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  LtJG Aaron Riedinger & Lieutenant Bevin MacArdry, SD
Lt. MacArdry & Lt. JG Riedinger | JL: "Engineering, Hurricanes and Zephyrs"

SD: 201809.30

Based upon the events that occurred on the sim of the SD 201809.28

After learning about the result of the Away Team's mission with the Ferengi Turq, Aaron returned to Shuttle Bay 1, to continue working on the modifications of the Zephyr. He was happy because, as Schmitt would no longer be the responsibility of the Darmok, he would not have to reconfigure the shields of the new shuttlecraft to avoid the Doctor's weapon. That would save him more than a quarter of the work that was left to him, and, in addition, the mission to find the Dr. had ended, in his opinion, quite satisfactorily, so he decided to replicate a chocolate and strawberry smoothie to celebrate.

He sat cross-legged in front of the Zephyr and began to drink. He thought of Dr. Schmitt, feeling sorry for him. Although Aaron never followed his work, the Dr. gave him the impression of being an extremely intelligent man who had lost his way, and that now, at an advanced age, just wanted to return to his family. But, it could also be that the Ferengi was lying and the Dr. has escaped to Ecuador for some more "lucrative" reasons ... anyway, it would not fall to the Darmok to find out that, so he decided to stop thinking about it.

Instead, he decided to think of things a little more cheerful, like Risa. There was a lot of talk at the Academy about the famous planet, and he could not believe that he had been the first of his friends to go to it. Or to orbit it at least, because he did not even come down. When they arrived on the planet, he thought that maybe there could be some free time for the crew to enjoy it: "And I wanted to finish this shuttlecraft quickly, to test its loca underwater modality in the beautiful and perfect seas of Risa ... ", he thought to himself. He stroked his mustache thoughtfully: "Will they offer some kind of underwater Jamaharon? Hmmm ... No, no no no no no. I'm getting sidetracked, I better go back to work. A trabajar!". He left the glass with very little of his smoothie on the floor, in front of the Zephyr, and went back inside to connect the new Ops. holographic console that was giving him so much trouble.

Bevin was glad that her bug was working so well for Major Patterson and it could send burst relays of all of Turq's activities and conversations to the Major as long as it was not discovered, and considering the invisible putty and nanotechnology used to make it…€… Turq and his people would have a hard time finding it for several months, if not years. She debated on whether to leave the bug's frequency with the Risan Authorities, but decided against it in light of the way they were treated when dealing with the ship. She headed down to the Shuttle Bay to see what was keeping her favorite …€Â˜grease monkey' busy and grinned when she saw the Zephyr. It seemed to be a shining model of modern Starfleet engineering but she knew that they could improve her even more with all the dirty tricks they knew and had up their sleeves to install. ”Heyla, Aaron, que pasa, mi amigo?”

“Oh, hello jefa, how are you? How did you spend with the Ferengi fella? I heard that he's a maravilloso individual …€…“, Aaron answered after hearing her arrive, and went to the other side of the console so he would not turn his back on her.

“Oh, Si, mi amigo, muy maravilloso, muy, muy asquerosos!!” She wrinkled her nose remembering how much Turq set her teeth on edge. “Naid inny haelp hair?”

"I do not want to bother you if you're out of your shift, but ... ", Aaron crouched suddenly, and connected a small module he was keeping in his hand in one of the cells that was open at the bottom of the console. A small holographic projection of what appeared to be a LCARS button appeared on the console. It looked fragmented, in negative, with low resolution and poorly lit. "... but this is happening. Esto es lo que pasa," he commented, while still crouched holding the module in the lower part of the console. "It seems like a compatibility problem, but I do not know how to fix it!"

Bevin nodded and held her hand out for the chip module as she was fumbling for a small diagnostic tricorder she had in a waist pouch. ”Lait's see wha I kin dae wi ait.”  Once she was handed the module, she connected two clips to it and began running an in-depth diagnostic of the module. “Hair's tha priblim, thray caipicitirs bairned aut an thair's carbin rannin aicrawss saix paithways. We aithir naid tae raiplaice thase caipicitirs an clain tha paithways air gait a naw mahdyewl tae raiplice ait.”

"Well, that makes sense," Aaron replied smiling. "Yesterday I sent Ens. Thums to help Sgt. Hines with the welding of the capacitors ... and the last thing I saw was that the Sgt. was carrying him in his arms towards Sickbay! At first I did not believe it, but now I am convinced that he really is under some kind of brujería. Too much bad luck for just a simple guy!” Aaron laughed as he remembered the face Hines had while charging Thums. “I think it would be best to clean the pathways and re-weld the capacitor joints, right?"

She ran the current tester between each of the suspect capacitors and shook her head at the readings. “Sairry, Aaron, thay're bairnt aut an naid tae be raiplaiced, bit clainin tha paithways shaeld nae be thait daifficilt. Ye gait baizzy an clainin an I'll tray tae skeer ip same mair caipicitirs tae raiplaice tha fried anes.” She went over and started rummaging in an old electronics case to see if she could find the proper sized and amperaged ones to use in the module as well as  the silver solder, flux and soldering iron to repair that pesky module.

"At your orders, jefa!", Aaron commented, smiling and making a sarcastic military salute. He grabbed a micro-resonator that was lying on the floor in front of the flight console, and then he opened a floor hatch that was in front of the dining room door of the shuttlecraft. He put his head and right arm inside, while illuminating the interior of the hatch from the outside with his left arm. From there, he told Bevin, nearly screaming: "So, I heard you managed to put a bug inside the Ferengi's room. Maravillosa idea! And now what are they going to do with it? They're going to put that tiny, deranged, big ears rat in jail thanks to you, jefa?"

Bevin grinned. ”I dinna  ken aiboot tha, mi amigo, bit Majir Paittirsin's gaein tae hae hais  airs mair thain fuill fra Tairk's naw laittil fraind.” She giggled like a mischievous schoolgirl. “I ailsae laift Tairk a praisint o a sait o bawnny fair-lined vaibraitin airmiffs tae kaip hais mind an ithir thaings thain tha gauld praissed Laitinim hay sae laks playin wi…€…”

Aaron chuckled from inside the hatch. “A good one, jefa! But after all ... thanks to that little rat we found the Dr. Loco ...”. Aaron smiled and stuck his head out of the hatch. “... and without a doubt, he has well deserved those crazy earmuffs of yours!”. He stood up and shook his pants with his hands. “The pathways are clean as they were never before, are you ready with those capacitores?”.

Bevin grinned as she held up three high voltage capacitors and the tools and materials needed to attach them to the module in place of the faulty ones. “Caill awff tha nambirs an tha baid anes tae mak shuir tha we hae tha raight anes fer tha job,” she told him, scrutinizing the tiny number codes on the fresh ones in her hand.

“No problema”. Aaron responded, and then he went out of the shuttle and threw himself back to the floor to access the bottom of the Zephyr. From there, he dictated to her almost shouting: “This one, four-seven-two…€…. let see, this other is …€… six-eight-three …€…. and the last one …€…. one-five-three, that's all”. He got up and appeared by the shuttlecraft door. “Everything fresco, jefa?”.

“Si, mi amigo, ivvrythaing's gaein grait,” she told him as she checked the numbers on the capacitors he called out and got the soldering iron warm enough to melt the silver from around the burned out capacitors and replace them with new capacitors and solder. Holding the capacitor with a pair of needle-nosed pliers to keep from burning her fingers while she worked with the iron was a little tricky but she had done worse in the past and the six connections were rapidly finished and tested to make sure that they worked properly, before she replaced the module back where it was supposed to be in the console and tested the whole thing to make sure it was fixed. ”Ailraight, wha ailse d'ye naid hailp wi?”

“Wow, well, that was fast”, Aaron replied smiling, as he watched as she finished working. ”There are some problems with the console algorithm, but later I can take care of it. But since you're here …€…“, he said, as he gestured with his arm towards the Sickbay's door of the shuttlecraft. Actually, the door had gotten stuck and was ajar, so that a large part of the room could been seen from where they were standing. “Most of the Sickbay systems fell when we dismantled everything to install the new sensors modules. And yesterday I took out the biobed and the main medical console because I needed to divert the energy to modify both the shields and the tactical systems to deal with Dr. Loco's weapon. But since we no longer need it, we will have to reassemble the biobed and the med-con again. And ... I do not know why that door got stuck!”, he commented, pointing again at the door to Sickbay. “As you are an aficionada of medical engineering, and as you look too anxious for more work …€…”.

She chuckled as she pulled him into a hug and tousled his hair. “Ailraight laits gait an ait…€…” She first looked at the sickbay doors to see what was going on with them before grinning  and maneuvering one of the pins that held the door in its track back to the proper channel before checking its counterpart on the bottom of the doorway that she needed to fix in like manner. She then checked for misalignment of the door pins on the other side and got the one that was  misaligned back in its track. ”Try ait naw an say iffin tha werks…€…”

Vamos a ver …€… ” Aaron pressed a couple of buttons on the new Ops console and the door began to open and close itself on repeated occasions, until Aaron reached down and deactivated the console manually. Aaron commented, smiling: ”Well, the door works fine! But as I said, there's a problem with the algorithm of this console.”

“Weel, hae ye thaut o raiplaisin tha cansawl?” she asked as she moved to check over the console itself with her diagnostic tricorder. The gobbledegook it spewed back about the console would be mostly unintelligible to any other than an engineer or a computer expert. Reading out the diagnostics caused her to giggle and press a recessed button under the front lower panel for about fifteen seconds, causing the whole console to go black for a moment or two then come back to life in vibrant color. “Ye saim tae hae fergatten aiboot tha “Raisait” buittin, Aaron. Say haw ait werks naw.”

Aaron smiled. “The infamous reset button. It solves most of the computational problems, so my bad!”. He went inside the Sickbay and tried to lift the biobed, in order to reach the med-con that was under it, but he was unable to do so. "The last time, the strong Sgt. Hines was here to move this. The gym is not my thing, so I'll need some help here. The med-con is underneath -don't ask me why- so we'll need move this biobed.”, he commented, smiling and moving the hair of his head. “Oh, and before connecting it, we should divert the additional energy from the tactical systems to here again!"

She chuckled and went out to get an antigrav sled to get the biobed on before getting the Med-con out to work on everything in there. “Aaron, ye dinna stawp tae thaink thaings thraw. Raimimbir wha thay said ait tha Aicaidimy? …€Â˜Werk smairtir nae hairdir.' Aye, thair's a time fer yawsin yer mascils, bit ye dinna hae tae werk ais haird iffin ye thaink thaings thraw fairst.” She tipped the biobed up on its long axis before sliding the antigrav sled beneath the pedestal of it with her foot, then rocked it back and forth to shimmy the whole bed onto the sled to move it out of the way. Once the bed was moved to one side and out of the way, they had an easy time getting to the Med-con to work on that piece of machinery.

Aaron laughed and gave her a softly hit on the shoulder. “Hey, when have you graduated? In the age of dinosaurios? In my time the phrase was more like: Work smarter, not harder ... or work like an aggressive monkey and finish it fast! …€… ok, sorry, I'll calm down. I'll go to the tactical systems, let me know when the console is assembled so I can divert the energy to Sickbay without electrocuting you in the process". He grabbed a waveform discriminator and an isodine coupler who were lying next to the biobed and left Sickbay. Upon reaching the tactical console, he sat on the floor to open a lid on it, and disconnected a couple of small modules from there. With the discriminator, he identified the wave he had to isolate, and he waited for Bevin's mark with the isodine coupler in the other hand.

Bevin laughed as he headed off to play with the tactical station and got busy with the  Med-con. Luckily, many of the modules in it were the “Plug and Play” style that had made assembly so easy for so many years. In fact, almost all of the consoles in all of the starships were themselves “Plug and Plays” to make swap-out time for a burned-out console next to nothing, extremely useful in the heat of battle when any console might get fried by a lucky phaser shot. ALL the ones on the bridge were interchangeable in case several consoles were fried and they didn't have the correct one for a particular station. The integrated GPS in each of those consoles told the new install which datascreen was to be pulled up based on the bridge position that the console was being slotted into. It didn't take Bevin long to get the Med-con up and functioning the way it was supposed to before getting the Biobed back into its place and wired into the Medical computer's diagnostic unit. She also made sure that the bed was bolted securely to the floor in case of turbulence or getting shaken around during a battle. ++Ailraight, Aaron, ait's ain an gaein.++

"Ok ... and as Dios said …€… let there be light!”, Aaron answered from the other room, shouting. He heard the call from the combadge, but he was sure that the natural sound of his voice would be sufficient. The med-con and the rest of the Sickbay systems lit up. Aaron appeared through the door that connected Sickbay to the Bridge and commented while shaking his hands: "Well, la Enfermería seems to be working, and the Ops console doesn't do anything weird anymore ... in that practically consisted my work calendar for today and tomorrow, so I'm glad you could come! There are only a few more small details to solve, mainly with the reconnainse sensors, but when the Al comes back to life, we will take a look at it. And that would be all from the tale of the new and improved Zephyr. Thanks to your help and to the fact that we will no longer have to make any special improvements for el señor Schmitt, we are ahead of schedule!”.

“I dinna maind  haelpin, Aaron, an lairnin aiboot wha tae aixpict  fra tha Zaiphyr afair we naid tae gait dairictly aintae raipairs ais ailwys a haelp. Naw,...” a  mischievious twinkle came into her eyes, “I wandir iffin thair be inny baids ain hair tha air lairjir thain tha caidit bunks…€… Ye waintae gae luik?”

He replied smiling, pointing to a door behind them. “I think the crew rooms are over there …€… I still didn't have time to go there and destroy something …€… so I wonder how it is, too! This model is famous for the many amenities it offers. Six replicators, sonic showers …€… even carpets! And do not forget that the seats are the style of a Captain's chair ... even if we had to take them out. But anyway, if this shuttle has all those comforts, I don't think the beds are simple bunks …€… no …€… I'm sure they will not be simple bunks. Do you want to bet, jefa?”

She  laughed. “Nay, I'm nae gamblir, Aaron. I'll laive tha fer tha Faringi an thair Dabaw taibils. I hae mair fan ain tha kaitchin thain I dae ait cairds, sae ye dae tha Taixis Hald-'Im an I'll pervaide tha raifraishmints .”

Aaron smiled and stroked his mustache softly. “Our friend Turq doesn't like that kind of thoughts. If you're not a big fan of card games, I don't think -hopefully I'm mistaken- that poker is a pleasant thing for you! In the matters of cards, I like to be more of a simple man .... have you ever heard about El Chinchón? It has a simple dynamic but also requires a certain strategy, a combination that makes it one of the best Spanish deck games.” He stared at Bevin with a raised eyebrow as he stroked his mustache.

“Nay, I haednae haird o ait. Mebbe ye caeld taich ait tae me,” she replied. Her eyes lit up at the prospect of knowing something that her sibs didn't.

Aaron continued to stare at her, while carrying his right hand towards his back. “I hope that at least, you have ever seen one of these." He suddenly clasped the palms of his hands, and a deck appeared between them. “Tadá! A Spanish deck. The objective of the game is to form combinations of cards, such as a ladder of cards of the same suit or two or more cards of the same number. Seven cards are dealt to each of the players, and then the deck is placed in the center of the table with only one card face up. On your turn, you can perform only one of three actions: pick a card from the deck, grab the card face up, or end the round. As much as if you grab a card from the deck or the one that is face up, you must exchange it for a card from your hand, and leave it in the face up card section. In this way, you should always have seven cards in your hand. When you think you have decent combinations of cards, you can close the round by saying: Chinchón!, and both your cards and those of your opponent that are not in combination will add their value in points. The one that reaches a hundred of points first, loses. The ideal would be to finish the round fast, so you can grab your opponent with failed combinations and make him add a lot of points! Pan comido, jefa?”

She nodded. ”Saunds a lat lak “GAE,” tha Jaipinise gaim tha thay say taiks a laiftaim tae Mastir, sae whain we gait fainished hair, lait's gait samethin tae ait thain play a faw hainds tae see iffin I hae tha praincipils doon raight.” She grinned wickedly. “I'd LAVE tae say Tairk's faice, iffin we kin gaw ain an wipe haim aut wi tha game ainstaid  o Daibaw…€…”

Aaron shuffled the cards and smiled. “I have never heard of GO in my entire life, so I will have to take your word. If you practice, I'm sure that the next time we have to go back to Risa to find an ex-convict scientist you will have the opportunity to beat your big ears amigo."

She chuckled. ”Hay's nae fraind o main, Aaron, nae lak ye air.” She laid her hand gently on his arm and patted it. “Sae, air ye gaittin hangry fer samethin fra tha raiplaikitirs, air d'ye waint me tae faix ip samethin aigin?”

Aaron smiled. “I was a great friend of the replicators all my life, but I have to declare that homemade food is second to none. So, as you said you enjoyed cooking time …€… ”. He stroked his mustache.

“Wha waeld  ye be ain tha mairkit fer?” she asked. ”I waes thainkin gazpacho wi Arroz con Pollo y quesadillas wi arroz con leche fer daissairt…€… wha d'ye thaink? O cairse, iffin ye praifair, I caeld dae same Paella con Mariscos y tapas...”

Aaron raised an eyebrow. “Hey, do you remember what we had agreed the last time we had dinner? It would be a meal originating from each country in each encounter. Do you want a challenge? Brazil. La Brazilia. I love their smoothies, but I never knew anything about their meals.”

“Ailraight, I'll luik ip same o tha raicipies an see wha thay hae tae awffir, an aye, thair  smawthies AIR guid.” She went over to the computer and began researching the Brazilian recipies, soon finding recipes for Feijoada, churrasco and Pato no tucupi. It seemed  that Polenta and pastas also figured in well with the cuisine so she also got recipes for how the Brazilians differed from the other nations' recipes.

Aaron appeared behind her, carrying a half-open Engineering kit, and commented: “Did you find something interesting? I know I already said it, and you said it too, but ... I love the Brazilian smoothies. I hope their meal will meet the high expectations I have for them. If their food reaches the same level as their drinks ... it would be fantástico. So, what do you say, at 2100 seems to you like a good hour?”

“Aye, ait daes saim guid tae me. Mait ye ait tha gaillay thain? An we gae fer Frainch naixt time?” She grinned to him as she let him see the list of Brazilian recipes she had pulled up on the terminal. “Ait saims tha thay air ailmist ais aiklaiktik ais tha Aimairikins, wi thaim haein ainflawincis fra aill ivvir tha werld thair.”

Aaron left the kit on the floor and approached the console. When he saw the recipes, he raised an eyebrow and stroked his mustache. “Well, to be sincere, I never would have imagined it. I always thought that it would be much more tropical meals. You know, like a crazy mix of strange fruits with slices of lemon and pineapple everywhere. But, anyway, those recipes seem very intriguing, I can't wait to try them!”. He picked up the kit. “And yeah …€…  next time French food would be fine. So ... see you at 2100 in la galería, jefa!” He said goodbye by giving her a kiss on the cheek.
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