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  Marine Major Travis Patterson, SD
Project Raven -- PL: Maj. Patterson
"Project Raven"
DL: Major Travis Patterson, Acting Executive Officer
SD: 201809.05

As it were expected, Patterson was called by the ship's RECONN computer, MAX, to answer a priority message delivered with extreme encryption on a secured channel that otherwise would not be in service.  It was quite obvious by the methods used that this was one of Patterson's contacts with Starfleet Intelligence.  Giving a gentle sigh, he initiated the lockdown on the RECONN Dome and accessed the file, looking it over briefly before opening the secured channel, sitting down at the terminal and leaning back in his chair.  There was no visual display, only the same symbol that he had recently been forced to reveal to the crew.
"I trust you have a very good explanation for violating the sanctity of Project Raven, Mr. Patterson?"
"Aye, sir, and in a method of extreme precaution, and only in light that desperate times called for desperate measures..."
"I read the reports involving the Darmok's medical quarantine, and the near-epidemic that occurred.  I also read the report that you sent me regarding your method of handling the situation, and the discretion you put forth in limiting information to a need-to-know basis... as well as the fact you were prepared to face court-martial, though you and I both know that is highly unlikely for our line of work..."
"I am well aware of the consequences I potentially face, Admiral...  I know that the information regarding Project Raven is extremely restricted.  I was certain to tell them that there is no information available on record.  I only told them what could be found if certain investigations inevitably took place.  You and I both know it is within human nature to be too curious, and often times, not cautious enough."
"There's a lot of people at the Nest that are upset with your actions, Travis...  I for one, however, do not see it to be any reason to prosecute you.  As you said, desperate times call for desperate measures, and in our line of work?  That is a daily occurrence.  So long as the location and existence of the Nest has been kept hidden, which it has, and your outstanding service record with us...  I feel I can convince everyone back here to overlook this small slip-up... but do not let this happen again, Major..."
It was at this moment that Travis let out an audible sigh of relief, and nodded gently.  "Yessir.  I'll make sure to send you any updates I have for you as soon as they become relevant... and Clarke... I owe you one."  There was only silence before the transmission ended, and the computer had erased any trace of the conversation entirely.  Patterson sighed, smiled, and leaned back in his chair once more, running his fingers through his hair.  "MAX... I believe I dodged another bullet..."

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