USS Darmok Mission Brief
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Mission Status Update, SD 201811.02



The Darmok is underway to the Aslan Sector of the Gamma Quadrant, maintaining Warp 4 due to damage to its Warp Core from a mix of overuse and minor damage from attack.


Our run-in with a Zhenkarian Corsaire caused some damage to one of our warp nacelles, but it was mostly superficial. Some consoles had to be replaced and some electrical nodes re-routed, some of the outer hull required some repairs but nothing breached the inner hull.


A few people reported relatively minor injuries from the skirmish and the rough flying. Most were treated and released.


Now, the Darmok is again at warp, hurtling out of the area once known as Dominion Space into a sparsely populated region between the former Dominion and the area controlled by the Aslan Heirate. We are now very, very far from the Federation!


The Aslans are insectoid allies of the Federation, resembling gigantic cockroaches on their hind legs. Their communication is a series of clicks and buzzes recognized and translated by the Universal Translator. The former Starfleet Captain, Adam Android, has served as the Federation Ambassador to the Aslans for over a dozen years. Before that, he recovered and returned a long-lost Aslan religious artifact, the Vordock, and was decorated their Revered Hero of the Heirate, their highest honor.


The Darmok is rushing to the aid of the Aslans at the call of the Ambassador to investigate rumors of a resurgence of the Kyrathian Swarm. The Starfleet Datafile on the Swarm has already been disseminated.


While we are beyond the region once controlled by the Dominion, it is still possible to encounter Zhenkarian Corsaires prowling this fringe zone.


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STATUS: Condition Green (normal operations)

The Darmok is operating under normal conditions, though we continue pushing the engines at high warp. The issues with power and with inertial dampeners have been resolved.


AWAY TEAMS: Shuttle Operations

Currently, all of the Darmok's auxiliary and recon craft have been launched to serve as escort for the ship. Some are expected to be returning shortly to enter into a rotation so we can have a constant barrier and early warning network.


ARRIVALS/DEPARTURES: Contact with Ambassador Android

We are expected to make contact with the Ambassador and his vessel, the Romulan Yacht "Asimov" within the next few hours. We've made accomodations for his vessel to be brought on-board until we are able to link up with an Aslan facility.


The Doctor has informed us that she will once again be unavailable, but she has given us notice of a positive outlook. We wish her well in her recoveries. No other notifications have been received prior to this Update.



Command: Become acquainted with the Datafile on the Kyrathian Swarm as well as the Aslan Heirate. Prepare to welcome Ambassador Android onboard.


Reconnaissance: Ready the Reconn Dome and MAX for our long-range reconnaissance mission. Review the Datafile on the Kyrathians to offer analysis and predict behavior patterns.


Security/Tactical: Become familiar with the Kyrathian Swarm, specifically the Soldier and Gatherer classes, and their shield-draining Plant Pods. Continue drills on how to repel potential boarding parties of Kyrathians. Continue to monitor for any potential activity from Zhenkarian Corsaires, and coordinate the defensive escort.


Medical/Science: Become familiar with all aspects of Kyrathian biology and their symbiosis with their sentient Plant. Propose methods to disrupt their telepathic link, if possible, and the Plant's distribution network. Ensign Al Thums remains in sickbay recovering from a broken collar bone after his fall over the railing in Main Engineering. He also seems to have several bruises and a concussion.


Operations/Engineering: We continue to push the Darmok's engines at high warp. We have resupplied (most of) our dilithium crystals and can now maintain normal power distribution. The inertial dampeners seem to have stabilized. Repairs of the damage sustained in the Zhenkarian attack are on-going but are mostly superficial. All systems are functioning within reasonable limits, save for some minor repairs on various decks that are not considered crucial.



The storyline continues in which our Executive Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Patterson, is primarily running the sims. Captain Taylor continues to be present, and is “in command” of the ship, and may still do Actions, etc., but for another few weeks (unknown exactly how many at this time), watch Patterson carefully for Actions and instructions as the story line develops.

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