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  Ens James Slim, SD
Evaluation Time

USS Darmok SD 201809.14
Lt Dean Martin Spearhorse ACSce/Tac
DL - Patterson’s Marines, Vs Fleet Security

In the months since assuming the post of Acting Chief of Security Dean had often weighed the issue of when to use his men and when he should use the marines. He never liked puting men in harm’s way and the Marines claimed they were better trained and most had been in the service longer than his men so often difficult task fell to them. The problem with that was he was not giving his own staff enough chances to succeed.

Every two months he rotated his officers assignments around the ship, This act would keep them from being bored in their duties. It was that time again.

He surveyed the personnel he had in key posts. He himself was normally assigned Alpha shift 700-01500 at Tactical, During beta shift he would spend time in the Security Office arriving there around 1600 - 2300 . He was used to pulling doubles

Major Travis Patterson generally had alpha shift on the bridge..As Recon control officer he tended to work a late gamma shift to early beta something in the order of 0400 to 1800. Though it might not have been his place to do so the Acting Chief of Security sent a letter of recommendation to the captain and to the marine high command that this man be advanced in rank.

Master Sergeant Robert Hines, Marine Pathfinder Unit Leader, Picked up the slack when both himself and Patterson were off duty. He was a good man to have on any away mission. He was a “general among men” to quote GySgt Price. I brilliant tactician who did everything in his power to complete the mission while keeping his men safe.

Gunnery Sergeant George Price, Marine Security Alpha Team Leader, was a bit of a hard luck case lately. Wounded in the Sphere Situation he was a close friend of Higgins whom had been killed in the same mission. When the Risonian Bug or whatherer they were calling the modified vulcan ful hit the ship he was also on the sick roster. George was a good man but he always seemed to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe it was time to put him on Beta shift the Acting Security Chief recommended in a log to the captain.

Gunnery Sergeant Vince Sutton Carter, Marine Security Bravo Team Leader,was a by the book man. He was patient with his junior officers but a bit loud, Maybe that came from being a marine boot camp instructor on his last assignment. He would be a good replacement for Price as Alpha team leader.

Private First Class Homer Kyle, The southern gentleman with the backwoods attitude. “He could befriend most wild animals in a matter of minutes according to his drill but a bit of a nit wit” instructor. He was liked by the guys in his platoon. Even with that said he had been on watch when someone escaped security thus he would not be promoted this review.

Travis would have to put in his recommendations if anyone on his staff were to be promoted from the Marines but Hines was a good bet. Price would have been up for promotion too had he been able to stay out of the line of fire, however the man should be awarded the Purple Heart. Dean included the paperwork with his recommendations and forwarded them to Travis and the Captain.

Reviewing the list of fleet security officers, Dean continued his review of the more notable personnel.

Ensign Evangeline Trappey had recently shown up on his radar. “Evi” as she was known was a go getter. She had been recently been assigned to the ship. He planned on trying to get her assigned to more awaymission so she could prove herself to the captain and possibly advance in rank.

Of the noncoms two were standouts, Petty Officer 1st class Martin McIntyre and Petty Officer 3rd Class Sarah Hughes. Scuttlebut was Martin was very interested in Sarah. The two worked well as a team and if it worked out they could make a cute couple dean thought to himself..

Sarah had played a critical role guarding the spheres in the med bay after the attack on one of the ship’s officers during testing. She was in line for a promotion to Petty Officer 2nd Class if the captain approved.    

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