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  Captain Zachary Taylor, SD
Sim Summary by Location, SD 201811.30

Darmok Sim Summary, SD 201811.30

On the Bridge

.   The Darmok flew slowly amidst a dense asteroid field under Condition Grey, its power usage restricted for stealth purposes. A squadron of reconnaissance craft deemed “Delta Flight” flew ahead seeking a suspected Kyrathian Shipyard facility hidden among the asteroids.

.   On the bridge were Capt. Zak Taylor, Lt. Col. Travis Patterson, Ambassador Adam Android, Lt. Cmdr. Relok, Lt. Dean Spearhorse, Lt. Jason Carter, Lt. Shadow K'Trevala, and Ens. T'Lin.

.   Relok was studying various sensor feeds at the main Science console while Patterson paced behind the Command stations. Spearhorse softly prayed, “Though I walk in the shadow of death I will fear no evil ....” The Android Ambassador stood at the rail, motionless (not even breathing), but his eyes betrayed his nervousness as they watched Patterson pacing, flicking to the nearby Tactical display, then back up to the main viewscreen. Carter kept glancing nervously at the Operations console monitoring the trickling power signatures. K'Trevala stood behind his close friend, Relok, watching the scientific data displays curiously. T'Lin sat near Relok at an auxiliary Science station, assisting in processing the incoming data.

.   Relok spoke without turning his head, “Captain, some of those asteroids are quite interesting. The mineral compositions are ... intriguing.”

.   The Captain also didn't turn his head. “We're not here for the rocks, Commander.”

.   Spearhorse reported, “Coming into range now, sir.”

.   Patterson turned to Spearhorse, “Keep all of our shuttles and runabouts on Alert Condition One. I want them ready to launch on a moment's notice in the event something goes horribly wrong. I want Security teams on all decks armed with Type 3 rifles.”

.   A call came in from Mst. Sgt. Hines piloting the lead reconnaissance craft, “Delta Flight to Darmok. We've got confirmation of Kyrathian activity. Reference Sector 31 Bravo ... approx. your bearing, uh ... 320 mark 44 ... looks like we found our quarry.”


.   The Captain sat forward on the command seat. “Let's see what our scouts can see, shall we? Patterson, have the lead scout video put on the main viewer.”

.   Patterson nodded and opened the comm signal, “Delta, relay visual.” The viewscreen switched to display a strange-shaped station floating in space, odd projections at odd angles. It rotated eerily on an irregular axis.

.   The Android walked around the rail as he quietly noted, “Captain, I remind you that if any single Kyrathian spots any one of our craft ...” he trailed off as he took the Commander's seat left vacant while Patterson paced.

.   The Captain replied, “I know, Ambassador, they'll all see us seconds later.”

.   With that ominous warning lingering in the air, Carter opened a comm to Engineering, “Engineering, keep an eye on emissions. I'm bringing us down to thrusters only.” Lt. Aaron Riedinger's voice responded, “Uff …€… OK, will try mi amigo.”

.     Carter glanced over his shoulder to the Captain, “Inertial Dampeners to minimum power, we're drifting on thrusters only. Warp power on standby.”

.   Relok reported, “There are a variety of metals, minerals, and biological materials in the composition. It's, how do you say it, a …€Â˜podgy hodgy'?”

.   The Android and K'Trevala answered nearly simultaneously, “I believe the phrase is …€Â˜hodge podge'.” K'Trevala added, “Though I'd call it …€Â˜eclectic garbage'.”

.   Patterson turned to the Android now sitting in his chair, “Does this confirm your suspicions, Ambassador?”

.   The Android answered, “My suspicions, Colonel? I was merely suspicious they were so near. We don't know anything else yet.”

.   As T'Lin continued analyzing the incoming information she muttered, “Interesting”.


.   Relok commented, “I'm receiving slightly more refined lifesign readings ... trying to compile something.” K'Trevala placed a hand on Relok's shoulder, giving him a telepathic mental boost to assist him in analyzing the lifesigns. T'Lin also turned her attention to the lifesigns.

.   Patterson tapped his commbadge, “MAX, begin analysis of Sector 31-B on anything with a Kyrathian signature, and give me a Battle Readiness Assessment ASAP.”

.   The Android commented, “If previous knowledge is applicable, most of the lifesigns should be Builders and Tenders at this point ... unless ...” again he trailed off.

.   Growing impatient, the Captain turned to his Chief Science Officer, “Anytime, Relok.”

.   Carter fired a short burst of the thrusters to roll the ship to avoid an asteroid. “Easy,” he whispered. He glanced at the Ops panel and tapped Engineering, “Engineering, if I get any more power to environmental, it may blow our camouflage. Sorry, but you'll just have to do with using the Warp Core as a space heater for now.”

.   Riedinger's voice came back, “Ahhh ... the caves are wet and cold! Anyway, we will try to divert energy from another side, thank you very much, Carter.”

.   Anticipating future actions, as a good Security Chief should do, Spearhorse accessed his personnel records, trying to determine who to send where and with what gear. He tapped his commbadge, “Corporal Lord Longshanks, Petty Officer Sherif Nottingham, and Warrant Officer Mouser, report to Transporter Room One equipped with heavy rifle and full riot gear.”

.   Spearhorse then called the Transporter Room, “TR, if you send anyone over to the station keep priority locks on the men who have the least protection from spores and such.”

.   Patterson looked over at Spearhorse and gave a nod, then turned back to Carter. “Carter, all stop. We're gonna need our best shuttle pilot if we decide on an away team.”

.   Carter's breath caught in his throat as he answered, “Y-yes sir. All Stop.”

.   T'Lin reported, “We have determined 33 lifesigns, Captain. What classes, we have yet to figure out.”

.   The Captain sat back. “Thirty-three of them, huh? That's a lot. Relok, how many Soldiers? Gatherers? Those are the biggest threat, right?”

.   Relok answered, “Captain, their lifesigns are very similar in spite of their external differences. I will give you an estimate based only on size at this time.” He reviewed his sensor feed then said, “There are only 6 of roughly human size. Most are much smaller. There are 2 much larger than human size.”


.   Patterson tapped his commbadge, “Delta Flight, take up Phase Line Alpha, and move to Assault Point One. Standby for further orders.”

.   Hines' voice came back, “Aye, sir, moving to Phase Line Alpha. Standing by for Go-NoGo authority.”

.   Spearhorse reported, “The security detail is standing by sir.” He paused then continued, “I don't want to give them the order to go unless the safety of the entire crew is at risk ... because …€…,” he swallowed hard, “it's probably a one-way trip.”

.   The Android turned to the Science station, “What about ships? Can we determine how many there are?”

.   K'Trevala continued focusing his own mental energy to help sharpen Relok's focus. After their shared experience with Inzari Jostumal, the “evil spirit” that had been trapped in the Soul Spheres until they'd projected it in the Holodeck, and the ensuing psychic battle during which Relok had forced a mind-meld on the three of them, Relok and K'Trevala were “bonded”, Shayana, oath-brothers.

.   Relok answered the Android, “Sir, the seemingly random configuration of their station makes it extremely difficult to recognize interior shapes ...” he trailed off.

.   K'Trevala added, “That may be why they did it that way, Relok.”

.   Relok turned to regard K'Trevala, “That is a highly logical conclusion, Doctor. You may be right!”

.   The Android rose from the Commander's Chair and strode over to the Science station. “That configuration is totally different from previous iterations. All their previous ships seemed modeled to resemble their Nobles in shape.”

.   As the Android arrived, T'Lin turned to question Relok, “Sir, I believe I could be of assistance to Bevin in inspecting the suits. Permission?”

.   Relok turned and looked at TLin as if he might have forgotten she was there. “Huh? Oh, yes, of course, Ensign. Please.”

.   She thanked him and headed for the Turbolift. As she did she tapped her commbadge, “Bevin, where have you gotten so far?” The Engineer's answer was cut off as the doors slid closed.

.   The voice of MAX, the Reconaissance Dome's Artificial Intelligence, came over the comm system, “I have relayed all relevant data on Kyrathian signatures from the Reconn systems to Science and Tactical. Battle Readiness Assessment to your arm-PADD, Colonel.”

.   Patterson nodded and accessed the PADD attached to his arm. A moment later he mumbled, “Damn.”

.   The Captain glanced at Patterson before addressing Relok, “Do we need to get a little closer, Commander?”

.   Spearhorse reported, “The Prime AT is ready, the backup is on standby for defensive firepower.”

.   Patterson leaned over near the Captain's ear and whispered, “If they see us ... we'll have 10 seconds before we get hit by the pods ... shields down in 30 ... and hull breaches within a minute ...” he trailed off.

.   The Captain grimaced as he whispered back, “I don't like those numbers.”


.   Suddenly, a proximity alarm on the Helm station sounded. While it wasn't loud, it cut the tension like a red alert klaxon. Carter nearly jumped out of his chair, gasping as he let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. He gave a quick push with the thrusters to steer them clear of an asteroid the Darmok had been drifting to close to.

.   The Captain, too, jumped at the sound of the alarm, and as the ship gave a slight roll around the asteroid he said, “A little too much tension here. I think we're all holding our breath!” Patterson rubbed his forehead as if kneading out a headache.

.   The comms chirped as Hines called in. “Delta Flight to Darmok, I send Phase Line Alpha.”

.   Patterson let out a long breath before responding, “Delta Flight, acknowledged, Phase Line Alpha received. Stand by for further orders.”

.   The Captain stood and turned around. “OK. Relok, I'm going to assume there are very few Soldiers over there. Let's start thinking about going over and checking it out.” He turned to Patterson, “Patterson, start assembling a team in Transporter Room one. Bring an Engineer, a Medic, a Scientist, and plenty of Marines and armed Security. We have to find out how many ships they're building, and if we can't see through that maze of theirs, we need to get on board.”

.   Spearhorse tapped his comm, “Prime team, beam over in …€….”

.   Patterson interjected, “Beam? No. Transporter signatures would be too great a power strain on us trying to hide.” He glanced at Carter, “That's why we have a former Red Squadron pilot on-board... for missions like this.”

.   Carter let out a deep breath and nodded, apparently trying to hype himself up. “The Zephyr was remodulated with a cloaking device and room for 8 passengers and 2 crew. I can get us in with that.”

.   The Captain slapped his forehead, “Damn! You're right, we can't beam over. OK, so we have to fly over. Where the hell do we dock a shuttle?”

.   Patterson answered, “The Zephyr is still on-board ... final checks were just completed 12 hours ago. We might need to make a hole, though.”

.   K'Trevala squeezed Relok's shoulder as he turned towards the Turbolift, grabbing his medkit as he did so. Relok smiled at him as he logged off his station, “I assume I am the scientist for this mission?”

.   The Captain raised a hand, “No, Relok, I need you here processing data. How about that Ensign you're so fond of?”

.   Relok answered, “T'Lin? Well, sir, she is inexperienced, but ... well, she is Dvir, after all.”

.   Patterson stepped past the Ambassador to grab his rifle kept beside the Commander's Chair. He checked it then turned to Spearhorse, “Stay at Tactical. We may need sporadic fire if we're compromised. Have Price and his team move to Deck 1 Dome Access.”

.   Spearhorse nodded at Patterson and tapped his commbadge again, “Devil Dogs, report to Deck One, priority over-ridden by Patterson.”

.   As the Android stepped aside for Patterson he raised his eyes to the Captain. “Captain, might I offer myself for the mission?”

.   The Captain was visibly stunned. “Ambassador? No! You're a cabinet-level official! Much too important!”

.   The Android lifted his chin slightly, “Captain, I am likely the only person on this ship immune to the spores, and I am much stronger than anyone on your Security squad or in your Marine contingent, with faster reflexes.”

.   Capt. Taylor stared at the Android a moment before finally saying, “Ambassador ... you're right of course, but ... still, you're a Federation Ambassador!”

.   The Android smiled. “I'm a forgotten appendage in a backwater quadrant that hasn't even been important enough to warrant a replacement. I won't be missed.”

.   Patterson addressed the Captain, “He has a point.” He turned to the Android, “If you insist on coming, sir.” He turned again, “Carter, Shadow, you two are with me.” He tapped his commbadge, “Patterson to Engineering. Riedinger, I need you and Ensign T'Lin to meet me on Deck 1 at the Dome Access Point, EVA suits on.”


.   Carter nodded and stood, handing Helm over to a relief pilot who stepped up. As he walked to the Turbolift he commented, “We won't have enough of the new suits for all of us.”

.   Patterson nodded at him, “Shadow, T'Lin, and Riedinger will have suits. Hopefully you won't need one in the Zephyr. I've got my Combat Armor, like the rest of the Marines. Hopefully it's enough.”

.   Taylor gave Patterson a quick nod. “Godspeed, Colonel. Get us info and get the hell out.”

.   Patterson smirked as he paused at the Turbolift, “Of course, sir. Ambassador?” He indicated the Android to enter first.

.   The Android stepped past Patterson and said, “I'll need some equipment.”

.   Patterson stepped in beside the Android, nodding, “Name it, sir. I've got a more sophisticated armory inside the Dome than Security does on their entire Deck.”

.   Carter followed the Colonel into the lift, calling to K'Trevala as he did. When K'Trevala asked, “Aye, sir?” Carter said, “You're coming with us, right?”

.   K'Trevala nodded and stepped into the lift, “Aye, sir, I am. Dr. T's still aboard in case anything happens to me.”

.   Carter nodded softly, “We'll be fine.”

.   The Android nodded, a smile on his face, “I believe my circulatory pump has found a new gear ... it is engaged at a much increased frequency. And look! I have gooseflesh!”

.   Patterson chuckled, “GooseBUMPS, Adam, goosebumps.” He raised his chin and ordered, “Deck One, Dome Access …€… unlock authorization Omega-4149-Disengage.”


Main Engineering

.   Lt. Aaron Riedinger and Ens. Al Thums, recently returned to full duty after his fall, were in Main Engineering monitoring power distribution in an effort to maintain the Condition Grey status of minimal power signature. Sometimes this was a challenge to provide the necessary power for day-to-day operation, environmental controls, life support, and so on, without causing a power spike if someone turns on a light!

.   Lt. Jason Carter, ship's Helmsman and de facto Operations Officer, called from the Bridge, “Engineering, keep an eye on emissions. I'm bringing us down to thrusters only.”

.   Riedinger tapped the comm, “Uff …€… OK, will try mi amigo.” He stepped over to a console to get a closer look. He called over his shoulder, “Al, my friend, could you monitor the environmental controls? It's getting cold in here!”

.   A second or so later, Carter called again, “Engineering, if I get any more power to environmental, it may blow our camouflage. Sorry, but you'll just have to do with using the Warp Core as a space heater for now.”

.   Riedinger faked a tremble as he called back, “Ahhh ... the caves are wet and cold! Anyway, we will try to divert energy from another side, thank you very much, Carter.”

.   The Chief Engineer, Lt. Bevin MacArdry, was in the workroom off of Main Engineering, going over every square micrometer of the new biosuits to make sure they were up to specs for their mission.

.   Riedinger stroked his moustache and muttered, “All systems are maintained …€… surprisingly!” He gazed across to the workroom and called, “Everything OK with the suit, jefa?”

.    MacArdry dusted the suit with a fine powder, answering in her heavy brogue, “Sae fair, sae guid, Aaron. An' aye, tha suits air ailmist raidy. Jist naid tae dust thaim a laittil.”

.   Riedinger replied, “Ah, that will be of great use, but a few more simulations would not come badly. But as always, time is not on our side. The sad life of an engineer. We can start working on creating a fourth suit, do you want me to send Al?”

.   MacArdry though a moment then answered, “Aye, he mait be aibil tae haelp innyway, gae fer ait.”


.   Ens. T'Lin, the junior Science Officer, entered just then from where she'd come down from the Bridge. “Right, are there any particular differences I should know between what I know as Science, and what you know as Maintenance? Or is it just as …€Â˜normal', as I presume?” She grabbed another canister of the powder and began dusting another suit.

.   MacArdry smiled at T'Lin, “Tapadh leibh, thaink ye, T'Lin.

.   Riedinger turned, “Al, mi amigo, come he-” he cut off as he saw a sudden surge on his display as the thrusters went off. He muttered, “That's weird.” He tapped his commbadge, “Engineering to Bridge, everything OK? I just saw an odd reading on the thrusters.”

.   MacArdry called from the other room, “Pribibly haein tae dail wi ain aistirawid.”

.   The ship rolled slightly then leveled and Carter's voice came back, “Just dodging an asteroid, no problem.”

.   Riedinger smiled at MacArdry, “Good sense, jefa!” He took a breath to calm his nerves.

.   MacArdry called again from the workroom, her mind on the potential away team, “Aaron, wha aiboot saindin Al an tha awa taim? D'ye thaink he caeld haindil ait?”

.   Riedinger answered, “Eh? Ah, oh yes, the away team. Wow, time goes fast here below. And yes, I think Al would be excellent for the job. He's fully recovered from his latest injury, and I'm sure he's eager to prove his worth!”

.   T'Lin raised an eyebrow and spoke in soft tones. “Bevin, I'm going to assume you mean Al Thums? If so, bad idea right there, he'd die from smacking his face into the suit.”

.   MacArdry stepped away from the suits and looked at Aaron, her mind still on the away team. “Ailraight thain, tais aithir ye air me. D'ye waint tae taimpt fait?”


.   Patterson's voice came over the comm system just then, “Patterson to Engineering. Riedinger, I need you and Ensign T'Lin to meet me on Deck 1 at the Dome Access Point. EVA suits on.”

.   Riedinger made a face at MacArdry, “Hmm, oh, damn!” He tapped his commbadge and answered, “On our way, Colonel.” He looked back at MacArdry, “I hope that suit is perfecto, isn't it, jefa?” He started putting one of them on.

.   T'Lin gazed at Riedinger, “Alright, I'm trusting you, Aaron. I'm assuming I can call you that, considering I may die today!” She smiled as she put her own suit on.

.   MacArdry smiled as she handed Riedinger another canister of powder, “Gae craizy wi ait, tais a brawd spaictrim ainti…€Â‘micrawbial.” She turned to T'Lin and patted one of the suits, “I've bain daein me baist wi thaim, T'Lin.”

.   T'Lin paused on her way to the Turbolift, glancing around, “I believe I may be forgetting something? What am I forgetting? Am I forgetting something?”

.   Riedinger grinned back at MacArdry, “Thank you, then, jefa, muchas gracias. Hope to see you soon!” He paused then added, “Or at least to see you!”

.   MacArdry blew Riedinger a kiss as he headed towards the Turbolift. T'Lin hurried back to MacArdry, “No, wait! Bevin, if I don't come out of this, tell somebody that I love who probably doesn't love me that I love them. Bye!”

.   MacArdry called after T'Lin as they hurried for the lift, “Aye, T'Lin, I waill!”



.   And so, the Darmok manned an Away Team to fly the Zephyr from the safety of a well-hidden Darmok to an ominously threatening, oddly-shaped Kyrathian station occupied with more than thirty Kyrathian insectoids and who knows how many tendrils of their spore-spewing Plant.

.   The Away Team included four Marines: Lt. Col. Patterson, commander of the Marine contingent and Reconnaissance Control Officer; Gunnery Sgt. Price, team leader of Marine Security Alpha Team; Warrant Officer Mouser, Marine infantry weapons specialist assigned to the Alpha Team; and Corporal Longshanks, also of the Alpha Team. There was also a Starfleet Security Officer, Petty Officer Third Class Nottingham; and the Android Ambassador serving as added security. In addition to the armed security was Lt. Riedinger, an Engineer; LtJG K'Trevala, a Medical Officer; and Ens. T'Lin, a Science Officer. Lt. Carter would fly the shuttle, and wait with it to provide their return trip if all went well.

.   Our three newly modified biosuits were given to the non-combatants, Riedinger, K'Trevala, and T'Lin. Carter shouldn't need one if he remains on the Zephyr. The Android is presumed to be immune to the Plant Spores. The Marines and Starfleet Security Officers are wearing their standard-issue Combat Armor, which is hoped to be resistant enough to allow them emergency beam-out should it come down to it.

.   Remaining on the Darmok are Captain Taylor, Lt. Cmdr. Dr. Thibodeaux, Lt. Cmdr. Relok, Lt. MacArdry, and Lt. Spearhorse (as well as the dozens of other unnamed personnel assigned to the Darmok).


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