USS Darmok Mission Brief
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Mission Status Update SD 201809.28



The Darmok remains in geosynchronous orbit over Suraya Bay, Risa, where we've come searching for a missing scientist (and convict), Dr. Leon Schmitt, who had developed a biomimetic weapons control system that allowed a person to control a ship's tactical arrays by thought alone. His system had failed in many ways, but the concepts were interesting and caught the eye of several parties.


Schmitt was convicted of defrauding the Federation and sentenced to several years at a penal institution in New Zealand on Earth. He had actually served most of his term and was on a work-release program in Sydney, Australia, when he disappeared.


Several odd coincidences regarding his disappearance have led the Darmok to Risa to speak with a Ferengi entrepreneur named Turq. The Ferengi owns and operates a variety of business headquartered in Suraya Bay, ranging from limos to nightclubs to cabanas, even cigars.


While there have been many accusations through the years of Turq being corrupt or engaged in illegal activities, none has ever come to actual charges filed or any prosecution. This Ferengi is very good at what he does and is about as slick as they come.


An Away Team beamed down and began speaking with Turq to see if he can provide any information about the disappearance of Dr. Schmitt. They are in Turq's office even now.


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STATUS: Condition Green (normal operations)

The Darmok is running at Condition Green, normal operations.


AWAY TEAMS: One Team as below.

The original Away Team that beamed down was under the Command of Lt. Spearhorse and included Lt. MacArdry and LtJG Sherikova. MacArdry has since returned to the Darmok and Maj. Patterson has joined Spearhorse and Sherikova in Turq's office.

Although Patterson outranks Spearhorse, due to the nature of the current assignment, the Away Team remains under the command of Lt. Spearhorse as the Darmok's Chief of Security.



There are no anticipated arrivals or departures (other than the Away Team above).



Command: Review the correspondence between Turq and Schmitt for any more clues. Coordinate with the Away Team. Find Schmitt!


Security/Tactical/Reconnaissance: Find Dr. Schmitt. Interview Mr. Turq to see if he can provide any information to the scientist's whereabouts. Remember, Mr. Turq is not a “suspect” at this time, merely a “person of interest”. (Though there are many odd coincidences that seem to point to the Ferengi.) Spearhorse is leading a small Away Team to Turq's offices.


Science: (The only active simmer in Sciences is LtCmdr Relok. He will once again be “idle” at his station on the Bridge and instead be playing the role of Turq for this sim.)


Medical: Sickbay is empty and quiet and the medical staff is taking a breather after the recent Vulcan Zombie Mustaq Plague. Counselor Sherikova is part of the Away Team as a sort of “diplomatic liaison”.


Operations/Engineering/Other: The Darmok remains in orbit along with hundreds of other ships. All ship operations are nominal. Our new shuttle, the USS Zephyr, recently brought to us by Lt. Carter, is being upgraded to a light reconnaissance craft with more advanced sensors, etc. LtJG Riedinger has been overseeing those upgrades, with the assistance of Mst. Sgt. Xavier Hines and Lt. Jason Carter, and the attempted assistance of Ens. Al Thums. Lt. MacArdry had been on the Away Team, but returned to the ship after planting a “bug” in Turq's office. She will be verifying the datalink from her station in Main Engineering.



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