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  Doctor Darya Sherikova, SD
Duty Log | Dr. Sherikova SD 201809.01: MEMO - Counseling Services

From The Desk of Dr. Darya Sherikova

Counselor, USS Darmok


To: Senior Staff, USS Darmok

Subject: MEMO - Counseling Services [Supplemental]

Good afternoon,

I'm making counseling services available to all senior officers in light of what we've learned from the quarantine. All sessions will remain confidential per patient-client privilege. Those suffering physical symptoms will be referred to either Dr. Thibodeaux or Dr. K'Trevala. Appointments will be made on a first-come-first-serve basis for the time being, to allow flexibility around senior duties.

This is for senior officers only. For the sake of confidence, counseling services to junior members of the crew will be suspended for the rest of the day.

Look forward to speaking with you,


Dr. Darya Sherikova


USS Darmok

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