USS Darmok Mission Brief
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Mission Status Update SD 201810.05


The Darmok left Risa behind a few days ago, their mission to track down Dr. Leon Schmitt turning out to have been a wild goose chase with the elderly man simply visiting family in Ecuador on Earth. The Ferengi, Turq, truly had no involvement in the incident (though we did discover some other unusual activity that might interest a few law enforcement agencies, IF we choose to divulge it, though we learned of it through a somewhat less-than-legal surveillance device.)


Now, the Darmok is approaching Bajor, headed for the Wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant. Due to the urgency of the mission, we will not be stopping at Deep Space Nine or Bajor itself but jumping through the wormhole to continue at high warp towards the Aslan Heirate and our rendezvous with Federation Ambassador Adam Android.


As a very brief summary of the Aslans themselves, they resemble little more than gigantic Earth cockroaches that stand on their hind legs to a height of nearly two meters (around 6 feet). They communicate by clicking their shells and buzzing a reed-like protuberance near their mouths. The Universal Translator long ago deciphered the language, and anyone with a commbadge or other access to the UT will hear the translation of their language a second or two after the click-buzz begins.


The Aslans have been allies of the Federation for at least a dozen years, but before that were fearsome adversaries on a Divine Quest. Somehow, forgotten even to themselves, an ancient religious artifact called the Vordock had been stolen, disassembled, and scattered in three parts across the Gamma Quadrant. The Aslans had been single-mindedly scouring the Quadrant seeking it. They weren't exactly diplomatic, with their opening line of communication always being, “Surrender the Vordock or be destroyed!”


 The ISS Reciprocity, under the command of Captain Adam Android helped to recover and reassemble and then return the Vordock to the Aslans. Afterward, the Aslans declared Captain Android the “Hero of the Heirate”, an almost legendary figure of religious aspect. Later, Adam Android was appointed Ambassador to the Aslans, a post in which he has now served under two Presidents for over a dozen years.


The Darmok is rushing to the aid of the Aslans at the call of the Ambassador to investigate rumors of a resurgence of the Kyrathian Swarm. The Starfleet Datafile on the Swarm has already been disseminated. It will, however, be several weeks at high warp before the Darmok will reach Aslan space. They are very, very far into the Gamma Quadrant.


------------------------------ =/\=  ------------------------------


STATUS: Condition Green (normal operations)

The Darmok is running at Condition Green, normal operations, however, we have been pressing the engines hard running at the emergency speed of Warp 7 for a half-hour or so before backing off to the Galactic Speed Limit of Warp 5 for a few hours before punching it up again. The strain is beginning to tell on the ship.



All personnel are present and accounted for, with no anticipated Away Teams.



There are no anticipated arrivals or departures.



Command: Become acquainted with the Datafile on the Kyrathian Swarm as well as the Aslan Heirate. Contact Ambassador Android once we're through the Wormhole.


Reconnaissance: Begin prepping the Reconn Dome and MAX for a long-range reconnaissance mission. Upload the Datafile on the Kyrathians and begin analysis to predict behavior patterns.


Security/Tactical: Become familiar with the Kyrathian Swarm, specifically the Soldier and Gatherer classes, and their shield-draining Plant Pods. Begin drills on how to repel any potential boarding parties of Kyrathians.


Medical/Science: Become familiar with all aspects of Kyrathian biology and their symbiosis with their sentient Plant. Propose methods to disrupt their telepathic link, if possible, and the Plant's distribution network.


Operations/Engineering: The Darmok is pushing her engines extra hard. There are already signs of overheating, hairline stress fractures in some of the supports, rapid depletion of deuterium stores, tiny tears in subspace from exceeding the Galactic Speed Limit (they'll repair on their own with some time), and the ship is beginning to pick up a mild tremor as the inertial dampeners are being overworked. We have several more weeks of this still coming!



With this Briefing begins a period in which our Executive Officer, Major Patterson, will be primarily running the sims. Captain Taylor will still be present, will still be “in command” of the ship, and may still do Actions, etc., but for the next few weeks (unknown exactly how many at this time), watch the Major carefully for Actions and instructions as the story line develops.


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