USS Darmok Mission Brief
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Mission Status Update SD 201808.31



The Medical Quarantine and it's Yellow Alert have finally been lifted. The Darmok remains in a fairly crowded geosynchronous orbit over Suraya Bay, Risa, where they've come seeking a missing scientist and convict named Dr. Leon Schmitt.


The Risan Security Team that had been aboard after investigating a trespassing call has been released and returned to their patrol ship. They will not be pressing any charges for our investigating the straying yacht.


That yacht was found to be carrying a few contraband items (some illicit drugs, a few weapons, cash and latinum), and its owner will be detained and questioned in regards to that. And while that owner is an affiliate of the Ferengi, Turq (who is a “person of interest” in the disappearance of Dr. Schmitt), no evidence of Scmitt or Turq was found on the yacht.


Everyone who had come down with the virus from the Vulcan mustaqs have recovered, though two or three remain in sickbay under observation for a while longer. The virus had shown some signs of having possibly been artificially enhanced, but how and why has not been determined.


The Captain had been in Sickbay as well, but it appears he had not actually contracted the virus from the mustaqs (though he was bitten by one, shortly after the pesticide mist had been deployed). Instead, the Captain was merely suffering from severe dehydration brought on by not taking care of himself during a stressful few days. While the Captain was in Sickbay, Major Patterson was placed in temporary command.


Part of the treatment process that cured the disease involved a “special ingredient” provided by Major Patterson. Details of this ingredient were kept secret and the word “classified” floated around Sickbay for a while. The only people who might know the details are Major Patterson, Lt. Cmdr. Relok, LtJG Dr. K'Trevala, and Crewman Nurse Ben Franklin (who helped replicate the innoculations). The Major has called a meeting in the Briefing Room, presumably to discuss this secret. Until the Chief Medical Officer has “officially” cleared the Captain to return to his duties, Major Patterson remains technically in command.


Our sim this week begins as we gather in the Briefing Room.


------------------------------ =/\=  ------------------------------


STATUS: Condition Green (normal operations)

The Darmok has returned to Condition Green, normal operations. There is a meeting of the Senior Staff, plus “concerned individuals”, in the Briefing Room (also known as the Observation Lounge near the Bridge).

We should be returning our focus to our mission of finding the missing Dr. Schmitt.



All Darmok Personnel are present and accounted for.



The Risan Security Team has gladly returned to their ship, free and clear of any infectious virus. They are happy to be away from us and any involvement with us and will not be pursuing any trespassing claims. Instead, they will be investigating the owner of the yacht for various drug and other trafficking charges.



There are no anticipated arrivals or departures at this time.



Command: Redirect attention and resources back to our mission to find Dr. Schmitt


Security/Tactical/Reconnaissance: The yacht we boarded did not yield any leads on finding Dr. Schmitt, though the evidence of other crimes has been turned over to the Risan Security Forces. We need to determine what will be our next step in finding the scientist.


Science: Between Sciences and Engineering, we believe we have discovered methods to avoid having the Darmok taken over by Schmitt using his biomimetic implant devices. We believe we could detect and bypass such actions (at least based on Dr. Schmitt's original specifications).


Medical: The Medical Staff successfully detected and treated a fast-spreading infection before it became a full-scale epidemic, great job! There remain a few patients under observation before being released, but they show marked improvement.


Operations/Engineering/Other: The Darmok remains in orbit along with hundreds of other ships. Our Quarantine has been lifted, and the Risan Security Team has returned to their ship. All ship operations are nominal.

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