USS Darmok Mission Brief
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Mission Status Update SD 201809.07



The Medical Quarantine and it's Yellow Alert have been lifted and the Darmok is back to Condition Green (normal operations). We remain in a fairly crowded geosynchronous orbit over Suraya Bay, Risa, where we've come seeking a missing scientist and convict named Dr. Leon Schmitt.


It is time to make contact with the Ferengi named Turq. Turq is a successful businessman with a wide variety of businesses providing everything from limosine service to nightclubs to beach-side cabanas to luxury cigars. You name it, Turq's got a finger in it.


And while there have been many accusations throughout many years of Turq being corrupt or engaged in illegal activities, none, ever, has come to actual charges filed or any prosecution. This Ferengi is very good at what he does and is about as slick as they come.


Turq is a “person of interest” in the disappearance of Dr. Schmitt because they have been associates in the past and Turq showed some interest in Schmitt's weapons systems (actually putting in an offer to buy it before it was even presented to the Federation).


Turq also exchanged some messages with Schmitt before his disappearance. The shuttle that picked up Schmitt the day of his disappearance was operated by a sub-contractor that once worked for Turq.


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STATUS: Condition Green (normal operations)

The Darmok is running at Condition Green, normal operations.


AWAY TEAMS: One being considered

The Captain is considering sending an Away Team to meet Turq. Details of this team will be announced in sim.



Lt. Carter has returned to the Darmok as our Helm Officer. He arrived via the shuttle, Zephyr, at the end of the Briefing, and is disembarking in Shuttle Bay One. Maj. Patterson and Lt. Spearhorse are going to meet him there. He claims to have an updated medical report in hand and hopes to bypass the standard “coming aboard” physical and get straight to work.



Command: Redirect attention and resources back to our mission to find Dr. Schmitt.


Security/Tactical/Reconnaissance: Find Dr. Schmitt. Interview Mr. Turq to see if he can provide any information to the scientist's whereabouts. Remember, Mr. Turq is not a “suspect” at this time, merely a “person of interest”. (Though there are many odd coincidences that seem to point to the Ferengi.)


Science: Between Sciences and Engineering, we believe we have discovered methods to avoid having the Darmok taken over by Schmitt using his biomimetic implant devices. Engineering has developed shield harmonics and Science revealed that the presence of a sentient AI in MAX should also prevent the Darmok being taken by such. However, smaller Federation vessels, or non-Federation vessels might not have such advantages.


Medical: The Medical Staff successfully cured a fast-spreading infection before it became a full-scale epidemic, great job! You might have the chance now to catch your breath! Decide whether you'll accept Lt. Carter's recent medical review instead of requiring a new physical.


Operations/Engineering/Other: The Darmok remains in orbit along with hundreds of other ships. Our Quarantine has been lifted, and the Risan Security Team has returned to their ship. All ship operations are nominal. We have a new shuttle, the USS Zephyr, recently brought to us by Lt. Carter. The Major has suggested this shuttle be upgraded as a light reconnaissance craft with more advanced sensors, etc.


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