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  Captain Zachary Taylor, SD
"Unfinished Business", DL by Turq, SD 201809.18

"Unfinished Business"
Duty Log
Turq of Ferenginar
(by Capt. Zak Taylor)
SD 201809.18

(This log takes place prior to the events of the sim 201809.14)

Turq was in his office in Suraya Bay, Risa. He had activated his advanced security systems and knew there was no way anyone could see or hear anything that took place within his personal haven.

He accessed his communications console, running three distinct levels of encryption, two of which were time-coded with randomizing seeds that changed every second and were coordinated by complex analogs with a device Turq carried in his pocket that transmitted a signal twice a second but over a range of only a few yards.

"So, where's our package now?" He asked, his tone showing obvious signs of frustration.

Another Ferengi's face appeared on his console. "The package is secure in the Burrow, but ... we're not acquiring any useful ... um, material."

"That's what you said last time! So, get me my stuff!"

"But ... he doesn't ..."

"Ack!" Turq barked, "When will you learn how to speak properly! I told you, we don't give details over any comm channel! I don't know why I continue to pay you!"

The other Ferengi ducked his head contritely. "Sorry. Anyway, the flow of ... material ... seems bottled up at the source. It seems our package somehow no longer ... um, contains, the materials we seek."

"What?" Turq slammed a hand on his desk. "Fine, fine. Come up here and give me your report in person, since you can't seem to remember how to communicate properly over a comm signal. I'll expect you in half an hour, and if you're longer than that, I'm docking your pay!" He killed the comm, then checked to make sure there was no trace.

To calm his nerves, he broke out a box of latinum, the latest proceeds from his cabana rental service, and began counting the strips. The feel of the gold-pressed latinum between his fingers always soothed him, and the smell of it was as relaxing as incense.

He muttered to himself, "The cabanas are not making profit. We might have to demolish a couple to avoid repair costs, then ... we'll raise the rent on the remaing ones. Good idea, Turq!"

Suddenly, his proximity alarm sounded to an attempt to lock on a transporter beam. He had visitors, and he hated unannounced visitors, they always took up his time, and time was latinum!

He put away his cash and glanced around his office to make sure nothing was out of sorts, and proceeded to welcome his guests.

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