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  Lieutenant Commander Desiree Thibodeaux & Lieutenant Dean Spearhorse, SD
In For A Penny, In For Pound -- JDL: Lt Cmdr Desiree Thibodeaux, Lt. Dean Spearhorse

In For A Penny, In For Pound

JDL: Lt Cmdr Desiree Thibodeaux, Lt. Dean Spearhorse

Dr Thibodeaux had watched the exchange that had unfolded with two members of her staff and Dean Spearhorse.  She had been trying to impress upon Grace, her head nurse, that she needed to keep things at work professional.  The Betazoid liked to feign being a blonde bimbo when she actually had a genius IQ and had completed most of her classroom work toward her medical degree. Dr T was serving in the position of “attending physician” for the hands on portion of her training.  But Grace never seemed to get it and it had Desiree feeling frustrated. She sighed and shook her head, then disappeared into her office.

The Captain wanted her to explore ways to neutralize the plant spores that the Kyrathian species used as a weapon.  She had been tempted to tell him that she was a doctor, not a botanist but refrained. Maybe she could work out a way to protect the Darmok's crew in a way that would not hurt either party.

Nurse Ben Franklin finished treating Lt. Dean Spearhorse's injuries and released him. Spearhorse was still pissed at the perceived insolence.  He felt that Franklin had treated him with the same disdain that a medical officer would show when treat an adversary. Hell, he had seen nurses be kinder and gentler with the enemy when they had found their way into a ship's sickbay.

Ben was stowing some equipment when Dean passed him on the way to the CMO's door.  He gave Dean one last dirty look, feeling that Dean would probably put him on report.

Dean did feel that Ben deserved to be written up, but he had a more pressing reason to visit the doctor.

Dean palmed the buzzer and announced himself.  “Dr T., It's Lt Spearhorse, may I come in?”

The door slid open and Desiree invited him in.  “Of course Lt., is there a problem?”

“The primary reason for my visit is to discuss our current mission.  I've been tasked with finding a way to neutralize them so that I can properly prepare our defenses and inform my people. I want to compare notes regarding that species.  Their exoskeletons make the stun setting on phasers useless and we don't want to have to kill the Kyrathians, just pacify them. Why start a war by killing someone that didn't need to die?”

“I don't know whether to be surprised or relieved that you are searching for a non-lethal solution to the problem.  I've been studying their datafile and they are a formidable opponent. I'm unsure of how to pacify them without doing more damage than necessary.  I did note that disruptors were mentioned as being more effective against them. Perhaps you could work on modifying a replicated disruptor to provide the right amount of force.”

“That's what gets me,” Dean said.  “A standard phaser targets the nervous system of the subject, when we use a disruptor, that weapon isn't tuned to affect the nervous system but to the body and bodily systems. They can be set to stun, but the overall effect is far more devastating,  There will likely, be burning and charring that isn't associated with a phaser.”

Dr T. grimaced.  “OK maybe that isn't the right idea.  Actually I've been trying to come up with a solution that would protect us from their spore attacks.  It seems like those can bore thru body armor and flesh. If we can make a protective suit that gives off a slight electrical charge when touched perhaps we could avoid shooting them.  After all if they know they can't hurt us, maybe they will acquiesce.”

“Interesting, I may have a technical solution for that. Although we don't widely use them, we could use the life belt, they provide a protective personal environment which is regulated by a force-field. If the force field can be inverted it should produce a charge that would act like a phaser stun.  We would lose the EVA suit benefits and we would not be protected from energy weapons. Even under normal circumstances there would still be risk of injury from stronger phaser bolts, level 5 and up.” Spearhorse explained.

“That sounds like an excellent idea but it's a bit technical for this doctor's brain.  Maybe you can contact Bevin and the two of you can put your heads together and come up with a modification that will work.  In the meantime, I will go back to trying to figure out other ways to either repel them or if necessary to our survival, to kill them……..” Her voice was filled with sadness as she said the last few words.

“With this species, it may be that the best offense is a good defense doctor.  Have you had any progress breaking the bond between the Plant and the Kyrathian insectoids?”

“Not exactly,  I can postulate a number of, for lack of a better word, poisons or weed-killers that would disrupt the communication and symbiosis but would still be killing a sentient species.  This is a rough assignment for me. I keep having vision of screaming plants dying from my “treatment”.”

“I guess you've looked at insecticides as well?” Dean asked, rubbing his head.  “Do you know Terran bees are put to sleep by smoke? Is there something that can be used to affect the insectoids in a similar manner? Smoke grenades? And I have no idea how the plants would effect.”

“That's an interesting idea.  It looks like both us have some research and development to tackle before we come in contact with them.  I will keep you updated on any progress I make and I hope you will do the same with your progress.” Dr T. said. “There is another issue that needs to be spoken about.”

Dean nodded. He drew in a heavy sigh and said. “What is that Dr.?”

“I can't have you an Franklin rattling your sabers at each other over Grace in my sickbay.  I intend to have a talk with him about his conduct. But if you are both interested in my head nurse, you both need to let her know and let her be the one who chooses.”

“Honestly Dr. T, I wouldn't be too hard on him, We've already spoken about it to some degree He does need a refresher on professional treatment of a patient, any patient.  I'd put my men on report if they treated a prisoner with the level of disrespect Franklin treated me with. I don't know where I stand with Drew, she is my neighbor and is openly flirtatious but I don't know what she sees in me, especially considering my genetics and other deformities.  If she wants Ben, she can have him. He might be a better catch anyway.” Dean said dejectedly.

Desiree stood and placed a hand on Dean's shoulder.  “Don't sell yourself short, Not all women are searching for the safest choice, perhaps she prefers adventure.  But you'll never know if you don't ask her.”



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