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  Evangeline Trappey, SD
Limping Along in Pirate Waters

DL - Limping Along in Pirate Waters

USS Darmok 201810.19

Captain Zachary Taylor

Lt. Commander Relok

Lt. Dean Martin Spearhorse

Lt. Bevin Sile MacArdry

Ensign Evangeline Trappey

The Darmok was limping into the nearby planet for replacement dilithium and the hair on the back of Dean's neck was standing on end. He had a bad feeling about their situation. They were at least two hours from the planet even with a tow and there were pirates active in the area. Dean tapped his comm and called Ensign Trappey.

“Trappey, get Crewman Knight to stand watch for you at the armory. By my authorization I need you to collect enough type one phasers for the officers and discreetly distribute them around the departments,” he ordered.

“Aye sir. Type one phasers for department heads only or anyone above Ensign rank?”  Evie asked.

“I think it would be best if each department head decides who on their staff is best qualified. All security personnel above Ensign rank for my department would be recommended. You may want to check with Colonel Patterson if he wants his men to gear up as well, I have no authorization to make that call for him, and at the moment we have no warp drive in pirate space. Tell the officers to stay alert for intruders because we are a prime target, given our limited ability to get out of harm's way,” he instructed.

“Got it.  I'll start right away,” she assured him.  When he left, she commed Crewman Knight to take her armory post, then keyed her security code to enter.  Evie whistled appreciatively at the weaponry inside. She'd always loved hefting and aiming her 10-gauge Browning shotgun, and she had made her mom and daddy proud by bringing home geese and nutria for their dinner.  She'd made them even more proud when she joined Starfleet like her older brother and sister before her. Focus Evie, you've got an important job to do.  She selected six type one phasers for distribution and stored them in a satchel.  She didn't want to be hauling more than that at once - unless, heaven forbid, the ship was boarded.

Knight had arrived and was outside when she exited and secured the armory door. She gave him a nod.  “Thanks man, I'll be back.” She left.

Her first stop was going to be the bridge.  If anything bad were to happen, the bridge would be a likely target.  

When the doors of the turbolift opened she stepped out confidently.  “Captain, I need a few minutes of your time.”

Captain Taylor looked up as the Ensign emerged from the turbolift with her request. “Yes, Ensign?” He noted the satchel she carried and the phaser slung on her hip and knew immediately what she was doing. Silently he reached and took the phaser she handed toward him, checking the setting to ensure it was set to “stun”, he placed it on his hip with a quiet nod.

Evie was relieved that she hadn't needed to explain or justify handing the Captain of the ship a phaser.  She was after all, just another ensign among many.

Lt. Cmdr. Relok also turned as the Ensign entered. As the former Second Officer, and as a Department Head, he was also offered a phaser. He nodded grimly as he recognized the logic behind their Security Chief's decision to issue sidearms. He too checked the settings on the weapon before placing it on his hip. Silently, he wished he had brought his personal weapon, the dagger he'd been given when he was inducted to the Sentinels of the Order of the Sehlat, but it was in its case in his quarters. He'd be sure to retrieve it when next he had the opportunity.

Since Lt Cmdr Relok was on her list, she was pleased to find him on the bridge as well.  Since she had his attention, she had gone to him next and was glad she hadn't needed to do any explaining.

Next, she looked for the first officer, Lt Colonel Patterson.  He was a Marine but his assignment as XO of the Darmok showed how much confidence Starfleet had in his command ability.  Unfortunately, she didn't see him on the bridge and rather than ask his whereabouts, she decided it was more important to continue on her mission. After all, as Lt. Spearhorse said, it was up to the Lieutenant Colonel to decide the plan for his Marine contingent.


After distributing phasers on the bridge, Evie moved on to Engineering.  This was her first time in the Darmok's engine room without the hum of the warp drive dominating the space.  The silence was eerie and she shivered. She was eager to locate the chief of engineering and hand her a phaser then leave.   She saw the redheaded lieutenant examining a PADD near the main engineering console and approached Lt MacArdry.

“Ma'am, sorry to intrude, I'm Ensign  Trappey, I've been tasked with giving phasers to department heads and anyone you deem in need of having one.  Given the vulnerable state of the ship right now, Lt Spearhorse felt it was warranted.”

Bevin nodded. ”I trast ivvryane ain me daipairtmint, Ainsain, an iffin naidid, I'd waint ivvryane tae be aibil tae daifind tha shaip iffin ait cam tae ait.“ She reached under a  console where she had stored her bow and quiver of razored, serrated broadheads. “Iffin we naid tae, we kin mave air ivvirtairn a cansale air twa tae pervide a bairricade nair tha daur tae fire ivvir.” She handed another satchel over to the Ensign. ”Tak tha baick tae Dain an taill haim aill he haes tae dae ais swaitch thaings aut an gi thaim tha  baird ais a weelcame. He'll ken me mainin.” She grinned nastily about what would happen to any pirates who came within range of a POed Spearhorse if he used the satchel's contents.

Trappey's face held a mixed of a grin and a grimace.  If she understood properly, the chief engineer wanted her entire department armed, and who could blame her? Pirates often sought to control and pillage the engineering section.  There were only four phasers left in her bag and she offered them to the woman. “These will be a start, you can send the rest of your people to the armory for a phaser of their own.  Me or Crewman Knight will be happy to equip them. And I'll bring Lt Spearhorse the gear. I'm sure “heel gi thaim tha baird” if we get boarded, that and more.” Evie chuckled, her voice carried the trace of an accent of her own.  “I've got to get back to my deliveries, but if you don't mind, I'd love to see your bow in action. Maybe in the holodeck?”

Bevin nodded with a happy  grin. “O cairse, an ye kin ivvin tray ait iffin ye waint, ait jist hais a twainty-faive Kilo draw…… thain thair's tha dirk an claidheamh mor...”

“Oh wow!  I've always been a big...aficionado of all types of weapons.  That's why I picked security. I'd need some instruction before I tried the bow but after that, I'd a honored!”  The young woman sounded positively giddy at the prospect of getting her hands on the archaic weapon. “Something tells me the two of us are going to get along great!  I'm sorry I can't stay now.”

“I indirstaind, gae, git tae wha ye naid tae gait dane fainisht an we'll werk an waipins laitir.” Bevin told her. She  just hoped that there might be a chance to do just that. She turned to her crew and started passing out the phasers before going over to the replicator and adding to her supply of broadhead arrows. At least, she knew that they could go through some of the toughest powered armor suits, She'd already tested that possibility. And there were still the Sgian Dhu's in the tops of each of her boots.

Evie turned and left.  She had to stop back at the Armory before completing her assigned task.  She planned to visit sickbay next.


“Anything interesting happen?”  She asked Knight who was still at the post in front of the Armory.

“Nope.”  He said shaking his head. He didn't say anything else so Evie went inside and collected another half dozen phasers, marked down their removal and left.

“Catcha later.”  she called out to Knight as she strode quickly toward the turbolift.


Evie nearly chickened out when she got to sickbay.  She was a bit intimidated by the tall doctor, to her Dr. Thibodeaux seemed an imposing figure.  It was just her luck that the first person she saw when the sickbay doors parted was the CMO herself.

“Hello Ensign.” She said pleasantly.  “Are you feeling unwell?” The doctor asked Evie.

“No ma'am, I'm here on orders from Lt Spearhorse.  Since the ship is disabled in unfamiliar space, he thought it prudent to distribute type one phasers to department heads and to anyone else in your department you felt should have one.”

Dr Thibodeaux frowned slightly.  “I don't like the thought of deliberately shooting anyone.  After all, my business is patching people up, not injuring them.  But despite my personal reservations, I do understand Lt Spearhorses' desire to ensure we are not defenseless if we're boarded. If you have enough, I'll take five  One for myself and one for Dr. Shadow of course and I believe that Nurses Drew and Franklin should both have one. Plus I'll take one for Dr. Sherikova as well. I prefer to give them out myself, just so we're all clear that they will be set on stun..”

“Yes ma'am.” Evie replied.  “Four it is.” She reached into the satchel and removed four.  “Where do you want me to put them?” She asked.

“Let's store  them in my office, when my staff is free, I'll distribute them.”

Evie followed the CMO to her office where the doctor unlocked a desk drawer and indicated that she should place them inside.  When Evie complied the woman reached in and equipped one of the phaser before re-securing the drawer. …˜

“Thank you Ensign.” said Dr. Thibodeaux.  “Please assure Lt Spearhorse that my staff and I will be fine.”

Evie nodded.  “You're welcome.  I need to go, I just remembered that I need to deliver a special package from Lt MacArdry to Lt Spearhorse and I'd better get going.”

“Very well Ensign, carry on.”  The doctor said, dismissing the ensign who was out of the door in a flash.

Dr Thibodeaux is not as bad as I thought.  She mused.  I can't believe I forgot about Lt MacArdry's special delivery.

“Computer...please locate Lt. Dean Spearhorse.    She asked the nearest comm unit

TBC in sim

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