson's commbadge chirped and the Captain's voice came through. “Colonel, you look clear to proceed with launch. Good luck, and hurry back!”

.   Patterson tapped his badge and answered, “Acknowledged. We're going to Radio Silence after launch. If you don't hear back from us in 5 minutes... might be a good idea to run. Patterson out.” He looked at the Android, “Last one's on, seal the hatch. Carter …€… engines.”

.   Carter gave a nod and began to throttle up the engines, engaging the catapult launch's hook. He announced, “Catapult locked and prepped. Twenty seconds ...” He raised his head and began to pray softly, “Almighty God who made the Sky, I give thanks that I may fly, no matter what the end may be, I pray I make it home safely.”

.   Riedinger added, “Amen, Carter, amen!”  K'Trevala added, “Aye, May Enestre'eneleve keep us safe!” Then, Riedinger tensed and said, “OK, here we go! Vamos!”

.   Price glanced across at the Android, “Sir, do you know what we are up against?”

.   The Android turned to Price and said, “Besides Patterson, I'm the only one on this vessel who has prior experience with the Kyrathian Swarm. Believe me, Sgt., I understand the risks.”

.   Price broke out a recording device and started making a recording, “Emma, Billy, and Eam, if I don't make it back from this mission, know that I always loved you. Give ma my regards.”


.   And then the catapult hurled the Zephyr from the Darmok and Carter hit a quick blast from the impulse engines and almost immediately engaged the cloaking system. Everyone was pressed into their seat backs, except the Android who stood near the exit gripping the wall. His arms and legs tensed with the strain but his body moved not an inch.

.   In spite of the gees of their launch, Patterson spun his chair about. “Price, get a demo charge ready in case we need to make a door. Riedinger, T'Lin, I'm counting on you two to figure out a way through the airlock without the need for explosives, but we're on a tight schedule. You'll get a primary and secondary attempt when we arrive. If you can't open it,” he paused before continuing, “Price, you know what to do.”

.   Price had been distracted, making his recording, so he asked, “What was that, sir?”

.   Patterson made no disparaging remark, allowing Price to make his recording, then repeated, “You're on Demolitions duty today. Get an access charge prepared.”

.   T'Lin turned to Riedinger, “Right. Aaron, what are you thinking?”

.   Riedinger shook his engineering kit at her, “La caja always keeps the answers to any lock, T'lin. First we get there and let's see what we're up against.”

.   Suddenly a Red Alert klaxon and flashing red lights lit the Zephyr. Nearly everyone jumped, many swearing. The Android cried, “They can't have us already!”

.   Carter glanced to his left, tapped a button, then said, “Computer, override proximity advisory. Silence all Master Alarm triggers.” He then deftly rolled the Zephyr inverted, skirting past one of the smaller asteroids with only a few feet between the hull and the rock's surface. “Relax,” he said, “just debris.”

.   Riedinger mumbled, “Gracias, Dios!” The Android made an effort to loosen up as he muttered, “Relax, he says.” T'Lin said, “All right, we will be all right.”

.   Carter ducked the Zephyr beneath another bit of debris, rolling right once more. Not once did he throttle back from full impulse, even though he was nearly ripping the manual flight column off its mounting every couple seconds. He said without looking back, “Hope you all have seatbelts on ... it's gonna get rough from here!”

.   The Android noticed that the wall had begun to show slight dents as his fingers dug into the panel. He said, “I'm good here.”

.   Riedinger noted the Android and commented, “With servomotors that can do that to the wall, who would not be, Ambassador?”

.   The Android grinned sheepishly. “You can fix the wall when we get back, Lt.”

.   Riedinger gave a malicious look at the Android, “And you too, Ambassador. When we arrive, we see!”


.   Riedinger noticed T'Lin muttering a prayer in an archaic dialect of Vulcan and said, “I hope some God will listen to you, T'lin.”

.   T'Lin smiled weakly at him. “I will try my best to reach my God, but she may not listen this far away from home.”

.   K'Trevala got a far-away look in his eye, a sign he was attempting a telepathic search or contact of some kind.

.   Sensing the moment, Patterson gave a gentle nod, hitting a button on his helmet that caused the visor to black out. In a moment, his face was replaced with a holographic image of a skull, making the Colonel appear like a skeleton in an EVA suit!

.   Spearhorse addressed his team, “I advise nothing less than a heavy stun. If that isn't sufficient, the Captain has called for kill settings.”

.   Price lowered his visor, addressing the Marines, “Visors down. Here we go! Yippee kai yay!” He turned to the Android, “Ambassador, can you take rear guard?” Without waiting for an answer, he turned to the Corporal, “Longshanks you have point.”

.   The Android gave a curt nod, “I have the rear, Sgt.”

.   Spearhorse added, “I will have your wing, Ambassador. We all will need eyes in the backs of our heads over there!”

.   Carter glanced at his console and gave a slight groan, “Everyone hang onto something ... 3, 2, 1 ...”

.   As everyone braced themselves, Patterson grumbled, “Just ... get us there in one piece, Carter!”

.   Carter disengaged the starboard impulse and fired the forward thruster, rolling the Zephyr into a flat spin. The Zephyr violently jerked to the right from the sudden differential, but stabilized shortly after he re-engaged the thrusters. Carter said, “Sorry ... our LZ is much farther to the right than I thought. Just got a probe on the HUD from Delta.”


.   K'Trevala's eyes cleared and he said, “Y'all, I've been passively scanning their ship and we're dealing with more soldiers than Relok expected! There are a lot more than just six over there!”

.   The Android was the first to voice his concern, “How many?”

.   The Doctor answered, “I'm getting at least a dozen or so.”

.   Riedinger gasped, “My God!”

.   T'Lin muttered, “More soldiers, which means we need to be more careful than we already have to be.”

.   The Android turned to T'Lin. “Even a 4 inch wide Builder spider that sees us will alert the whole hive.”

.   Carter called again, noticing his Landing Zone was a lot smaller than he would have liked, “Oh yeah, this is gonna suck! LZ's tight, brace for hard dock. Thirty seconds!”

.   Riedinger grabbed his seat as T'Lin grabbed him. He said, “But be careful with the sharp turns, Carter. The above sounded as if we had problems with the camouflage!”

.   K'Trevala's eyes went out of focus as he urgently called to his Shayana, his wing-brother, the Vulcan Science Officer, Relok, ~~ Relok, there were more than just six soldiers over there, I counted at least a dozen.~~ There was no response.

.   Carter kicked in a reverse thrust as he disengaged the impulse drive. “Ten seconds! Gear, attitude control good. Five hundred meters …€… 400 …€… 300 …€…”

.   Patterson stood and grabbed the overhead rail. “Computer, seal off the cockpit and depressurize the rear cabin in 30 seconds.” He looked at his team, “Here we go.”

.   Price's face turned a bit green at the maneuvers Carter was performing. “I'm gonna be space sick!”

.   Carter continued, “Two hundred …€… 150 …€… 100 …€… thrusters off …€… 50 meters, 40, 30, 20 …€…”

.   T'Lin gestured, “We have vomit bags to the right, Price.” The Doctor gave Price a hypo through the port provided for such on his combat armor, but it wasn't in time. Price grabbed a bag and lost his lunch.

.   There was a muted *bump* as the Zephyr made contact with the Kyrathian station. T'Lin mumbled, “That is not a sound we want.”

.   Carter announced, “Locked! We're down. Power to minimum.” He spun his chair around. “Good luck!”

.   Patterson let out a gentle sigh. “Price, get that in check or stay in the shuttle. Nottingham, get the door. Riedinger, T'Lin ... hope you two came up with something.” Price stowed his bag with a slight flush on his face, and grabbed his charges and headed for the door.

.   Nottingham grabbed his rifle and darted for the door, followed by T'Lin who said, “Right. Let us go, Aaron, let us start figuring out how we want this to go.”

.   Riedinger shrugged, “It could be worse, T'lin.” He grabbed his engineering kit, “Vamos, equipo!” He shook the kit, “La caja keeps all the secrets, Colonel.”

.   The Doctor grabbed his medkit as the Android brought up the rear, checking his rifle and shoving folks towards the airlock, “Quickly people.”



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