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  Doctor Darya Sherikova, SD
DL: Dr. Sherikova | [TRANSCRIPT] Aaron: Session 1

From The Desk of Dr. Darya Sherikova

Counselor, USS Darmok



Subject: AARON - SESSION 1


PATIENT: Hola, consejera. At last we know each other in slightly more pleasant conditions! But, just slightly more pleasant.

SHERIKOVA: Aaron. More pleasant indeed. Thank you for coming. What's on your mind?

PATIENT: The issue of the nanites. Está matandome. I do not feel very comfortable with them. But at least I'm not in a biobed and with an unbearable headache.

SHERIKOVA: I know. It's a lot to take in. How are things in Sickbay? I mean, how is everyone doing?

PATIENT: By the time I left Sickbay, most were good. Even the Capitán. Although some compañeros were still sick or with repercussions, it is nothing that K'Trevala and the others can not solve.

SHERIKOVA: It's good you were able to get away. You said the meeting made you uncomfortable; how so?

PATIENT: The uncertainty of not knowing what the nantites really are is what most concerns me, Doctora. Buen té. What flavor?

SHERIKOVA: White cucumber, with a bit of sugar. Please, go on.

PATIENT: I understand that they were necessary to save us from the epidemic, but the fact that they are classified technology disturbs me. And Section 31? All my life I always believed that it was a simple myth of the Academia. And now I ask to myself what would happen if they find out that we have their technology inside us. And what can happen if the Major really has to face a court martial? I like him and he's a excellent senior officer and all that ... but because of how things are handled with Starfleet Intelligence, I do not know what can happen if they order us to testify against him.

SHERIKOVA: Because you think Section 31 will come after us if we do?

PATIENT: Sí! But it's not just that ... knowing that I'll have to have these nanites inside of me for the rest of my life, I feel kinda violated. And without knowing what they really are, tío. The Major ensures that they will not have any negative repercussions on our lives. But he did not design them. He even claims to know nothing about information about its design! And although they are created by Section 31, they are still a piece of technology. And, as professor at the Academy used to tell us: sooner or later, every piece of technology begins to fail.

SHERIKOVA: Well, he did mention the nanites were inactive. Back on Earth, tattoos were made of ink and injected with needles into the skin, and it was a relatively safe procedure for hundreds of years. The principle with these nanites are the same. Have you thought about a blood transfusion?

PATIENT: No, but I asked Bevin if she could help me investigate them, with the goal of creating a method to safely remove them from the body. She did not seem very convinced and did not give me a convincing answer. But it's okay, it's understandable. After all, it is classified technology. And I do not intend to put her in a compromising situation. But, as an engineer, I find the fact of having this inside of me most disturbing, so I'm not sure what to do. If I risk blood transfusion, most likely do not get rid of all of them, and there's always the risk of repercussions, so I do not see it as a very attractive option. I could investigate them alone, at my own risk, but there is always the fact that they are classified technology.

SHERIKOVA: I was thinking of getting the transfusion, but I think the stakes are too high for you to risk your career with independent research. If it were me, I think I'd feel better with most of the nanites out of my body instead of none of them. Blood transfusions are an incredibly simple procedure as well. I'm sure Doctor Thibodeaux could tell you more about that.

PATIENT: Bueno, if you put it that way, Doctora, I think I could talk to K'Trevala. The last thing I found out is that Dr. T is still recovering, apparently the combination of the infection plus the excess of work to find the cure hit her hard. I always thought that blood transfusions were a dangerous procedure, pero bueno. It's what happens when you do not take the extra classes of medicine at the Academy! Do you think it is very likely that the Major can face a court martial? And what should we do about it?

SHERIKOVA: I'm not sure if anyone will face court martial. It seems, for now, the only people who know anything about anything is the crew. The best thing to do right now would be to wait. And I think you should get the transfusion, to help you feel better about the nanites. I can't blame you for wanting to pursue answers but sometimes you have to wait and let these situations unfold the way they will. The best thing we can do is act carefully and not prematurely.

PATIENT: Si, I think you're right, Counselor. After all, they are things that are above us all. Or at least above me. At the meeting you asked the Major if the nanites would have any impact on our minds. I'm preocupado. How can we verify this, Doctora? And. I know that maybe you can not answer the following because of the issue of doctor-patient confidentiality, but. Do you think the nanites have affected Patterson's mind somewhat, or that he have any kind of disease? And if so, do you think we could end up like that somehow?

SHERIKOVA: I don't believe Patterson has anything wrong with him, and I don't think you have anything wrong with you, either. Does it feel like your mind is being affected by the nanites?

PATIENT: No, not really. Or at least, not for now. Since I have memory, I do not remember the last time that I was sick in such a serious way, so I feel like I've just been assembled. Right now, I operate perfectly. But it's the long-term exposure that worries me most. That's why I was asking you if you noticed something strange with Patterson. But of course, he sure received some kind of special training to cope with them. We have nothing, they are simply inside us because of an atypical situation. So, it feels weird to have to deal with something that we do not know what it is and what we are not prepared for. But the fact that with a blood transfusion we can eliminate most, and, that you think there is nothing wrong with me, is reassuring.

SHERIKOVA: I'll vouch for the medical staff any day: The Darmok has the best sickbay in the fleet -- you'll be in fine hands. And if you ever have any reservations, about anything, please see me at any time. Everything we talk about here stays between us.

PATIENT: Ok, thank you Doctora. I will take your advices, thank you very much for that too. I will inform you of any changes in my mental health.

SHERIKOVA: I hope you do. I'm really glad we had the chance to speak. When I'm back to normal office hours, we'll have to have a lengthier chat, if you so wish.

PATIENT: Por supuesto. And I really appreciate the time we spend and your advices - in addition to the well-being of my mental health- so do not be surprised to see me other times!




Dr. Darya Sherikova


USS Darmok

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